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zonar 2020Without technology, the fleet manager can’t run a fleet and a logging device like ELD Zonar 2020 is the best solution in this case. If the owner of the fleet is itself managing everything, the device becomes even more essential. FMCSA has verified this device. The fleet staff, as well as the drivers, can get updates regarding HOS, driving time, vehicle condition, GPS, and much more.

The device can help you in several ways in terms of data. You would get an accurate report and the driver would be safer than before. It also helps in reducing the fuel cost and also increases the driver’s duty time, helping him to earn more.  Most of Zonar system reviews are positive that shows its customers’ satisfaction.

This is what would you get in terms of features

  • FMCSA compliance
  • Accurate logbook
  • Accurate hours of service 
  • Enhanced driving time
  • GPS tracking
  • Status editing
  • Built-in guidance
  • Alerts or notifications
  • Roadside view
  • Inspection report

Roadside View

zonar 2020Other than general features, Zonar 2020 gives us something unique such as the roadside view through its tablet. These tablets are installed in vehicles so they can see the entire data while traveling.

This feature also helps inspectors to view the HOS info which is essential for a commercial vehicle. The driver gets a user-friendly interface without losing his focus on the road. A smart device like Zonar tablet gives you smart data.

Key Specification

Manufacturer Features Display device Transmits Pricing
Zonar systems DVIR n IFTA support

two-way messaging

FMCSA comliant


Android and iOS

Zonar 2020 tab

Email &Web $70 monthly
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Enhanced Driving Time

The main aim of the company is to provide accurate data through Zonar ELD. The device records the driving time automatically. What an easy way for fleet managers to check daily, monthly, weekly or even yearly reports of their drivers. Like, they can check a driver’s duty hours and rest time to evaluate his performance.

This report helps managers to make an important decision. Like, they can fire an inefficient driver or can give him a chance to improve himself. The drivers also behave well keeping in mind that someone is consistently monitoring them. The drivers can also share data with the law enforcement officer through email or fax, or can also print it if required.

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Accurate EVIR

The electronically verified inspection report is another essential feature for managers. During a journey, the trucks or commercial vehicles have to pass through inspection at various stations and the drivers can keep data through ELD. 

This report includes RFID tags that you can scan for further reference. Zonar 2020 is the only way to have accurate EVIR that ensures that drivers are following the process of inspection.

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Prompt Alerts

zonar systems reviewsThe user gets alerts whenever something happens on the road. Like, if there is an accident, the device will automatically send a text to the required people. It also alerts the drivers of violation reports which they have to follow on time. When the driver reaches his HOS limit, these alerts start to work, as a few minutes before the violation.

Moreover, the driver may also get a text or an email on the smartphone regarding this alert. Zonar systems reviews tell us that the alerts are very effective and ensure a safe journey.

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Higher ROI

The fleet owners get a higher return on investment because everything is in control due to Zonar 2020. The product enables them to monitor the good and bad behaviors of the drivers. as well as their vehicles. After a thorough inspection, fleet owners can enhance their business, getting more profits out of it.

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Accurate Logbook

The drivers don’t need papers to manually login as everything is electronic. Hence, the logging data would always be accurate. Moreover, you can access this data from anywhere through your smartphone or tab.

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Simple Installation Method

Installation of ELD device is very easy, as the device includes a step by step guide for the user. Make sure to understand each step before installation. Zonar ELD has wires instead of a port connection, so you will have to use an ECM connector. This is hard to install for those fleets where the truck lineup goes through consistent changes.

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Suitable for

Zonar ELD suits to front and backend staff. Like, the drivers, fleet owners, administrators, and also the safety managers. The fleet company can maintain its vehicles better through ELD.

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The device helps users to save money in many ways. Like, the absence of paperwork reduces the cost, besides the fuel wastage also reduces. The elimination of excessive idling also reduces the monthly costs. The insurance cost is another factor that is under control. On top of all, the device has no upfront costs.

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Higher GPS Accuracy

zonar systems reviewsDon’t worry about losing your vehicle and the driver.  The driver knows where he is heading, so does the fleet administrator. Only the accurate GPS can ensure a safe journey, moreover, with an accurate map, you can save lots of time that may go in navigation.

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Simple IFTA Calculation

The device helps you to have a record of IFTA through calculation. Besides, these calculations would be according to your state as every state has different fuel tax laws.

  • Money-saving ELD
  • Improved work efficiency and revenue
  • Better mapping and GPS
  • A Safe device
  • Automatic IFTA reports
  • User-friendly interface for driver
  • Durable hardware
  • Compact and stylish
  • Temper-resistant
  • Automated device
  • Installation involves wires
  • Confusing driver workflow
  • Customer support needs improvement
  • Expensive due to monthly cost
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With Zonar 2020, we can maintain our vehicles and can also monitor drivers regularly. It gives us daily, weekly, and monthly reports. It also helps drivers to deal with violations by keeping accurate records. The device has been approved by the State departments. 

The driver can read reports over the Zonar 2020 tab. The installation is also so easy and the display is readable while driving. You can operate it right from your smart device. The absence of an upfront cost makes it affordable.

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