Verizon Eld Connect Best Review – Everything you need to know in 2019

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Fleet management refers to the tracking, monitoring, and optimizing of vehicles and drivers. If you’re the owner of a corporation that deals with logistics, then a fleet management software is the best for you. Verizon ELD Connect provides you a complete solution to your fleet management that includes Dash Cam, Asset tracking, Fleet tracking, compliance management, and other innovative services through the app that gives you all the insight you need.

This app is your go-to for managing your vehicles and assessing driver performance. It’s the best tool for construction managers and production warehouses. Verizon Connect gives you driving statistics as well as budget-friendly solutions. 

Read on to find out more about the Verizon Connect and its features.

Key Specifications

Manufacturer Features Display Device Transmits Pricing
Verizon Connect
  • ELD compliance
  • (DVIR) compliance 
  • (IFTA) compliance
  • live map 
  • ELD tracking data
  • Quickbooks integration
Type: BYOD (Bring Your Own Device)

OS: Android and iOS

Bluetooth or Wi-Fi Up-front cost: $0

Monthly cost: $60

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Brand Overview

Verizon Communications Inc. is providing carrier services nationwide that bridges the gap between client and merchant. The brand is most famous for its mobile carrier services and high-speed internet.

With its services available at the tap of a screen, Verizon ELD is a new and improved way to manage your business. This is a fleet management program that lets you track, command, and overview your human resources. Moreover, it deals with real-time tracking and assessment of vehicles, drivers, and dispatchers. 

Choosing the Verizon ELD Connect gives your business a leap forward for the present and the future. It connects you with your workers and ensures the proper flow of field services. Now you can track the progress of your entire working fleet. 

This program features remote monitoring of equipment and trailers. So you can optimize security and efficiency. It also allows you to schedule orders with the touch of a button. 

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Live Tracking:

With the Verizon Connect, you get live tracking of vehicles and locations on a map. This application also lets you monitor driving speed, stability, and idling. It’s all an integrated system that gives you live info about your workers.

Live tracking is the most optimal feature for managing a relatively large fleet. You can see what workers are doing as soon as they’re doing it. So driver statistics and work performance can be viewed in real-time. The app also provides Verizon Electronic Logs Device (ELD) services.

Monitor Service Quality:

Verizon Connect lets you monitor the quality of your services. It lets you view worker output, customer satisfaction, and vehicle quality. You can also track the performance and state of equipment and assets. This lets you improve the security and quality of service.

Monitoring services help you evaluate the performance of every worker. And it gives you an insight into where your services stand in the marketplace. Using the advanced statistics and reports fashioned by Verizon Connect, you can improve your company’s output.

Integrated Video:

This program provides a special video integrating system better than your dashcam. This video network lets you evaluate accident risks and minimize them in real-time. In addition to that, you get the added benefits of AI that aids you in avoiding risks and providing driver data. You also get info about the speed of the vehicle and whether the truck is idling or not.

Text output in the software may be efficient, but a visual connection with your drivers makes it more personal. You get special Fleet Dash Cams with a two-way intercom feature. So you can talk to your drivers and coach them accordingly.

Easy Dispatch and Order Placement:

Using the Verizon Connect, you can also place and call for the dispatch of orders. The best part is that all of this is done through notifications to your workers. You won’t even have to call them and place the orders.

Verizon Connect lets you monitor ETAs and schedule orders with a very simple procedure. Simply drag and drop the job onto a very simplified calendar. And the app will automatically send a push notification to your workers about their tasks. It’s a very simplified procedure with no hassle. 

ETAs, Schedules, and Delays:

Worried that the order might not dispatch on time? Get smart notifications about the ETAs of your orders and track them accordingly. With the Verizon Connect, you can keep a track of the estimated time needed to reach the destination.

Other than that, the AI will notify you when a job is delayed. This will make it easier to reschedule placements and deal with dispatching issues. Scheduling is also made easier. 

In a large corporate with hundreds of workers, it can be quite difficult to place every order. A simple drag and drop tool in the Verizon Connect makes scheduling twice as trivial.

Roadside Assistance:

The most underrated but overpowered feature of the Verizon ELD Connect is Roadside Assistance. This feature gives towing and fuel delivery services to the drivers in case of an emergency. Roadside Assistance also provides locksmith, winch, and tire change services. 

With Roadside Assistance, you can ensure that your dispatchers will have no hard time getting back to you. Crises can strike at any time. And it’s always a good idea to be prepared for them. 

  • Reliable services. Upholds client privacy and data security.
  • Simplified interface. People of all intellectual levels can navigate through the app.
  • Provides all kinds of assistance in the case of a roadside emergency.
  • Let’s you view your driver’s stats and current situation in real-time.
  • Keeps data about vehicles, equipment, and uptime.
  • Improves communication and promotes a better work environment.
  • Improves routing and road planning.
  • Roadside Assistance may be limited on restricted or toll roads.
  • Integrated Video is a limited-time feature.
  • The mobile version has more limitations than the desktop version.
  • The website does not have any info about pricing or demo period.
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Reasons To Choose Verizon Connect

Verizon ConnectThe features sound insightful, but what’s different about the Verizon Connect? Why is it better than other fleet management services? 

First things first, Verizon is the simplest fleet management system out there. No other application gives you a simplified display and easy scheduling. The scheduling procedure requires little to no effort. And the interface feels friendly and familial. 

Secondly, Verizon Connect has a multitude of features that most other applications do not. For example, Integrated Video services aren’t very common. And even if you manage to find one, there are always flaws that discourage future customers. 

Another example would be the Commercial Roadside Assistance program. You get special towing and winching services in vehicle emergencies.

Thirdly, Verizon ELD Connect is dedicated to the protection of personal information and privacy. The application is a reliable initiative of the biggest telecommunications agency in America. 

Something as simple as a Verizon emblem can tell a lot about the product’s quality. In addition, the company has always held a reputation and maintained a steady customer satisfaction rate.

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Who Can Use The Verizon Eld Connect?

Verizon EldThe Verizon Connect is directed towards corporate owners and managers. This app is directed towards those corporates that deal with dispatching items. If you own a small business that only dispatches items rarely, then this app isn’t for you. The companies that would benefit from this are:

  • Postal and delivery services.
  • Cargo and shipment services.
  • Production warehouses.
  • Inter-city transport services.
  • Delivery of construction material and machine parts.
  • Waterworks and other utility service providers. 
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Pricing and Costs

Verizon EldUnfortunately, the website of Verizon Connect doesn’t have any specific indications as to the price. You will need to put in all your information beforehand and get information about the price. 

However, they do provide a demo. But the time limit of the demo is also confidential and restricted to someone who applies for it. Even Verizon Connect and Fleetmatics ELD reviews were unhelpful in this regard.

We can estimate that the price would be anywhere between $60 and $200 per month. This is based on the fee plans for similar apps and websites. However, the price will also flex depending on which services you opt for. The payment portal also asks for the number and type of vehicles you have. So we can only guess that these also factor into the final price.

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How to Order

Ordering and signing up for the Verizon Connect is very simple. Go to their website, and click on the “Get a Demo” button. You will be prompted to check all the services you want to apply for. Then you will be asked about your vehicles, their quantity, and their types. Along with that, you’ll also have to include the number of technicians you have in your fleet.

Next, you’ll be prompted for some basic info about you and your company, such as email and corporate name. Afterward, you will get an email that will inform you about the program, its costs, and a prompt to order the demo or the full resource.

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How To Install The Verizon Eld Connect

The Verizon Connect will be available to you once you buy it. An online demo can be bought that you will receive through email. Moreover, this a computer app, so it doesn’t require any installation. You can get a free demo for a limited time. Once you buy the app, you can log onto it using your credentials. 

You’ll need to integrate the app into your own communications networks. Information about vehicles and equipment needs to be inserted manually. Furthermore, if you opt for Integrated Video services, you will have to install video cameras and the necessary equipment. 

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Customer Support

Adequate customer support makes an application worth the use. A lot of applications make use of friendly customer support to win the hearts of displeased customers. And the same goes for the Verizon Connect. 

Their customer support is both friendly and helpful. They provide tech support to fix bugs and glitches. They also provide effective solutions to app discourse and errors. However, there are some setbacks with their customer support. Verizon Connect and Fleetmatics Reveal reviews were both positive and hopeful.

Many users were displeased with the lack of concern and acknowledgment. They found that customer support was less than helpful when it came to non-tech issues. Many Verizon Connect reviews revealed that the company lacks in customer support. But the good news is that the company is working on improvements.

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Other Features to Know About

Verizon ELDVerizon Connect provides tons of other features. The most prestigious one is the Advanced Fleet Tracking through GPS. You will get a set of trackers in the mail. Plug them in and connect them to your software. This will give you info about the driver’s driving habits. And it lets you advise the drivers to make their driving habits better.

Another useful feature is Software Integration Partners. Famous and well-reputed companies collaborate with Verizon to give you a better experience. For example, the AmeriFuel integration automatically connects fuel transactions to your vehicle. 

So you get info about where and when the vehicle purchased fuel. This helps you assess fuel usage and plan on optimizing fuel costs. It helps you identify any discrepancies and inefficiencies in your fuel usage habits.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is Verizon Connect a free service?

No, Verizon Connect is a paid service. The exact fee depends on the services you opt for, and the number of technicians and vehicles you have. But you do get a free demo with the Verizon Connect. 

The monthly fee falls in a range of $60-$200, based on the particular demands. The exact fee is unknown and varies from user to user. We suggest logging into Verizon Connect Reveal and also checking the price before confirming the order.

Can I use Verizon Connect for non-vehicle related services?

Verizon Connect is strictly for fleet management. Fleet management refers to the tracking and managing of vehicles and drivers. It is not for non-vehicle related services. It does not monitor the progress of other employees and staff. You can use the Verizon Connect for as many as 400+ vehicles.

Do Integrated Video and Roadside Assistance come included?

Integrated Video, Roadside Assistance, and many other features do not come included. You need to opt for them separately. And they cost extra too. Compliance management and many other solutions also don’t come included. You have to opt for each feature separately when you order the app.

Does Verizon Connect help in reducing costs?

Yes, Verizon Connect has some amazing tools to reduce and manage costs on fuel and maintenance. The best thing about Verizon ELD Connect is that you don’t need any computer hardware. All you need is a tracker for the vehicle and you’re good to go. The software reduces purchases that you would normally make on expensive equipment.

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Whether your fleet consists of one vehicle or a hundred, Verizon ELD Connect has your back. The app features countless solutions to fleet management. It has excellent customer support and uses new and improved technology to uplift your experience.

Owning a fleet and managing it at the same time can be pretty tough. Verizon Connect makes tracking easier and cheaper. Invest in a Verizon Connect now and give a cover to your fleet for a lifetime.

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