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vdo roadlog for saleEvery fleet owner wants to have authentic solutions in the form of an ELD. The VDO RoadLog reviews show that it provides reliable logs that attract real customers. It is a perfect way for drivers to log the necessary details for having automatic reports. 

This review is not full of praises, instead, but its drawbacks and the comparison with other ELD products will take you to the right one. Before looking for a VDO RoadLog for sale, you should know what it is all about. 

Like other electronic logging devices, VDO also provides fleet management through advanced software. Both hardware and software work together in producing different reports regarding IFTA and IRP. Moreover, it archives data and involves an excellent driver logbook process.

Key Specification

Manufacturer Features Display devices Transmits Pricing
VDO RoadLog IFTA support

FMCSA and HOS compliant

Built-in printer

Android and iOS Email and web service $299 upfront


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An All-In-One Solution

According to the VDO RoadLog reviews, the customers get an all-in-one solution with management tools, including better communication, printing, e-log, vehicle, and driver tracking, and much more. There is no need to buy another device like a mobile phone or tablet, etc. Just plug it to your vehicle and play to use all of its features. 

Moreover, the VDO RoadLog cost is also low compared to several ELD devices. Some of its prominent features include:

  • Automatic software updates
  • FMCSA and HOS compliance
  • A simple plug and play process
  • Road-side view through a built-in thermal printer
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Automatic System

A logging device with automatic features would be useless. VDO RoadLog also ensures an automated status, including the on and off duty hours, driving, as well as the sleeper berth that managers can track easily.

Likewise, users would get automatic updates to prevent software issues. The device also warns drivers when their HOS limit is about to end.

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What it Records?

vdo roadlog priceThere is not just one function, instead, VDO RoadLog records unlimited data that is necessary to run a fleet company. The data is useful for both drivers and managers or vehicle owners. The device can record a driver’s log, refueling, vehicle incidents, traveling and stops, total odometer, vehicle speed and tracking, and shipment documents.

Moreover, it also records trailer assignment reports, idling hours, inspections, vehicle mapping, company login and off, vehicle defects, as well as global positioning.

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Hassle-Free Function

The emphasis of VDO RoadLog reviews is on its simple process as this is what the drivers need. At the same time, the fleet staff also wants a hassle-free system. The drivers can easily operate it after understanding the function. The driver must know when to switch to a co-driver or active-driver status.

How to use the 30-minute break is also essential, hence all is under control. When it is night, the driver can tap the screen twice to start the night mode. It is so easy for users to learn different tricks.

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Excellent Printing

vdo electronic logsUnlike other electronic loggers, VDO RoadLog provides better printing. This is because the device has a built-in printer to give you the reports whenever you require it. You can take the prints of the VDO electronic logs.                

The users don’t need to refill the ink like ordinary printers as it is fade-resistant. The drive can make his logbook by taking the prints. However, the printer comes up with a proprietary roll size. But, the driver can also put his roll.

However, there is a drawback of this printer that whenever you fuel it up, it will print out the previous record, wasting some papers. Even you can’t avoid this by pressing the Abort.

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Secure Device

The fleet managers don’t have to worry about losing their data because this device ensures secure data storage. The passwords and RoadLog USB keys provide maximum security. Moreover, the digital signature also helps in securing the entire data through authentic function.  

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VDO RoadLog Cost

vdo roadlog costThe best thing with VDO RoadLog is that it is free from monthly costs which makes a device expensive. You can pay within 36 months if a onetime payment does not suit you. However, this is possible through a FlexPay program.

The other payment options include FlexPay premium, advanced, and Solo. Likewise, one can also purchase another program such as the FlexPay Solo with ELD plus

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What is missing?

While buying a VOD device, make sure which version it was because the cellular data connection feature is missing in VDO RoadLog. But, don’t worry you can have it through the latest version, such as the VDO RoadLog Plus that gives what an ELD device should.

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Who Should Have This Device?

The VDO RoadLog suits to fleet drivers and all those who have to manage a fleet of vehicles. Don’t hesitate if you have a few vehicles, you still need to manage them perfectly so you can increase your business. It helps drivers have DOT and MTO inspections to avoid failure.

Those who want a simple ELD device should go for the VDO RoadLog because it is free from unnecessary features. The user gets effective and time-saving functions. The basic aim of the company was to ensure a foolproof operation.

  • High-tech ELD process
  • Reliable, quick, and accurate
  • Easy installation
  • Affordable price
  • Excellent customer support
  • No extra costs
  • GPS tracking needs a new version
  • Does not connect with home offices
  • Issues in the key sync with software
  • A slower input than other devices
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Through VDO RoadLog reviews, we concluded that the device is unique in many ways than other such devices. Other than standard logging features, the device also has a built-in thermal printer so there is no need to have a separate printer. 

The user doesn’t need another smart device to have the above features. The device offers secure data that users can access easily. The customers can choose a 3-year plan if they cannot make a full payment or they can pay the entire cost of the VDO RoadLog.

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