Transflo T7 ELD Review – A Solution Worth Your Money

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Transflo’s “T-Series” telematics device, Transflo T7 ELD is the new addition in its trucking industry which brings advanced and innovative features. The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) certified the T series ELD, endorsing the device as an effective solution for excellent fleet management and tracking solution.

Transflo T7 ELDThe company partnered with Geotab, makers of one of the top-rated ELD devices in the world, and the outcome is the high-end Transflo T7 ELD, which enables faster and more convenient trucking, loading and monitoring of overall operations. 

By installing this device, fleet managers can collect and monitor all the information related to ongoing delivery and transportation operations. The device also includes features like tracking and streaming operations. The stand out features of the device include: 

  • Easy to Install
  • Accessible Mobile App for Drivers 
  • Fleet Navigation 
  • Improved Telematics 
  • Enhanced Visibility Through Monitoring


Manufacturer Features Display Device Transmits Pricing
  • IFTA reporting information
  • Hours of Service
  • Driver vehicle inspection report (DVIR)
  • One year warranty
  • GPS tracking
Type: BYOD (Bring Your Device)

OS: Android and iOS

Email / Web Services

(Web Services is recommended)

Up-front cost: $99.99

Monthly cost: $28 / $31

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Brand Overview

Transflo T7 ELDTransflo is a well-reputed brand that has transformed the transportation industry through the introduction of its groundbreaking software and hardware solutions. It has made operational management of fleets easier and cheaper for transporters, especially trucking companies.

Transflo was founded in 1991, and back then it was known as “Pegasus Imaging”. Later, the company became Pegasus TransTech, which facilitated clients by developing imaging solutions for the trucking industry.  

Today, TransTech is one of the leading organizations providing electronic revenue cycle, document management, and invoicing solutions to more than 350,000 drivers, 900 travel centers in North America, 17 freight brokers (among the top 30 ones) and about 42 of the best truckload carriers, countrywide. 

The company is the pioneer of software-as-a-service (SaaS), business process automation, mobile, indexing solutions, and document classification. Transflo has a name in the market for its outstanding delivery of workday management solutions for the trucking industry. 

The brand launched its telematics and other integrated apps for its mobile platform in 2016. The new Transflo T7 ELD is also setting the standards high for its competitors to compete, as it comes up with cutting edge software with useful features. 

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What Features Does the New Transflo T7 ELD Have? 

Although all ELDs are designed to accomplish similar things, yet the performance varies due to a multitude of factors. 

As far as the balance of price and performance is concerned, Transflo T7 ELD has the upper hand. The device brings innovative functions, and the design has an easy-to-use approach. Every feature caters to a specific task so that the fleet management can achieve its objectives 

Transflo ELD reviews are incomplete without a detailed analysis of every feature of the device. The product has an extensive range of features offering multiple benefits for the truck carriers and operation managers. Some of the primary functions of the device are as follows:

  • Map-based, real-time GPS truck tracking
  • Driver safety and behavior visibility
  • Violation notifications
  • Route and fuel consumption analysis
  • Accurate vehicle diagnosis
  • Accident detection and reconstruction
  • Compact footprint, easy to fit in cramped spaces
  • Easy and quick installation
  • Includes cellular capability
  • Comes with a built-in accelerometer and GPS sensor
  • Backed by a 1-year warranty
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Why Give Preference to Transflo T7 ELD Over Other Devices? 

I can say it without any doubt that paper logbooks are expensive and time taking for the drivers to fill in. That is why most of the companies prefer their truck drivers to use ELD devices. 

The new edition, ELD T7, however, surpasses the expectations when it comes to functionality. The Transflo ELD t7 is cost-effective, efficient and offers several innovative features besides logging. 

Improve Revenue Generation

After the FMSCA declared the new ELD mandate, many companies had concerns that ELDs will become expensive. But contrary to their expectations, Transflo brought a highly cost-effective solution in the form of ELD T7. 

The device has the potential to save almost $705 every year for each driver, which automatically saves a lot of expenditure and boosts revenue generation. 

Convenient and Time-Saving

By using the advanced functions of the device, fleet managers and drivers can save a lot of time. Installing ELD T7 in your driver’s vehicle means you can quickly speed up the inspection procedures, monitor the whole journey and operation, and see updated time records without any paperwork. 

The seamless time-saving operations not only improve workforce performance but also assist in optimizing return on investment. 

Enhanced Efficiency

Transflo ELD T7Transflo ELD T7 offers various features that improve efficiency to a great extent for both drivers and managers.

Drivers become more productive as they get to use features like Alerts, GPS, and Service Hours to learn when and how to break. The managers, on the other hand, gain visibility to the operations taking place miles away. Valuable insights like mileage, engine running rate, speed rate and working hours become much easier to collect with ELD T7. 

The enhanced features enable the management and labor to improve their efficiency at their job. 

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Pros & Cons of Transflo ELD T7

A comprehensive ELD T7 review will be incomplete without showing the complete picture. Hence it is necessary to discuss the pros and cons of the top leading electronic logging devices such as Transflo ELD T7.


  • Increasing dispatch efficiency
  • Longer Battery Life
  • Compatible with all heavy-duty trucks
  • Mobile App for Drivers 
  • Features a fully functioning GPS fleet software
  • Improving Fuel Efficiency
  • Better regulatory compliance between drivers and managers


  • Micromanaged Monitoring


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Who can use

ELD T7 is useful for both drivers and managers to improve their work efficiency, save time and run streamlines trucking operations. The telematics solutions from Transflo, along with its beneficial service package, is a gift to business owners with large trucking networks. 

For the fleet manager and the drivers, ELD T7 works as the communicator so that delivery operations can be optimized.  

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Pricing of ELD T7

Transflo ELD T7To use ELD T7 fleet management software, the user has to get the various back-office tools from the provider. There are multiple subscription offers for their monthly software plans.

The Transflo ELD T7 comes up with a $28 plan to offering service hours (HOS), inspection records for driver vehicles (DVIR), and reporting data for IFTA.

Other plans include a $31 worth telematics subscription plan that has additional fleet management solutions such as vehicle engine analyzers, GPS mapping, accident reconstruction, alerts of violations, and more.

Here is the overall pricing plan: 

  • Upfront Cost -$99.99
  • Monthly Cost (Standard ELD) – $28
  • Monthly Cost (Fleet Telematics) – $31

Both packages include the IFTA authorities of the 48 continental U.S. states and all 10 Canadian provinces.

ELD T7 is available on Transflo’s official website:

The product is also available at more than 1,300 truck stops across the United States and Canada. 

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How to install

First, install a T-series device in the trucks. Then drivers will need to install the Transflo Electronic Logs and Mobile App in their smartphones or other devices like tabs. 

The applications enable the drivers to make an entry in vehicle inspection reports (DVIR), electronic logs, commodity records, and access other features. 

Once installed, fleet management controls which use the Transflo Telematics Portal to monitor the performance. They collect data and information about each truck through software. They also have the power to track any vehicle at any time. 

To install the driver set up, one needs to follow the mentioned below instructions. 

To set up the mobile app, enter:

Company Name: [enter company name] Recipient ID: [code]


One can download the “Transflo Mobile+” from Google Play store in Android and App Store in the iOS. 


Drivers can follow instructions given in the app. Use the Disregard “Registration” instructions in the “Reference Guide”. 


Plugin the device by following proper directions to install the “Lighting and Sound Sequence”. It is available in the Reference Guide of the package.

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Customer Support

Transflo ELD T7 solution brings complete customer care support. For any query, self-service information is available for driver and managers in the mobile phone app, and on the Transflo support website. 

For managers and truckers switching to ELD T7 from paper logs for the first time, Transflo support team offers assistance, so that the users can become familiar with the technology. 

In addition to that, Transflo’s customer service team caters to all the issues regarding mobile and document management.

Transflo’s support service consists of:

  • Phone Support
  • Support Tickets
  • Live Support
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Whenever a new device launches in the market, there are several common queries about it. As for ELD T7, here are the most asked questions about the device along with the answers. 

How to register the Transflo T7 ELD device?

After installing the Transflo HOS application, the system will guide you through the entire registration procedure. 

How can we be sure that the device has installed correctly and functions like Ignition, GPS, connection are working fine?

The Transflo ELD T7 indicates normality through 3 LEDs, indicating the health of the system and connection:

Red LED: The device has perceived ignition, and the automobile has power

Green LED: The device has been successfully connected to the cellular network, and can interconnect with the Geotab servers

Blue LED: GPS satellite connectivity 

In what conditions does the Transflo T7 ELD device beep?

The ELD T7 can beep for the following reasons

  • When in diagnostic mode after installation, the device beeps. It reveals the status of the device. After a few trips, the device will exit the diagnostic mode automatically.
  • The device beeps if the audible alert exception rule has not been switched on the telematics portal
  • The device may have driver feedback options enabled
  • If the device can’t connect to a cellular signal, it produces four beeps to inform the worker.

Can one change the time zone of the ELD T7? 

Yes, the time zones are changeable through the web portal. If the trucks are going to another country with different time zones, the app automatically sets the time zone.

Can logs of ELD t7 edit after they are verified already?

The administrator can edit a verified log first. After that, if the administrator permits, the driver can accept and re-verify the log to receive information.

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The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration has made it compulsory to install electronic logging devices in a commercial truck. This means that all business-owners must make a smart choice regarding their ELDs.

The Transflo T7 ELD is a high-end optimized device that enhances compliance and fulfills fleet management requirements in every aspect. Although it depends upon the size of your trucking setup and business requirements, in my opinion, the ELD T7 is the perfect e-logging device for both large and small trucking networks.

I hope that this Transflo T7 ELD review will help you make the right decision to acquire benefits for your fleet managers and truckers alike.

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