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trackon eld reviewWe don’t deny the importance of other ELD devices, but when it is about a simple solution, we would recommend the TrackOn ELD. After the AOBRD users were switched to ELD, it was the TrackOn that combined it. The device perfectly fulfills the HOS terms through IFTA and GPS.

This is great news for users who haven’t yet got the ELD in their truck as they can have the TrackOn. This device was specifically created for truckers. It also trains drivers through built-in training instructions. The device is based on automation, hence it involves the least effort to operate it. 

Such as the logs, vehicle inspection, data storage of documents, and accidental investigations, all are automatic. Read the TrackOn ELD reviews, as well as its features to find more about it.

The nationwide fleets can take full benefit of gadgets like ELD as it makes management easier and fastest.

Key Specification

Manufacturer Features Display devices Transmits Pricing
TrackOn FMCSA, HOS compliant

IFTA, n DVIR support

secure data

combined with AOBRD

Android and iOS Email and web $350 plus $ 15 monthly fee
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What TrackOn ELD Brings For Truckers?

trackon eld reviewThe TrackOn ELD help fleets make a difference in their management operations, as well as it helps drivers to grow in their career. The reviews inform us about the prominent qualities of TrackOn system such as:

  • IFTA calculations
  • Fuel expenditure data
  • Monitoring weather conditions
  • Identifying trailer
  • CAN and Odometer reports
  • Working hours reports
  • Geolocation capabilities
  • Vehicle tracking

Let’s explore some of its features in detail.

The engineers aimed to create a combined solution including hardware and software that affordably improves fleet management. The company did not want to put a burden on fleet owners, hence it gave them the TrackOn ELD.

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Accurate Reports

When it comes to reports, you will get them perfect with minimum errors. The good thing is you don’t need to write anything to make manual reports as all come automatically. The device makes reports and stores data about CAN connections, driver’s performance, and customer reporting, and all of them are accessible through a smartphone.

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Cost-Effective Solution

The TrackOn ELD reviews reveal that the device is affordable than other ELD devices.  Like, you can reduce the fuel costs with the help of IFTA reports.  You can check where is the extra fuel going and can control it by hitting the problem. Sometimes the vehicle has leakage that you can correct through a repair. 

Moreover, the costs also reduce through vehicle engine blocking and trailer recognition. It also reduces the total cost of the fleet by monitoring its operations. Eventually, it will enhance the productivity and the company would earn more. 

Likewise, with the help of TrackOn ELD, the overhead costs will reduce as you won’t need a big staff to make reports. The overtime costs, misuse of timesheets, and the payroll issues will be eliminated, reducing the labor costs.

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Better Safety

With the help of the TrackOn system, both fleets and drivers remain safe. This is because consistent monitoring will make you alert to an accident. The owner can save his vehicles and also the drivers. Besides, the driver won’t harm your vehicles nor the trucks would be stolen by anyone.

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Enhanced Productivity

Your fleet will grow more in number, hence the business will grow. When everything is under observation, like the temperature, the fuel, the vehicles, you will manage everything well. More productivity means more revenue and more benefits to the fleet staff.

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Compatible with Smart Devices

trackon eld reviewWhether you want to operate your fleet through a tab, android or iOS, TrackOn will fall on your expectations. You can download the TrackOn app from Google play by simply paying online. What if you cannot meet your manager daily, just monitor your trucks from your home.

The website also has effective tools for back-office work. The device is equally good for both front end and backend tools.

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Provides Facts about Vehicles

The company developed the TrackOn software through SaaS that simplifies the fleet operations. The management would know the essential information such as truck location, kilometers covered, fuel consumption, and truck speed.

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Prevents Violation

With this ELD system, the driver would know the HOS hours, hence there won’t be any violation. When the hours are about to cross the limit, the app will automatically inform the driver. Hence, no violation means no fraud case reported by the concerned departments.

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Why Should You Prefer TrackOn ELD? 

People often ask if they have other ELD solutions, why they should use the TrackOn. Even after reading the TrackOn ELD, people have their doubts and it is their right to ask such a question. The answer is very simple as this device helps you switch easily from AOBRD to ELD. 

You get a combination of two technologies that are hardly offered by other ELD providers. You can deeply study the workforce and can find solutions to finish the gaps. Moreover, the device produces effective reports which are accurate than other ELD systems. 

It also makes a difference through its compatibility with the 3G and 4G technology. Cloud computing helps you access information about the entire fleet, eventually, it will save the labor costs and time.

  • The most reliable ELD device
  • High-speed network
  • Accurate HOS and other reports 
  • Reduced labor and fuel costs
  • A combination of ELD and AOBRD
  • Increased staff efficiency
  • Well-maintained vehicles
  • Fleet management
  • GPS tracking
  • Initially, hard for new drivers
  • The customer support needs improvement
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A blend of two technologies would always bring more benefits for you. This is what the TrackOn ELD is all about because it combines the ELD and AOBRD for those who were forced to quit the AOBRD. The users have positive opinions about this device because it has given them a simple solution.

Fleet administrators are happy now because they can manage the trucks in a little time. It reduces the overall cost of a fleet company, increasing its productivity. Your business can grow by minimizing the overhead and fuel costs. The drivers are also safer than before when they did not have the ELDs in their trucks.

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