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Teletrac Navman

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Teletrac Navman is one of the hottest trending ELD devices in the market today. Not only does it accurately record relevant data of driver activity and vehicle operation but it is easy to use.

It is perfect for both large and small businesses that are looking for GPS fleet tracking or fleet management solutions. (Our well-researched teletrac navman reviews will show you why) It meets all current technical requirements of the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) ELD mandate. 

Additionally, it is in the FMCSA’s list of registered ELDS. 

Dispatchers and managers will find the Teletrac ELD device helpful because it offers:

  • Custom reporting
  • Enhanced geofencing
  • Vehicle analytics
  • Driver behavior reporting
  • Third-party integrations to reduce operations expenses
  • A dashboard

Teletrac Navman ELD Device Table

Manufacturer Main features Devices Supported Customer types Pricing
Teletrac Navman
  • Offers Free Demo
  • Established: 1988
  • Good for mixed fleets
  • FMCSA registered
  • DOT inspection feature
  • Tracks vehicles
  • Vehicle analytics
  • iOS
  • Android
  • Windows
  • Web-based
  • Small Businesses
  • Medium Businesses
  • Large Businesses
Upfront cost = $0

Monthly cost = $45 per month

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Main Features that will make you love Teletrac Navman

Teletrac Navman-Features an easy to use application

-You will be able to receive visual and audio HOS violation warnings

-Features engine diagnostics

-It is designed with a dashboard that will show your driver’s status and miles traveled

-Have DOT inspection feature

-Comes with training resources for you and your drivers to implement the Teletrac ELD successful

-Have an automatic recording of HOS (Hours of Service)

-You can access Teletrac Navman’s live customer support through online, phone or email

-You will be able to access roadside inspections

-Will show the geographic location of your drivers and fleet

-It is FMCSA registered and meets all technical requirements of the (FMCSA) ELD mandate

-You will receive free app updates 

-Have accurate elog data transfer to DOT officers

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The Benefits you will get with the ELD device

Easy to use 

Teletrac Navman comes with a bucketful of benefits. Your drivers will be able to adapt faster with this ELD device than you ever think of. 

It has an easy to use the platform and has helpful applications for your drivers. The applications are housed in a Garmin device. 

 Your drivers will receive visual and audio alerts to keep them out of trouble. In other words, the alerts will help them avoid HOS violations. It is a device that will make driving easy with its vehicle navigation and truck routing.

Teletrac Navman comes with training resources to help your drivers learn and adapt easily to the device. They have live ELD training with 21 courses already in the device. How great is that!

Company has Knowledge and Expertise

Teletrac Navman is a Company that has been in the operation for over 25 years in GPS fleet tracking business. They have the right knowledge and expertise to deliver the fleet management solution that you were looking for. 

I would recommend them to any business that is looking forward to building a safe, connected and efficient fleet.

They have customers from around the world and have employed over 1000 employees who can help with your tracking needs

You will get all these with this company;

-Mobile navigation devices

– ruggedized integrated tracking units

-Electronic logs

-Fleet intelligence systems, all under 1 roof 

Teletrac Navman’s ELD Solution is FMCSA Compliant and Registered

Teletrac Navman ELD device is already registered and has met the requirements of the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration’s electronic logging device mandate. 

It is an ELD device that you can feel safe using since it meets the make standards of (FMCSA). No disappointments with this device since you will be dealing with a company that has been in the business for many years now. 

As a manager of your fleet, be sure to get updates or view all aspects of your drivers from your mobile devise or office. 

Offers an array of telematics capabilities

What makes this ELD special? It offers an array of telematics capabilities and they include the following:

-Driver behavior monitoring

-Diagnostic of engine

-Reports of miles traveled

-DOT inspection

-Vehicle analytics

-Automatic recording of HOS

Built for Drivers

Teletrac NavmanThis ELD was built with drivers in mind. It is easy to use and comes with courses that a driver can access when faced with operation difficulties.

They will receive visual and audible HOS violation warnings and even truck routing. It will record driving time, miles driven and driver duty status . 

  • It is easy to install and operate
  • It is registered 
  • Has highly trained customer care support
  • Comes with pre-installed courses
  • Records relevant data accurately and automatically
  • Diagnoses the engine status
  • Features competitive price plans
  • Is able to alert driver to help prevent violations
  • Has a navigation feature
  • Only suitable for fleets
  • It is a bit pricy
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Who can use Teletrac Navman ELD device

Teletrac Navman ELD device is ideal for both large and small businesses that are looking for GPS tracking and fleet management solutions. It is also suited for drivers and managers that have lots of fleets to manage.

It can serve a small, medium and large fleet. The device is customizable allowing you to pick features that suit you most.  Once logged in the device, you will manage all your vehicles under 1 platform.

The dashboard will give reports of each vehicle’s movement, mileage, hours driven, speed, location, traffic changes and many more. 

Drivers will be able to track their performance saving valuable time. 

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Costs and Fees

It is free to download its app from Google play store or Apple app store. However, you need to pay $45 per month. You will be able to access all fleet management features with this plan.

They include GPS tracking, alerts and ELD compliance, vehicle diagnostics, driver scorecards, miles reporting and hours of operation tracking and many more. 

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How to order the Device

You can buy the ELD device online. Head over to Teletrac Navman’s official site and their team of experts will answer any query about price, fleet tracking, and telematics. 

The website has the option of requesting a quote where you will be able to access their device. There is a free demo period before the purchase of their solution. 

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How to install the device

To have an ELD device that is working well, you need the following additional parts:

  • TM470- A power harness, an antenna  
  • OBDII Diagnostic-needed for ELD compliance
  • Garmin 670- Cradle and cable
  • Jbus for power

This is because the Teletrac Navman ELD certified solution is built on vehicle diagnostics hardware platform, TM470, and Garmin.

The TM470 should be placed inside the vehicle since it is not waterproof. The system will receive power via the JBUS connector. The antenna must be mounted to the side where it has a view of the sky. 

Garmin670 should be installed where there is a display and the driver can access easily. Connect Garmin670 cable to TM470. Also, do not forget to use 1 vehicle diagnostic cable. 

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Friendly Customer Care Support

Teletrac NavmanTeletrac Navman has a friendly customer care staff that is trained to handle all technical queries of their products. 

You can access them through their live feature or their phone and email. They offer online training, webinars, and a center where you can ask relations related to their device. 

Phone +1.800.487.4357


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FAQs about Teletrac Navman ELD device

Does the device offer vehicle Analytics? 

One of the main features of this LED device is vehicle analytics. With this feature, the drivers will be able to tell the status of their vehicles such as brakes, engines, lights, etc.

No more tasks for drivers of submitting reports to their fleet managers because the device makes it easy for them to get this data.

What is a Teletrac Navman ELD device? 

This is an electronic logging device that records the operation of driver and vehicle data. It can be able to record and transmit engine power up and shut down, vehicle miles, location, vehicle id, duty status changes, malfunctions, driver log in, date, time, etc. 

What will this mean for my fleet business? 

-It will save the time of transmitting data

-Improve safety

-reduce effort

-Saves money

-reduces errors

What Will I Need to Do to Get My Fleet ELD-Ready?

To be prepared to use ELD for your fleet, you need to provide training for your drivers, create logins for them and only buy an ELD device that will solve your fleet needs.

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Final Thoughts

Teletrac Navman is one of the best ELD devices that will meet a wide variety of fleet needs. 

Its main features of vehicle tracking, driver management, engine diagnostic, real-time GPS tracking, dynamic dashboard, ELD compliance, driving safety alerts and 2-way communication are what made me impressed by this device. 

It serves many companies around the world and a company can choose the features that will work for their specific needs. From 1 platform or dashboard, a manager can manage each vehicle’s movement, mileage, hours of operation, just to name a few.

As our Teletrac Navman reviews mentioned above, the company has also given different options for reaching their customer support if one has questions relating to their ELD device. One can reach them through phone, email or online through their website.

Finally, you will be dealing with an ELD provider who has expertise and knowledge in the GPS fleet tracking business.

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