Switchboard ELD Review 2020: Features, Pricing, and More

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switchboard eld reviewTracking the driving behaviors of truckers involves coordinating with several daunting tasks. This is especially true when an ELD device is missing from the scenario. You need to monitor issues such as excessive acceleration, hard cornering, as well as other known poor driving behaviors. 

In the US, trucks, and trailers are mandated to have their fleet installed with an ELD device. An ELD allows the monitoring of a dedicated driver’s total working hours while replacing the age-old paper log system. Whether you are a carrier, casual driver, or a fleet operator, the installation of a properly functional ELD within the fleet can help prevent accidents. In the future, the ELD devices are expected to thrive on a global level. 

With a range of ELD brands to select from, choosing the right device can be an overwhelming task. In this article, we are going to review the latest addition in the market, which is the Switchboard ELD. So, without any delay, let’s get to the Switchboard ELD review.

Key Specifications

Manufacturer Features Display Device Transmits Pricing
  • Vehicle and Trailer Tracking
  • FMCSA Compliance
  • IFTA, Reports, Driver Chat and more
Type: BYOD (Bring Your Device) or Use Dedicated Tablet

O.S.: iOS and Android

Web Services/Email/Chat Messengers Upfront Pricing: $200

Dedicated Tablet Price: $250

Monthly Cost: $10 – $25

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Brand Overview of Switchboard ELD

switchboard eld reviewAlthough the Canada-based company, Switchboard, is fairly new in the market, the product is as good as other top rank-holders in the market. Being new in the market has given the Switchboard ELD a fair chance to learn from the mistakes of other industry leaders and come up with a product better than others. Recently, this B.C. technology firm helped connect the dots for logistics issues and has introduced a better method for trucking compliances. 

If you take a look at the features and benefits of Switchboard ELD reviewed below, it showcases that this company has created a device that is simple and easy-to-use for truckers. If you are a driver or trucker that aims to concentrate on staying safe and proper driving, this ELD is just what you need. While most of the truckers tend to feel weary of recent mandates and opt for paper logs, this tech-savvy ELD with surely helps change their opinion. 

Not just that, the company leans on affordability to make sure every trucker can get onboard with the Switchboard ELD. At a competitive price tag, you get to use its web portal, application, as well as the device combined. To sum it up, this brand is promising and surprisingly good for fleet owners that want to adhere to recent mandates.

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Features of Switchboard ELD

Talking about the application design of the Switchboard ELD, it is fairly easy-to-use for both experienced as well as novice technology users. The user-friendly design of this ELD device tends to place the app’s most used features on the front screen. However, the simplistic design of the user interface allows the drivers to use the logs with the supplement of tools, drivers, as well as some additional information. 

Further, the app allows the drivers to add comments whenever there is a change in status quickly. Not just that, the driver can also switch over to aspects such as personal conveyance and pre-trip inspections. 

With the simple touch of the button, the drivers can check the report that helps you have a recap of the complete log for the week. This log shows the time used and the time that has been gained by the driver. With the scope to make corrections to the log, one can see the changes and update the grid line. 

Apart from the real-time edit feature, drivers can easily view the edits that have been suggested by a dedicated carrier. It also points out the unidentified activities that need to be claimed by the driver. The roadside inspections paired with DOT mode gives the inspection officers all the information needed. However, it prevents access to confidential information that need not be shared. 

With the Switchboard ELD, here is a list of features you get:

  • IFTA
  • DVIRS (Digital Vehicle Inspection Records)
  • Electronic Lots
  • Weigh Station Bypass
  • Driving Timers
  • Free Fax and Email Logs

Apart from these prime features, the complete Enterprise package is inclusive of:

  • ELD/AOBRD Engine Module
  • Engine Cable (Personal Choice)
  • USB Charging Cable
  • Tablet Mount
  • Tablet
  • Cigarette Lighter Adapter
  • Switchboard Vehicle Stickers (2)
  • Switchboard Manual

Another feature recently introduced by the Switchboard application is its bypass system for the weighing system. It means the long hauls tend to become less tedious and easier as it allows you to skip more scales. Apart from that, the chat-type messaging feature helps the driver maintain fast and constant communication with the dispatchers. 

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Benefits/Reasons to Choose Switchboard ELD

When it comes to the reasons and benefits of choosing the Switchboard ELD, there are several things that you get with your purchase:

FMCSA Compliance

The very first thing you need to check before making an ELD purchase is mandate compliance. As per the HOS mandate, the commercial vehicles need to record aspects such as total service hours, statuses, as well as exemption points. The virtual representation of these factors allows a clear representation of the inspection procedure. All these fleet and on-road regulations are listed by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration or the FMCSA. The FMCSA regulations also allow the evaluation of the ELDs as per their effectiveness in terms of maintenance of an accurate and clear log. 

This fresh new ELD device by Switchboard comes with multiple inbuilt features, programs, as well as options that keep your fleet in compliance with the mandatory regulations. The device is FMCSA certified, so you do not have to worry about getting fined by the dedicated officials’ midst of an investigation. Not only will it save you from unwanted fines, but it will also keep the fleet running flawlessly. 

Dedicated ELD Tablet

When going with a tablet of a different brand for your Switchboard ELD device, it might work fine in most cases, but there might be instances where it might malfunction. With the dedicated ELD tablet provided by Switchboard, you get access to a high-end device that works flawlessly. 

It displays the ELD application over its user-friendly Switchboard interface. This being said, your fleet drivers will eventually become a pro at recording the daily logs. These logs can be presented during the inspections instantly. 

Secure Connection with Bluetooth

Besides the compatibility feature, you also get access to a secure Bluetooth connection that works perfectly. If you have ever used an ELD device with Bluetooth incompetency, you might know the issue that you face with constant reconnection of the device. 

With this ELD device by Switchboard, you do not have to worry about losing the connection now and then. Once the device has been connected with the vehicle’s module via Bluetooth, this connection is secure. You do not need to check over the device now and then to ensure that logs are being kept. 

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Pros and Cons of Switchboard ELD

  • A sturdy platform for fleet owners with ease-of-use
  • Affordable pricing
  • ELD can be used on a dedicated tablet or personal devices
  • Log messaging and editing
  • Scope for switching to the user’s conveyance
  • No speeding alerts or built-in navigation
  • No diagnostics protocol for the engine
  • No scope for capturing the document
  • Log editing system tends to be bit confusing when used with the large fleets
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Pricing for Switchboard ELD

switchboard eld discount codeWhen compared with the competitive ELD brands, this ELD device offers you a reasonable price tag. The pricing for the Switchboard ELD is flexible and helps facilitate the budget of all sorts and varying fleet sizes. 

The basic price for the engine module of the Switchboard ELD that can be plugged in directly into the vehicle is $200. Apart from that, if you plan to work with its dedicated tablet, you need to pay up an additional $250. 

Your Switchboard ELD system needs to work with your current data plan. So, this additional pricing should also be kept in mind, especially if you choose to purchase the tablet as the Switchboard inbuilt package for data costs around $15/month. 

Apart from this, the Switchboard web portal needs payment monthly as well. To access its management portal, there is a payment of $10/month needed. So, the complete pricing for the package, along with its tablet, is $450 upfront paired with $25/month. It is fairly affordable when compared to the competitors in the market. If you are looking for lower pricing, you can get the same during special occasions. So, make sure you look for the Switchboard ELD discount code during holidays or special events. 

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How to Install the Switchboard ELD?

The installation procedure for the Switchboard ELD is pretty easy. All you need is a few minutes to get the thing going. Switchboard doesn’t require any type of special wirings to get started with. All you need to do is plug-in the device, and you are good-to-go. Also, you do not need any special type of Bluetooth pairing. 

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Who can use the Switchboard ELD?

The Switchboard ELD can be used by fleet owners, dedicated drivers, as well as fleet managers that need a device that is compatible with the latest mandates. 

It allows the fleet managers to keep track of the HOS mandate and whether the drivers are adhering to the basic as well as critical requirements. With Switchboard’s ELD device, users can ensure that there are no issues during mandate inspections on-road. 

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How to order the Switchboard ELD?

To purchase the Switchboard ELD, visit the official website: https://www.onswitchboard.com/electronic-logs/.

Now, go to the “Store” section of the Switchboard ELD and select your shopping location from options, which include the United States and Canada.

You will be redirected to the official U.S./Canada website to make your purchase. Simply click on the buy now button and make the payment to complete the purchase. 

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Customer Support for Switchboard ELD

switchboard eld couponNow, Switchboard has an excellent customer support system for its ELD device. If you are someone who doesn’t want to indulge in a conversation and your issue is very basic, you can refer to the knowledge base in the official Switchboard ELD with all the basic questions answered. 

Apart from that, you can get in touch with team Switchboard to schedule your demo for the device by filling in the contact form on the website. After submitting your form, the customer representatives will get in touch with you ASAP for scheduling a demo or grievance redress. You can also ask for any Switchboard ELD coupon code to get quick discounts. 

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Others Things to Know About Switchboard ELD

There are several critical things that you need to know about the Switchboard ELD apart from its basic features. Let us take a look at some of it:

Better Accessibility

The best aspect of this app is the fact users can understand it fairly easily. ELDs are generally used by drivers and truckers that aren’t tech-savvy. Selecting an app like Switchboard ELD allows the not-so-technically genius population to work it correctly with the fleet. The intuitive design of the application makes itself explain things in a step-by-step pattern. 

Driver Convenience

With the Switchboard ELD device, you will notice the presence of several features that make driving as well as logging easy for the dedicated drivers. For example, the drivers can put in comments over their statuses as they change the same. Similarly, Switchboard ELD provides an option that allows the drivers to shift to the personal conveyance option. 

DOT Mode

With the DOT mode, the drivers can easily restrict visibility during the inspections for the investigators. It ensures that personal information is protected, and there is no snooping around. 

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How to share/view your driver’s location with the customers?

Answer: To share the driver’s location with the customers, you need to follow the given instructions. Towards the left side of the application’s page, you need to select your designated driver. Now, click on the option “Get Link to Share Location.”  Once you do this, select the duration for which this location sharing option will last. Now, copy and paste the location link with the customers. 

How to view the driver hours?

Answer: Switchboard ELD allows the users to view the number of cycle/on-duty time/drive time left for each driver. To view the driver hours, you need to log into your app. Now, select the application’s safety section. After this, select the “Driver Hours of Service” towards the left-hand of the sidebar. 

How can you view the Geofence Exit/Enter events?

Answer: To see the Geofence Exit/Enter events, you have to log into the Switchboard app. Now, select the app’s “Equipment” section. Here, you can see the list of all your vehicles. Now, select the vehicle for which you need to see the Geofence events. After this, click over the “View Details” option and select the “Geofence Events” tab. 

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To sum it up, this ELD application by Switchboard is completely equipped with all the basics of ELD requirements for fleet owners as well as managers alike. It is packed in with better documentation, usage tracking, reporting, as well as fleet tracking features. Even though this system has to be fine-tuned just a little bit to function seamlessly, the software acts as a sturdy option for the fleet to gel well with. 

The greatest factor about Switchboard ELD is the fact that it has brought forth competitive pricing with ample features for the fleet owners. So, if you are looking for a productive low-end device, you surely need to pick the Switchboard ELD.

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