Samsara ELD Best Review – Everything you need to know in 2019

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Whether you are looking for a versatile or an essential mandate compliance device for the fleet management system, Samsara ELD will never disappoint you. Samsara ELD is good news packed in the form of an apparatus for all the fleet owners or managers, and even the truck drivers; as it is the ultimate blend of reliability, usability, affordability, and other astounding features that are bound to please you. 

By making use of this electronic logging device, you can now put an end to the violation of Hours of Service (HOS). Indulge your Samsara ELD in keeping track of the duty statuses of your fleet, make use of Wi-Fi hotspots, GPS tracking, fetch sensor data, capture all essential documents, DVIRs, all under one particular platform. ELDs are also making up ways for the implementation of better cybersecurity in the trucking sector.

The device curated by Samsara is considered to be one of the best fleet management, routing, dispatch, and compliance device, which you can purchase in 2019. In this article, we have highlighted all the splendid features that Samsara ELD has to offer. 

Key Specifications

Manufacturer Features Display Device Transmits Pricing
  • DVIR
  • Allows both ways messaging
  • Engine Info (MPGs, Faults, etc.)
  • IFTA
Type: BYOD (Bring Your Device)

OS: Android and iOS

Email / Web Services Up-front cost: $99

Monthly cost: $33

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Samsara ELD: Brand Overview

Samsara ELDThe brand Samsara came into existence in the year 2015, to offer the commercial drivers and managers of a fleet with reliable data, Samsara ELD has been working effectively since 25 Computerized Technology Years. The operations of the truck managing companies have been efficiently and safely prosecuted irrespective of the size of the fleet that they manage, and all the credit goes to Samsara ELD. 

The credibility of such an attribute goes to the accurate furnishing of alerts, data, and a range of various features that are usually offered by different software and e-logs. By making use of Samsara ELD in your trucks, you are not only saving on your budget but also improve the safety and efficiency of all your vehicles with the key features and the tools of the device that will help you. 

The prime objective of this device is to cater to the needs of the organizations, starting from transportation business and food production to construction companies and logistics, and help them to get sensor data information concerning their vehicles. With the back-office tools and ELD hardware from Samsara, you will not just be able to make your fleet organized but also the quality of the operations conducted will improve as well. With the need to shift from traditional AOBRD to fully-compliant ELDs, the Samsara device has been gaining quite the prominence in the market. To ensure that verdicts being said about Samsara ELD are correct, you must have a look at all the Samsara reviews over the company’s official page. 

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Features of Samsara ELD

Samsara ELDThe product proudly boasts about its extraordinary ROI along with the offerings of some of the critical features and helpful tools. This can be considered as one of the USPs of the Samsara ELD. There are many other ELD products available at the exact pricing; however, the set of tools and comprehensive features of the software offered by Samsara is unmatched and will work in favor of your business. Plus, there is always the benefit of being compliant with the latest regulations. Today, almost every fleet owner is ELD and HOS compliant with the use of the ELD devices.

Here we have discussed some of the essential features that are specific to Samsara ELD. 

ELD Compliance: 

The features offered by any of the ELD solution providers would go into vain if it did not comply with the requirements of the ELD mandate. The reputation of your business shall be risked completely if the ELD device installed in your fleet doesn’t abide by the needs of the authority. In the best-case scenario, if your device doesn’t show compliance with the ELD Mandate requirements, you are going to get away with merely a fine. However, if you are purchasing Samsara ELD, you can forget worrying about your device complying with these mandate requirements. 

The ELD device by Samsara has been certified explicitly by FMCSA, suggesting that it meets all the ELD mandate requirements. Also, the device incorporates many other features way beyond logging to impart you with a useful and productive data obtaining for streamline operation of your business. Basically, with Samsara, you are going to receive ELD compliance at half the price of what is ongoing in the market.

Dash Cams:

Samsara ELDThe Dashcams give an edge to Samsara ELD over the other products in the niche as they provide ample accountability and safety. This product can be regarded as one of the safest tools to equip your vehicle with that offers you remarkable Artificial Intelligence and Computer Vision on your vehicle. Like any other owner of a fleet, you will want your eyes and ears fixed to your vehicles. Well, Samsara ELD aims to fulfill that wish of yours. 

The Samsara ELD is furnished with a front-facing dashcam with HD technology and an HD dual-facing dashcam as well. These cams will be installed in your vehicle in such a way that you will be able to view and monitor several things that cross paths with your truck. The dash cams are so well instilled with technology that they will capture all the footage of the incidents and then automatically upload them to the cloud memory. 

This feature of Samsara ELD will help you in certain aspects of your business, including:

  1. Help you in investigating an accident, which will ascertain accountability
  2. From the HD footage that will be captured, you can have a clear view of the collations and distracted-driving of your drivers, and you can also keep a check on their near-misses
  3. The cams will automatically detect distracted driving and tag the drivers, which will minimize the chances of any probable accidents
  4. You can identify any of the risky drivers if present in your fleet and then impart them with the knowledge of safe driving

Capturing of documents and sharing them:

The capturing and sharing of the materials is one of the most innovative features that Samsara ELD possesses. You will no longer have to opt for manual scanning, filing, and sorting of the critical documents of your business provided you have Samsara ELD under your custody. You can now upload and have access to documents that are time-stamped from a specific location at a given point of time with the help of Samsara ELD. 

The drivers of your trucks will be able to capture pictures of the delivery receipts, landing bills, and receipts of fuels with the help of their Smartphones and tablets. If your vehicle is installed with Samsara ELD, you can view these documents from Dashboard once they are uploaded to the cloud storage. With the help of Samsara ELD, you will be able to connect your order management, enterprise planning system, or your transportation management to your platform. 

In such cases, you will have the benefit of Open APIs from the provider. With the help of this capability, you will have access to essential documents whenever necessary. While you are processing the payroll, this feature will come handy to you for customer invoicing and other critical processes in the fleet management system. Such elements of Samsara ELD have proven to be very useful in managing the tracking business of the fleets. 

GPS Tracking:

The Samsara ELD has the best GPS tracking feature in the industrial niche. With the help of this device, you can track the real-time location of your device. Along with this highly efficient sensor, there are other sensors equipped in the equipment, which will cater to the needs of the fleet owner by providing crucial information about the vehicle and the driver. 

The gadget will also monitor your vehicle from a Helicopter view and provide a real-time location as well. The product is going to impart you with crucial information including the consumption of fuel, the utilization of the vehicle, the performance of the route, and the behavior of the driver riding the vehicle in which the Samsara ELD is installed. You will have the leverage to make a more informed decision once you have equipped your vehicle with this ELD device. You can know about its GPS tracking reputation by reading the Samsara GPS reviews from its official website. 

Reefer Monitoring:

Samsara ELDThe specialty of Samsara ELD will not go unnoticed even by a fleet system ignorant. The product will offer you some of the unique features that you won’t be getting in any other of its competitor products. One such feature of the Samsara ELD is the Reefer Monitoring system. It functions in such a way that, the ELD makes a combination of two-way Reefer control with wireless sensors and instant alerts to give you an enhanced experience of visibility and control over your fleet. 

The device will furnish you with the details of temperature eliminations as well with regards to the compliance by FSMA. Also, you will be allowed to take manual temperature checks on the paper logs. These features comply entirely with the regulations of the FSMA. With the help of such features, you can provide the Proof of Delivery documents along with the temperature data. This will allow you to have improved customer services considerably in your business. 

Your device is going to set you a timely alert every time the temperature goes out of control. This will give you the leverage of time to react according to the situation and make necessary decisions that prevent damage to the loads due to the temperature fluctuations. With the help of this always-on temperature monitoring technology, you can furnish proof for your customers to show them that their cargo is being taken care of appropriately by your company, which in order will work effectively in favor of your business. 

Wi-Fi Hotspots:

While most of the BYOD ELD systems will make you pay the cellular data bill that your device uses, the scenario with Samsara ELD is not the same. The product offers you with in-cab WiFi Hotspot for ELD installed in the vehicle and for the drivers driving it as well. You will not only be able to save on the bills of cellular data, but there are also many other added benefits of owning this device. You will have the benefit of making use of about 500 MB data for each truck in a month. 

This feature is a guarantee that the productivity of your fleet is going to increase manifold times regardless of the way you view it. The GPS gateway by Samsara equips its devices with the WiFi Hotspot feature, which further eliminates the need to invest in any of the additional carrier contracts and hardware required in the fleet.  

Routing and Dispatch Features:  

If the compliance abilities and tracking feature of Samsara ELD have surprised you yet, you must learn about its dispatching and routing functions as well. With this feature of the ELD, you won’t feel the need to contact your vehicle driver time and again to know about their whereabouts. Instead, with the help of the device, you will have continuous information about their real-time location. With the help of the product, you can take advantage of live tracking of your truck, which in order will aid you to refrain from inquiring about the route to the driver. 

  • The device is effortless to be used 
  • The design of Samsara ELD is intuitive and modern
  • You can have the facility to get support via phone-based in the US
  • The device can be scaled up for at least up to 10,000 vehicles in a fleet
  • The device is highly secure and scalable
  • You are going to get a cloud-based solution to all your problems
  • When the device is being handled from the tablet, the tablet app tends to freeze sometimes
  • The durability of the hardware seems to be quite fragile
  • Users complain about the fluctuating network issues faced through the device
  • An abundance of issues has been reported concerning the quality of video that has been retrieved
  • The records of GPS tracking lacks some of the crucial details
  • The video retrieving facility, in general, can be regarded as extremely unreliable
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Who can use the Samsara ELD? 

According to the Samsara fleet management reviews, the Samsara ELD can be used by the fleet owners, managers, and drivers as well who aim to improve and flourish in their fleet management business. Apart from that, various food-producing companies, logistics, and construction companies can make use of the device. 

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Samsara ELD Pricing and How to Order? 

Here are some of the details about the ELD Samsara pricing. The company will charge you $99 up-front, and the cost per device charged every month will be $33. If you take up the mandatory contract for three consecutive years, the total cost expended on each truck will be about $1287. 

The Samsara ELD is combined with Driver Vehicle Inspection Reporting (DVIR) managing system. For ordering the device, you need to place your order over the official website of Samsara, after which you are going to receive a confirmation email with the product ordering details. 

For any further inquiries concerned with your product, you can email at or call them at (415) 985-2400. Once you have placed your order, sit back and relax as your product shall be delivered within a few business days.

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How can Samsara ELD be installed?

There are multiple devices offered by Samsara, which include plug and play OBD II advanced tracking hardware and port devices. The company also provides several in-cab cameras for you to get a quick view of your driver’s vision. Samsara probably offers free installation for these devices; however, its certainty remains unclear. 

The HOS compliance of Samsara includes various plug-play gateways for vehicles and an application that works on both iOS and Android OS. According to the verdict of the company, the time required for the installation of the device requires 15 minutes, which has an intuitive interface for the drivers, alerts, and reports for all the compliance managers. 

You will get a proper guide for the installation process of the device. You can check out some of the installation videos as well for the adequate sync of the devices along with the fleet.


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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can the Samsara driver app be used on smartphones and tablets?

Answer: Yes, the application can be successfully be used on tablets and smartphones. However, smartphones need to have a proper internet or data connection to allow the device to detect the position and overall duration of the running fleet.

If the data file is sent to FMCSA what kinds of edits will show up in the data file of the ELD?

Answer: All the edits that are reported from the data file will show up. However, the driver can edit the details on the very same day, but the end fleet managers can do the same only after completion of the driver cycle or the day.

How far is the driver allowed to go for Personal Conveyance?

Answer: No limit has been put on the Personal Conveyance driving by the mandate. Its usage solely remains at the discretion of the driver. 

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Final words for Samsara ELD

Although this article has been a detailed description of Samsara ELD, where the capabilities, functions, features, pricing, and the overall value of the product have been thoroughly discussed, the decision to purchase the product remains at the hands of the consumer. There are many other ELD systems available in the market with the same pricing has the ELD from Samsara. But, we could say that these devices are skillfully outclassed by Samsara ELD when the myriad of functions and features are concerned. 

Even after taking into consideration the ‘cons’ listed about the product here, the one reading the review must not forget that these issues were reported only by a minimal number of consumers. The overwhelming rest has exclusively reported about the positive experience that they had with Samsara ELD. Truth be told, Samsara has never disappointed us in producing some of the best products when it comes to electronic logging devices. After considering all the pros and cons reported by the consumers, we went to the conclusion that Samsara ELD is worth the price it tags for.

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