Rand McNally TND 760: Commercial ELD Solution Review

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rand mcnally tnd 760 reviewsIf you own or manage a commercial fleet service, you must have heard about a popular fleet management system called the Rand McNally. With the latest ELD mandate taking a toll on the fleet owners, it has become important to get an ELD compliance solution that adheres to the mandate requirements. 

From features such as fleet tracking or GPS navigation, this device brings a plethora of options for fleet managers, owners, as well as truckers. To know what more this ELD mandate device brings for you, read these in-depth Rand McNally TND 760 reviews below.

Key Specifications:

Manufacturer Features Display Device Transmits Pricing
Rand McNally
  • Electronic Logs
  • VIR
  • Mapping
  • Reporting
  • Performance monitoring
  • Navigation
Dedicated Transmits via Rand McNally Web Connect Portal Up-front pricing: $550

  • EOBR plan: $20/month
  • Basic package: $30/month
  • Enterprise package: $40/month
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Brand Overview

rand mcnally tnd 760 765 where to buyCreated by a reputed company in the market named Rand McNally, this ELD device is a trusted name in reporting and mapping for fleet owners. Apart from this, the makers have also ensured that the service is completely in compliance with the latest ELD necessities. Apart from consumer travel and commercial transportation metrics, the maker has also explored its luck in education as well as the consumer electronics market. 

For long, the company has been leveraging the benefits of an innovative form of automotive technology. With time, it has managed to develop a forte of groundbreaking services and products for fleet tracking, compliance, and management. 

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With the Rand McNally TND 760 for sale, you get access to power-packed features such as:

  • Automated HoS: Apart from the warnings and HoS alerts, the users also get access to the data for Hours of Service via the official Connect Website Portal. It allows the users to track the drivers as well as assets in the real-time scenario. 
  • IntelliRoute Navigation: The routing system in Rand McNally TND 760 is based upon the load type along with the truck’s height, weight, as well as width. Plus, the system offers information such as overnight parking, repair centers, as well as dining options. 
  • Messaging: As the user of Rand McNally TND 760, you can send as well as receive PDF attachments. Additional features, such as text-to-speech, cellular communication, playback, as well as Wi-Fi, can be found in this system.
  • Vehicle Inspection Reports: You need to note the fact that Rand McNally TND 760 can be used with 49 CFR, 396.11, and 396.13. The GPS feature in the system will allow you a scope to view the information online with preferred reports. 
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Benefits/Reasons to Choose

rand mcnally tnd 760 for saleIf you are wondering what makes the Rand McNally TND 760 your right choice, here are some of the reasons that justify it.

  • One cable, one device, easy installation within minutes
  • Fleet communication via Wi-Fi and cellular connectivity
  • Driver e-logs
  • Vehicle and driver performance monitoring
  • Fleet-specific navigation 
  • Safe-drive feature with text-to-speech playback of email & verbal guidance
  • HoS warnings and alerts for drivers
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Pros & Cons

  • Impressive navigation
  • Familiar device for the truckers
  • Affordable pricing
  • Easy installation
  • Robust features and capabilities
  • Difficult to grasp user interface
  • Outdated technology
  • Incorrect speed alerts
  • Bugs in hardware and software
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The prime reason most fleet owners or truckers go for this device is its affordability. It is considered among the cheapest available options in the market. Although the upfront pricing for this unit isn’t cheap, its monthly charges are very competitive. 

You can select from three available plans which include:

  • EOBR plan: $20/month
  • Basic package: $30/month
  • Enterprise package: $40/month
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How to Install the Rand McNally TND 760?

rand mcnally tnd 760 reviewsIn a way similar to other devices of the Rand McNally line, this particular variant is just as easy when it comes to installation. Unlike the popular options in the market, this ELD mandate device doesn’t require additional adapters, fuses, or wires that can make the installation process confusing. 

All that is needed is to plug the cable into your fleet’s diagnostic port, and you are set. 

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Who can use the Rand McNally TND 760?

Given the fact that RandMcNally is a cheap yet feature-packed ELD device, it can be used by everyone from fleet owners to truckers as well as fleet managers. In simple terms, the Rand McNally is an ELD device that brings in a range of features at pocket-friendly prices. 

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How to order the Rand McNally TND 760?

If you are wondering where to buy Rand McNally TND 760/765, you can hit up the link: https://store.randmcnally.com/truck-fleet.html and place your order right away

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Customer Support

If your device has been showcasing any issues or you are having difficulties figuring things out, you can get in touch with the customer service representatives by following this link: https://www.randmcnally.com/support/. You can also get in touch with the representatives at 1-877-446-4863. 

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Other things to know about Rand McNally TND 760

Apart from the benefits and features listed above for the Rand McNally TND 760, there are several other things that you need to know about the Rand McNally TND 760. 

  • Mapping
  • Scorecard for vehicle and driver performance
  • Safe-drive mode
  • Reporting for critical events
  • Reports for vehicle maintenance
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1-What do you mean by the HoS alert?

Answer: The HoS alert on Rand McNally can be set for alerts that notify the drivers as well as fleet managers as they near the HoS limit for the day. It also applies for an on-duty week or the on-duty day. 

2-How can I mute the alerts for TND 760?

Answer: To adjust your Rand McNally alert volume or mute it completely, you need to select the icon named SysInfo over the device’s Home Menu. It will take you to the settings tab. In this section, you need to tap over the mute option. Alternatively, you can change its volume level by using the down/up button by drawing the finger across its percentage box. 

3-Does Rand McNally TND 760 has the option for real-time traffic?

Answer: The IntelliRoute TND 760 application doesn’t support real-time traffic reporting. 

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Now that you understand why the products by Rand McNally are so popular, it is entirely upon you to decide which system is best suited for your fleet. Make sure you do not settle for something that doesn’t prove its worth. If you need a device that comes with robust communication facilities & amazing navigation technology, the Rand McNally is something you should go for. 

With a combination of monitoring, networking, as well as cartographic technologies that help the fleet with a boosted productivity and workflow, this ELD device is a must-have.

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