Rand McNally HD100 – Everything You Should Know!

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The black box with which is an essential feature in Rand McNally HD100 is capable of reading data for the engine as well as status for driving and the communication with an Apple or Android device of the client’s choice for display. This free app that runs on the device for the show appears and feels more like TND 765 interface, still by Rand McNally. That makes it possible for drivers to be already a bit familiar with the layout.

Rand McNally HD100 Specification

Manufacturer Main Features Devices Supported Cost
Rand McNally
  • It is compatible with mobile devices
  • Tracks vehicles
  • Vehicle Inspection Reporting
  • Compliant with current FMCSA’s vehicle inspection reporting 
Type: BYOD (Bring Your Own Device)

OS: Andriod and iOS

Upfront cost = $450

Monthly cost = $30 per month

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Main Features that you will love of this ELD Device

Rand McNally HD100Given Rand McNally HD100 cost, it has a couple of several elements and characteristics. The number of features and merits that you get on the available Rand McNally hd100 for sale depends on the selected service plan. However, you have to include a complimentary 6-month service plan. 

Key features include: 

  • Duty status time tracking 
  • Complete DVIRs and trip sheets
  • Online access to history logs
  • HOS alerts and warning for drivers
  • Dispatch and transportation management for the third party
  • Compatibility with iPad, iPhone and Android devices
  • Monitoring of performance
  • Communication through Wi-Fi
  • Critical information that is vehicle-specific such as the behavior of engine driving and diagnostics
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Reasons to choose this Electronic Logging Device

Rand McNally HD100Despite the high Rand McNally hd100 cost, it has certain top benefits, which make it a better gadget as compared to other ELD devices. The benefits are as follows;

  • Own communication. Rand McNally HD100 does not necessarily have to rely on a tablet or phone for one to communicate. Similarly, you don’t need any data plan for your display device. It implies that you will easily acquire necessary information, the likes of GPS location and the status of the engine, upon turning your phone/tablet off. 
  • Vehicle Inspection Reporting. Available rand McNally hd100 for sale have in-cap paperless reporting, which ensures maintenance that is more proactive for the vehicle. There is direct sending of logs through either fax number or email address during inspection time. This system does not only make complicated reporting simple, but it also smoothens operations by the fleet. 
  • Notifications of HOS violations. From Rand McNally hd100 review, it is evident that it ensures your safety from any potential breach of HOS with the help of on-screen and audio alerts.
  • You forget about manual logging. Things that you will forget include paper logs, trip sheets and forms for DVIR. The smart device will enable you to track all this. Also, it can considerably reduce your paperwork and assist you in completing your logs much faster. Accessing history logs online allows drivers to view their logs in the web portal.
  • Compliance with Hours of Service (HoS) rules

The high Rand McNally hd100 cost is worth because the device is compliant with the current HOS regulations and FMCSA’s vehicle inspection reporting. 

  • Rand McNally hd100 cost and total expense of ownership is low
  • The device is quite easy to install
  • As a BYOD option for fleets, it is tamper-resistant
  • It operates seamlessly with various mobile devices
  • As earlier seen from the Rand McNally hd100 review, it features specific unique capabilities 
  • It is compliant and compact
  • As a solution, it is entirely customizable and flexible
  • With time, apps feel outdated
  • There is no inclusion of navigation
  • On the tablet, there is limited usage of Wi-F
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Bearing a 4 ½ x 3 ¾” dimensions, the Rand McNally hd100 upfront cost is  $450. Its monthly cost is $30 totaling $1530 in 3 years. You will get a complimentary 6 months service and it is a bit affordable compared to their classic TND 765 device.

The company has an Enterprise plan where you pay $40 for added features such as critical event reporting, engine diagnostics and driver scorecards. 

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How to install the device

About installation, it only requires around 10 minutes. Below is what you need to do, step by step;

  • Rand McNally HD100Download and run the Dock software for Rand McNally hd100 
  • Plug your Rand McNally hd100 device into your computer’s USB port
  • Follow the instructions given on-screen for activation
  • Plug-in the Rand McNally hd100 into the diagnostic port on-board
  • Then, turn on the ignition
  • After that, plug in the TND730, and the click the HD 100 icon. This should be followed by pairing the TND with Rand McNally hd100 device
  • Lastly, go over all diagnostics and ensure that everything is okay
  • By doing all that, you are ready to go

Rand McNally HD100 unit is installed in the on-board diagnostic port through a plug-in connector. Upon connecting it to the Rand McNally app, and then data stored on the web portal through a cellular service, pairing follows. 

You can pair it with a unit of TND GPS through Wi-Fi to utilize the navigation. Therefore, you first need to connect the Rand McNally HD100 gadget to the engine control module (ECM), in your vehicle. Such a connection can be achieved through your truck’s diagnostic port. 

That port is usually found in the footwell of the driver, under the dash and steering wheel. In most cases, it is located on the left side.

Once you plug into the diagnostic port, the Rand McNally HD100 wirelessly connects HOS, vehicle diagnostics and driver performance information to an iPad, Android or iPhone device. Managers of fleets can also acquire information online through the corresponding web portal, well-known as Rand McNally Connect. 

Rand McNally HD100 carried out communication with this portal through cellular connection means. All kinds of data, such as reports on Vehicle inspection, HOS logs and others that are obtained from the Rand McNally HD100 device are saved and stored on the server for Rand McNally. 

Upon losing a cellular reception by a driver, the data will be stored until reception for the cell resumes. Therefore, the transmission of the data is done to the intended server.

However, it is essential to note that, newer trucks with a 9-pin connector, also have a Rand McNally hd100 gadget. Yet, most of the commercial motor vehicles are usually bought with 6-pin connectors. Also, other trucks use ODB and ODB II proprietary connectors.

It implies that one will need to purchase special harnesses for wiring if your truck does not have the 9-pin connectors. Lucky enough, Rand McNally provides certain optional cables for such trucks. 

These can do the trick. Just ensure that you determine the type of plug on your truck (s) and select the best kind of cabling.

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Who can use Rand HD100 ELD

Drivers and fleet owners can use Rand McNally hd100 devices. All other interested parties can also use the gadget; however, it is made with drivers in mind, which aims at offering them an ELD solution that is simple and easy to use after installation. 

If you are a first time user, there is a manual with great details on how to use the ELD. 

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How to order HD100 & Customer support

You can order a Rand McNally HD100 online from the official store or contact the customer support number provided below. 

Customer support can be contacted through social media platforms, On Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. You can also give a call through 1-877-446-4863Monday – Friday
7AM – 6PM CST. Another option is emailing the support through email support at mailto:tndsupport@randmcnally.com

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Others to know

Rand McNally HD100From the Rand McNally hd100 review, you can see that the gadget is made to operate with different mobile devices. That makes it capable of turning your smartphone or tablet into an ELD solution that is compliant. Evidently, as the option of a fleet, it is excellent and cost-effective, especially for those searching for a renowned brand at a relatively lower price.

With the most significant downside being navigation, the Rand McNally hd100 device is not made for that. The company gives TND 720 GPS, TND 730 or TND 765 devices to deal with this issue and come up with a fleet management solution that is fully functional.

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My computer fails to recognize the device during activation. What should I do? 

If it fails to recognize the device or brings an error message such as “USB device not recognized,” you need to unplug the device from the PC and plug it back in.

If I want to change my service plan, what should I do?

A. To change your service plan or buy additional modules for service, please contact Rand McNally Customer Support at 1-877-446-4863.

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The Rand McNally hd100 review done above, it is evident that the electronic gadget is quite compact, quick and compliant. Rand McNally hd100 Can also do a lot besides giving many hours of service. For instance, it also offers reports on vehicle inspection, text-integrated and dispatches messaging, as well as notification of potential violations on HOS. Lastly, the high Rand McNally hd100, also ensures that it entails a fault code for monitoring driver performance.

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