Peoplenet ELD Review: Real-Time Diagnostics & ELD Mandate

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peoplenet elogsWith FMCSA increasing the severity with regards to the implementation of ELD devices for fleet owners, drivers, as well as managers, there is a sudden hike in demand for suitable solutions. While the market is packed with a plethora of options, selecting the best from the list can be a hectic task. To help you decide between the top-ranking ELD devices, here is a quick review of one of the popular ELD solutions available in the market. 

In this review article, we will list out some of the best features of Peoplenet ELD. This ELD solution has been designed to deduct the manual calculations and logging errors or violations that occur with paper logs. The Peoplenet elogs keeps the managers as well as commercial drivers in sync with the changing HoS compliance

So, let us get in-depth and understand more about this ELD solution.

Key Specifications

Manufacturer Features Display Device Transmits Pricing
  • DVIR
  • Navigation
  • Two-Way Messaging
  • Document scanning
  • Engine Info
Dedicated Up-front pricing: $1200

Monthly Price: $43

3-year Price: $2647

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Brand Overview

PeopleNet, a Trimble subsidiary, started providing logging devices to the truckers and fleet owners starting the year 1994. For long, the firm has been developing a range of systems for fleet management to make compliance with mandates very easy. 

The Peoplenet ELD brings a lot of key features that can be used by the drivers as well as fleet managers for better management of the entire system. Some of the prominent features you get with this ELD system includes monitoring of tire pressure, reports for fuel consumption, as well as safety alerts for fault codes, speeding, as well as engine status. 

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Features of Peoplenet ELD

what is PeoplenetBefore you start with the use of the Peoplenet ELD, you must understand the features that you get with this ELD device. If you are wondering what is Peoplenet and the features it brings to the market, here is a quick list of all that this device/solution brings for you.

  • Mileage tracking
  • Routing
  • Motor pool
  • Maintenance management
  • Tire management
  • Work order management
  • VIN lookup
  • Dispatch management
  • Fuel management
  • Employee management
  • GPS tracking
  • Incident reporting
  • Driver management
  • Vehicle management
  • Vehicle financing
  • Inventory management
  • Claim management
  • Fuel management
  • Trip management
  • Real-time diagnostics
  • Accident tracking
  • Routing and navigation
  • Dispatch management
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Benefits/Reasons to Choose Peoplenet ELD

peoplenet reviewsSo, what are the apparent benefits of opting for the Peoplenet ELD? How is this ELD device different from others? Here is a quick list of the reasons for you to select this device as your go-to ELD mandate solution.

  • 4G LTE Connectivity: The Peoplenet ELD flaunts an amazing collection of advanced networks. This comprehensive device offers one the best cellular communication with 4G LTE. This particular feature allows for enhanced performance regardless of where your fleet is. 
  • Easy Reporting: With the Peoplenet ELD, one can get a summary of up to 1 year of the driver’s log records. It also allows the scope for reviewing the driver’s performance. You can use the Peoplenet ELD for daily log reporting, violations report, driver payroll, or driver log.
  • KPI Reporting: Given the fact that the Peoplenet ELD has an incredible capacity for delivery of a comparative version of KPI reporting, it has been praised on a wide-scale by the fleet managers through Peoplenet reviews. The reports can easily be accessed in real-time for ease of trend analysis. 
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Pros & Cons

  • Great support
  • Feature-packed compliance system
  • Easy to work with
  • Expensive
  • Fairly lengthy installation process
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peoplenet eld costThe Peoplenet ELD is available at a price tag of $1200/vehicle, along with monthly pricing of $43. Peoplenet ELD cost is among the highest in the market when compared to the competitors. 

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How to install the Peoplenet ELD?

The Peoplenet ELD installation process can be a bit tedious and lengthy. It is highly likely that you might have trouble figuring out the installation process for the device. That is why it is critical to opt for help from a licensed technician to get started with the installation process. 

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Who can use the Peoplenet ELD?

The Peoplenet ELD has been designed to be used by fleet owners in need of highly compliant solutions packed in with the latest features. Although the solution is on the pricier side, it can be used to adhere to all the mandatory regulations by the FMCSA in a seamless manner. 

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How to order the Peoplenet ELD?

To order the Peoplenet ELD solution, you need to be a part of any company dedicated to fleet services. You can order the Peoplenet ELD solution/fleet manager by following this link: After you have logged in with your company ID and password, you can follow through the instructions to make your purchase. 

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Customer Support

With the Peoplenet ELD solution, you get access to top-notch customer service for any issue or query. To get support for your ELD solution, you can visit this link. To get the customer support services, you need to create an account or log-in with your existing one.  So, if you have trouble with issues such as how to use Peoplenet, you can always seek customer support. 

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Other things to know about the Peoplenet ELD

Some additional information you need to know about the Peoplenet ELD are:

  • Advanced communication network
  • Amazing support to customers
  • A familiar premise for drivers
  • Super-advanced features for seamless ELD-FMCSA compliance
  • Comprehensive and Reliable ELD solution
  • Easy customization to fit your business
  • Backed by 15+ years of industry experience
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1-What is the price of the Peoplenet ELD?

Answer: The major drawback of using the Peoplenet ELD is its pricing, which is very hefty. The Peoplenet ELD device comes at the highest price tag in the market, along with installation & hardware. The initial pricing for the device is $1200 for each vehicle. It is followed by the monthly price tag of $43 for the services. 

2-Is the Peoplenet device ELD compliant?

Answer: The Peoplenet ELD is registered under the FMCSA, which means it is completely compliant with the ELD mandates in place after the deadline issued in December 2019. It helps the fleets maximize in terms of investment return, safety, as well as efficiency. 

3-Does the Peoplenet ELD house a camera?

Answer: The Peoplenet ELD devices that use an onboard computer get the chance to benefit from the VIS or Video Intelligence Solution. It is a camera that faces forward and helps the wireless transmission of the videos to fleet managers via a secure online communication connection. 

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While this device is no doubt pricey, it surely makes up for the same with amazing and highly-advanced features. Plus, you are always backed up by the support provided by the ELD team. From engine monitoring to navigation, this ELD device is surely the best solution for the fleet managers for effective tracking & management of the fleet services. 

Over time, this ELD solution will help you save money while keeping the drivers on their designated route & receiving the real-time fleet diagnostics. So, if you want your fleet to invest in an accurate prediction of drop-off and pick-up times with improved customer support, this is the ELD solution to go for.

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