ELD Chrome by Pedigree Oneview 2020 Review

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 pedigree technologies reviewsAccording to laws, you will have to install ELD in your commercial vehicles, including buses and trucks. As a driver, it would be your duty to install the ELD approved by FMCSA and should have HOS or an hour of service record. The same solution comes up in the form of Pedigree OneView being made by Pedigree technologies.

Though there is no lack of devices that give electronic logging, however, ELD Chrome brings more benefits. As this is what we concluded from Pedigree Technologies reviews. The device has such features that make it stand in the market among other products. The information will give you more insight into this product.

Key Specification

Manufacturer Features Display device  Trans Transmits Pricing
Pedigree Technologies Electronic driver log



Driver vehicle inspection

Fuel purchase

Document capture

Two-way messaging

Cab mate open, BYOD

OS: Android & iOS

Email/Web $499 /upfront

$25/ monthly

$ 1399/ 3 years

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What Is Pedigree Technologies? 

The company specializes in software development. It develops high-end apps for various companies and mobile workers. The main office of this company is in Fargo North Dakota. It is an old company so you can trust it as it commits what it claims.

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How to Understand Pedigree ELD?

who owns pedigreeIf you want a device with multiple qualities, go for Pedigree Chrome that works through Pedigree OneView. Not only does it comply with ELD, but the device also provides individual customer service as well as the e-log tools for the driver. If you have to manage a large fleet of buses or trucks, you can keep a check on the drivers and can monitor your assets.

Who owns Pedigree would know that it is a scalable and expandable gadget that will consistently monitor your precious vehicles. Other than asset tracking or fleet management, this device also provides dispatching, equipment management, scorecards of drivers, breadcrumb navigation, work orders, as well as it can help in managing maintenance.

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Main Features Of Pedigree ELD

 pedigree technologies reviewsThis ELD device is better than several others because it has more features that can benefit you. Let’s have a look at them one by one.

Best Management Tools: You will get the best HOS management tools through Pedigree. You can keep the entire record and use it whenever you want.

It Brings High-End Management: The users can fully manage their equipment and workers from anywhere. They can track the performance of their drivers and vehicles as well. This kind of management can help them in making the right decisions.

Effective Dashboard: Change anything from the dashboard as it is customizable. The company wants to give you real-time benefits so make full use of them. Check all the statistics from the dashboard and take fast action.  You will also get a perfect DVIR, driver vehicle inspection report, and can respond accordingly.

Fuel Purchase Tracking: The drivers of large fleets often lie about fuel purchase and hack money pretending that they spent on fuel. But, the owners can now fully track all fuel purchases and no one can cheat them.  Moreover, it also helps owners to maintain their vehicles with a timely provision of fuel.

Automated Alarms and IFTA: The pedigree technologies reviews show that the ELD can alert you with an automated alarm. Moreover, it will also keep the record of fuel tax, hence you can manage the account of your company. Even you can get the IFTA reporting as the entire data is recorded electronically so it reduces the hassle of paperwork. This feature reduces the time that you can use somewhere else.

Dual Messaging and Document Tracking: The device offers a two-way messaging feature that eases up the management of the fleet. Moreover, it has also a feature that can capture the image of the required documents.

Easy to Use: Pedigree OneView provides high-end accuracy and the chances of error are a few. It also maintains all processes that involve papers because of its perfect logging. All the drivers can easily change the logs; however, they have to get the training for this purpose. Though it seems hard, with time, you will master the log on the app.

You can also import the log information from the standard log files of other systems. This feature is ideal for fleets having different log methods.

Easy Installation: You need only 10 minutes to install the ELD Chrome which is unlike several other telematics devices. 

It Offers Expendability: ELD Chrome can go beyond its main function. Like you will get additional applications. Like, you can have dispatching, equipment management, scorecards of drivers, breadcrumb navigation, work orders. Besides, it can also help in managing maintenance.

Provides Full Visibility: Since ELD keeps the record of the entire data, so you can see it from anywhere. Whatever data you require, you can easily access it, like the state mileage, fuel receipts, vehicle inspection reports, as well as the driving hours. 

This feature helps users in developing their company. Just a screen can update you about your valuable vehicles and staff. Fast management in a little time can help your fleet grow faster. You can own more vehicles by focusing on your business. It makes a huge difference for fleet owners. 

A Portable Device: You don’t need to fix this device to one vehicle. You can move it from one cab or bus to another. This is how you can save time by keeping the record without wasting your time. Track your staff at any time and find what is going behind you. 

  • Multiple features
  • Easy to use and expandable
  • Best HOS tools
  • Excellent customer service
  • Fast and uninterrupted connection
  • Reliable mandate compliance
  • Provides on-spot training
  • Expensive than other ELD devices
  • The app involves deep learning so it is time-consuming
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People love the Pedigree OneView because it gives them the flexibility of logging electronically and getting timely reports of recorded data. The drivers can also keep the record of their driving hours. The user can expand the features to make this ELD device more valuable.

Though Pedigree ELD is expensive, it brings unique features that other such devices lack. You can go for a cheaper option if you just need a less effective E-log system. Those who need high-end fleet management with perfect logs should prefer this device. 

It provides impeccable solutions to all your problems related to fleet management. You don’t just deserve the basic compliance, instead, you need deep mandate compliance and different features.

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