Omnitracs XRS Review 2019 | Key Features, Price and Installation

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Omnitracs is a globally recognized manufacturer of ELD devices. It was established in 1988 by the telecommunication company Qualcomm. From 1988 to date, the company is providing fleet management solutions and ELD devices to over 12000 customers. The Omnitracs XRS has been designed with a modern design and user-friendly interface.

This ELD device can support all commercial vehicles, regardless of size and model. The tools built in the device ensure the smooth running of the vehicles, while making the process of using ELD device hassle-free for everyone. The customer can build an interface on the device according to their needs so the device displays only what they are interested in tracking.

The software of Omnitracs XRS can be customized; allowing the user to build their interface quite easily. The device is so easy to install and set up that it can be done by the user without any assistance. The device just needs to be plugged into the truck, and once the dashboard has been set up the device is ready to be used. It is also a good idea to place your phone or tablet somewhere in the truck to keep an eye on your location, hours of service remaining, etc.

Key Specifications

Manufacturer Features Device Type Supported languages Pricing
  • Check on hours of service
  • Efficient in data collection
  • Outbound and inbound messages
  • Intelligent voice interface
ELD with phone/ tablet compatibility English Up-front cost = 0

Monthly cost = $24 – $35/month

Omnitracs IVG

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Main features of the device

The Omnitracs XRS has given a different solution to fleet managers who are willing to get a telematics solution. This is due to its vast number of features that make it more efficient and manageable than other ELD devices.

Hours of service

Omnitracs XRSWith Omnitracx XRS, the fleet managers would be able to keep a check on the driver’s hours of service, which is determined from the last change of status done by the driver in the vehicle. The hours of service rules are compliant with FMCSA. In case of any violation on behalf of the driver, while using the vehicle, the device alerts the driver and fleet manager automatically.

It also includes the HOS exceptions like a big day declaration of 16 hours. The data concerning hours of service can be converted in PDFs or other formats that can later be printed if needed. For large fleet managers, the data is put together in a quick summary to check for any violations. The log of the driver can easily be edited and be signed off from the driver.


The Fleet View in Omnitracs XRS gives a constant update of the status of vehicles and their drivers, which includes their location, hours on the road, etc. For the data of a specific vehicle and driver, the device filters down the data immediately for the user. The activity of each driver can be viewed together on a single screen, and the fleet manager can easily search for a truck through a truck ID. 

The maps available on the website are real-time, so the roads can be viewed with real-time traffic. The location of the commercial vehicle is updated every 5 minutes, so if needed, the vehicle can easily be tracked down near a customer site. The filters are also comprised of different groups, and moreover, quick filters like a violation, stopped, or moving are enabled.


The fleet managers need standardized methods to convey their messages to a large number of drivers, managers, dispatchers, and manufacturers. In such cases, communicating through email or text messages can be risky as it poses a threat of losing important information if messages are not delivered. Since communication is a crucial part of nosiness, therefore, it also important to have a reliable mode of communicating. 

The Omnitracs XRS is featured without bound and inbound messages between the driver and dispatcher. The barcode and signature can easily be captured via the phone. Moreover, the documents can easily be scanned using the phone’s camera. This ELD device also categorizes forms accordingly so the driver and fleet manager can easily find the relevant form they are looking for.

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Advantages of the Omnitracs XRS

Omnitracs XRSAccording to the customers Omnitracs reviews, this ELD device offers a range of advantages to its users that give it an edge over other ELD devices. Not only it ensures the safety of roads, but it also makes fleet management much safer as it makes it gain higher efficiency. The customer support is active 24/7, so the user can easily reach out for help if they encounter any technical issue while using the device.

The paperwork of recording and managing data of commercial vehicles is now considered outdated so Omnitracs XRS ensures that the process of paperwork is eliminated from businesses. It allows users to manually record the data in the device, which can later be seen in the phone or tablet. The IT investment in this device is significantly low as it uses the existing hooks of integration.

The drivers can maintain a good score in CSA and hence improve the quality of their driving with more safety on the way. The Omnitracs reviews mention how this device helps the commercial vehicle drivers in avoiding penalties and fines as they drive under the regulation set by FMCSA.

  • The Omnitracs XRS has an intelligent voice interface that easily receives and communicates instructions made verbally. The driver is notified whenever he receives a message on the device from the fleet manager or dispatcher.
  • It has a large screen with a touch display of 600×1024. The device makes connectivity easier for the driver by having Wi-Fi and Bluetooth.
  • Since the device is compatible with phones and tablets, the user can easily keep a check on their data and monitor their statistics on the go. The device has easy installation; hence, it can install and removed easily when needed.
  • The Omnitracs XRS communicates all the data and information through one single tablet, which means that disabling it is not a big deal, which is quite a disadvantage for fleet managers.
  • With a single device, several vendors are involved. This includes the fleet managers and also the cell provider.
  • The device can be costly for some users, especially the users who have been recently introduced to ELD devices. According to Omnitracs reviews, the customers have complained that the device often slows down.
  • The process of entering data on the device is vulnerable to mistakes as the driver process is a bit rigid.
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Who can use the Omnitracs XRS?

Omnitracs XRSThe Omnitracs is an ideal fleet management solution for drivers and fleet managers who are seeking affordable and budget-friendly ELD devices. Not only is the Omnitracs XRS well equipped with the latest functions, but it also offers three different pricing plans so the user can subscribe to the one that suits their needs.

There is no limitation to the size of business that can use the Omnitracs XRS due to its vast range of features and different hosting plans, and all businesses can take advantage of it let it be small, medium, or large business.

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Omnitracs ELD pricing

The Omnitracs XRS has categorized its pricing plans into four categories so the drivers can get the plan that suits their needs. The Omnitracs ELD pricing varies according to each plan containing the different features in the device.

  1. The EOBR plan starts at $24 per month and offers communication through text messages along with dashboard, services via the web, electronic logs of hours of service, and GPS tracking of the commercial vehicle.
  2. The Compliance plan starts at $27 per month and comes with the features of GPS tracking, DVIR, smart forms for the driver and fleet managers to easily fill in the data. Also, it is enabled with electronic logs and dashboards.
  3. The Performance plan also $27 per month, and the only difference between the compliance and performance plan is that the performance plan offers web services. Hence, it depends on the requirements of the fleet managers to choose between either of the two.
  4. The Premium plan starts at $35 per month and has all the features available in the above-mentioned plans. However, this plan is for the fleet managers who want to use all the features that are built in the Omnitracs XRS. With the features of the previous three plans, it also contains additional features like trip management, where the fleet manager can assign routes to the driver and monitor it. The distance reports in the premium plan help in automating the process of IFTA.
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How to order

The Omnitracs XRS is not available to buy online on the company’s official website. It can be bought from a verified and authentic ELD store that provides a warranty of the product along with the other components of the device like user guide etc.

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Installing the Omnitracs XRS

Omnitracs XRSBy following a series of simple steps, the Omnitracs XRS can easily be installed and be running in no time. According to Omnitracs ELD reviews, the installation is quite simple, which is unlike the other ELD devices available in the market.

  1. The Intelligent Vehicle Gateway (IVG) should be activated online one day before the device is installed into the vehicle.
  2. Install the power cable and check the status of IVG on display.
  3. The connector should be checked for any bent pins or debris present. To do so, remove the connection while the ignition of the truck is turned off.
  4. Then, the connector of the diagnostic should be connected with a mating connector. To check that the ends are connected in place, verify that the outer ring clicks right in place.
  5. Put the power cable, which is not in use in the dash panel, which has the diagnostic connector.
  6. Now, place the power cable where the IVG display is located.
  7. Unscrew the back of the IVG display and then connect the cables with it and ensure that the cable is well in place.
  8. Secure any excess cable by tying them up.
  9. Finally, run the verification of the system, and you are good to go with the device.
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Customer Support 

The customer support at the Omnitracs website is available 24/7 through live chat, email, and telephone. The users can easily put forward their queries to the live chat agents, and their issue will be resolved by the respective agents immediately.

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Frequently asked questions

The following are some of the most asked questions asked by users when they are considering buying an Omnitracs XRS ELD device.

Can the drivers use their phones for using the device?

If the drivers already have a phone that is compatible with the device, then they can use the XRS on their phones easily. However, some companies prefer to buy mobile phones in bulk amount for all the driver, so it depends on the fleet manager.

How much mobile data is used by the XRS app?

The consumption of data by the app varies for each different plan chosen by the fleet manager. The type of usage, like messaging that includes imagines, determines the usage of data on the application. If generalized, the consumption of mobile data can range between 20 MBS to 30 MBS.

Does the XRS application drain the phone’s battery quickly?

The Omnitracs XRS is a constantly used app as it regularly sends the data to the cloud of XRS. Although new mobile phones have a long battery life, the driver should keep the phone connected with a power source.

Where should the device be placed in the vehicle?

According to the regulation implied by the ELD mandate, the driver is supposed to place the device in a fixed position where the driver can view it in his normal position in the vehicle.

What if a driver leaves the company? 

The access of the driver to the XRS app can be simply terminated by the fleet manager regardless of whether the driver has the app installed on their phone. This can be done by switching the status of the driver to inactive in the XRS web services.

Most of my drivers are not well aware of the technology. Can they use the app easily?

The Omnitracs XRS has been designed with a user-friendly interface that is easy to comprehend. The functions are similar to the widely used application these days. Before using the app, the driver can take lessons online at Omnitracs University, where they can learn everything from scratch.

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The Omnitracs XRS is a wise choice for fleet managers who want to control their large fleet of commercial vehicles in one place. The pricing plans are flexible and made to fit the needs of all fleets, whether big or small. The mobile application has been designed with simplicity so the driver can get used to the functions easily. It is a type of bring your device (BYOD) hardware and is ideal for fleets who are seeking a low-cost solution for ELD devices.

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