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Omnitracs Intelligent Vehicle Gateway (IVG) is the world’s leading way of tracking your vehicle with best-in-class applications. It is an efficient way of managing the drivers working hours and the activities he performs during the driving. It is a next-generation telematics solution. It is helping the fleets in several ways, including the effectiveness and efficiency concerning time and money.

There are many challenges for the drivers to face, including the maintenance of the massive amounts of daily based paperwork that is required for reporting. It includes the distances which are being covered as well as the period spent during the journey. The fleets always had issues with the paperwork management and were always seeking for a more measurable change for management and documentation.

Omnitracs IVG helps the fleets enhance their productivity that includes staying compliant, increasing efficiency, reducing costs, improving customer service, and reducing fines. Omnitracs reviews are positive, and this is why a vast majority of the fleet market is prioritizing the installation of Omnitracs.

Key Specification

Manufacturer Features Device Type Supported languages Pricing
  • Integrate with dispatch systems
  • Records and track all the driver’s activities
Dedicated English Starting at $22.95* a month

The upfront cost $799

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Brand Overview

Omnitracs IVGThe transportation and logistics companies all over the world were facing the problem of handling and documenting fleet management.  This included the inability to track or handle the fleets, managing the drivers and their paths, and having less knowledge of the driver and the vehicle.

Omnitracs is the best-known player in the ELD industry that is helping the drivers overcome the issues that come with maintaining the manual records, which are full of errors and ambiguities. It is essential to know that IVG provides safe and reality-based experience. It is highly preferred by customers around the world. 

Omnitracs is expressed as the future of its telematics product line. Its features and functions are incomparable to other systems and manual practices. It is essential to understand that without IVG, the fleets would not be able to survive at all. 

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Functions and Features

There are some essential features added to the Omnitracs IVG, which helps in the enhancement of the quality of work. 

Vehicle Inspection Report

The system has made it easier for the driver to produce a complete, accurate vehicle and trailer inspection reports. The managers and drivers can easily access the statements of any timeframe as per their demand. They also get alerts on auto about any DVIRs with unresolved defects. Sometimes, it is difficult for the driver to carry out the manual paper-based inputs about his travel and vehicle reporting. This system is considered as a life-saver for both the drivers as well as the management.


Omnitracs IVGThe Omnitracs is always considered to be current and responsive. The interface and system, by default, keep the software updated and maintains the customized maps. In addition to these necessities, the system also provides a driver-friendly user interface with visual as well as spoken turn-by-turn directions. Also, recently there is a crucial addition due to which the driver’s performance could also be evaluated and adds the real-time speed alerts. They contain information about the driver’s ways of driving the vehicle.

Driver Workflow

The application or interface is entirely aligned to the transportation business in which the accepted load assignments are also an important feature. The driver can understand his past working and future assignments by reviewing the view trip information. The tasks are completed as well, with near real-time communication maintained directly with the office.

Media Manager

There are several uncertainties for even experienced drivers on the road. An online interface designed can also be used cost-effectively to deliver detailed information to remote drivers. In this way, all the members of the fleet would stay connected for the latest paths, as well as would also ensure files and documentation is up to date.

Trailer tracks

Omnitracs IVGThe application or interface is significant for the heavy-duty vehicles as real-time data on tractor/trailer location and status in the U.S., Canada, and Mexico. The sensors can detect the cargo by weighing as well as would also keep notes about when the doors would get open and close back. With this advantage, the fleets can plan more efficiently, increase productivity, as well as improve security.

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Pros and Cons

There are many pros and cons of the IVG due to which it is preferred by most fleet owners.  Some of the major pros of the system are mentioned below:

  • Easy installation: It is a combination of an interface situated at the arms-length and a single cable connection. 
  • Easy to use: By using a few voice commands as well as smartphone pairing, drivers can get the job done.  
  • Lowering the cost: The cost of the Omnitracs IVG installation and maintenance is minimal, less than that of the Omnitracs MCP.
  • Highly responsive customer service: The customer service handles any issue within less than 18 hours.
  • Time Efficient: With the help of IVG, all the work is automated.
  • High Upfront cost: The older MCP50 was not as expensive as compared to the upfront Omnitracs IVG price. The use of the Omnitracs IVG increases the upfront cost only up to several times due to which it is not preferred by small fleets as well as individual drivers working privately for the organizations.
  • Addition to dashboard: The trucks already have a sophisticated dashboard, and there is very little space of adding a new component to it. If not installed cleverly or properly, it would neither benefit the driver nor the fleet. The company would also suffer from losses that include the loss of time as well as the loss of money.
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Pricing and Plans

Omnitracs IVGThe company provides a sustainable solution for moderate prices that are comparatively very less expensive than that of the market. It is important to know that the Omnitracs IVG price is efficient and highly reliable. Almost all the plans contain the installation and maintenance cost to be the least or no cost at all. The best plan recommended by the experts is a 3-year total cost of $1879. It is widely preferred by our distinguished clients around the globe.

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How to install the device

The installation of the Omnitracs IVG is very easy and convenient. A driver who can change tires on long routes can even install the system without any difficulty. There is no complexity in the installation process at all. The major considerations include the location of the device where it should be installed and the single cable connection to the vehicle. Everything is very easy and simple to conclude that it is the work of a couple of minutes. There are a few crucial pieces of advice that should be followed for an errorless installation and gaining maximum output from it.

Initially, there is a need to identify the location where the device interface shall be installed. It should not be so far from the driver either so close. An arm’s length distance would be the best possible solution. Since the system operates both by touch as well as voice command, that’s why its installation location must be preferred to be perfect. The device should not be blocking any mirror or view of the road as well as it should be placed precisely near the sight of the road and back mirrors. 

Although the device would be configured automatically with the vehicle still, there is a need to set the routes, schedules, and other tiny details. Most of the issues were based on the manual inputs in the sheets, which would be eliminated from the activities of the driver. Now the IVG system presented by Omnitracs will note the entire vehicle movement and the ways the driver manages. This will help in the enhancement of the loyal among the driver and its organization.

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Customer Support

The customer support is outstanding in helping anyone finding difficulty in using the Omnitracs IVG. They help to try, prefer, or understand any information and system-related issues. The majority of the problems are based on the lack of knowledge about the interface. The company is receiving great reviews regarding the support team. The customer or the driver can contact the support agents anytime via e-mail, phone call, or through a built-in chat part of the back-office software system.

It is an important aspect to know that customer service plays a significant role in the success of the brand. Currently, customer support is available during the 8 to 5 PM period, while in the future, flexible time schedules would also be considered. The majority of the customers were observed to have a positive experience with the support agents.

In the error or malfunctioning situation, it is required by the driver to mention that incident, location, and time on the paper. Inform the head office of the issues and wait for their response. Continue inputting the details on the paper unless the online system gets resolved. These kinds of situations are the response of increasing mistrust between the driver and the fleet as well as the controlling headquarters. The manual inputs on the paper would be an essential way of handling these issues more effectively.  Mostly the Omnitracs IVG provides a positive and supportive response within less than 18 hours.  

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How can I order the Omnitracs IVG system for my entire fleet?

You can apply online and get the price quotation as well as you can get shipment and installation within 15 days.

Is there any trial for the product?

You can use the product but if you find it difficult to be managed, our customer service will guide you and help you with returns and replacements.

Is there any discount?

Seasonal discounts are announced twice a year and you can get them by subscribing to our pages and website.

Is the system reliable for a heavy vehicle operating far from the city?

The system is applicable and reliable for any fleet or vehicle which is away from the city.

Can boats and yachts have Omnitracs IVG?

This is a specific information request, we would request you to get a detailed conversation with our agents.

Who can use this device?

Any company that has more than 10 fleet vehicles providing services outside the area of 100 miles is preferred to use the Omnitracs IVG. 

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In a nutshell, the Omnitracs IVG is an essential system in the business of transportation and logistics. The companies around the globe are converting from the manual to the automated system. The system is installed in the trucks or vehicles that have tours frequently outside the circle of 100 meters. The system is straightforward to be mounted in which one wire is joined with the vehicle, and the interface is being connected on an arm’s-length distance on the dashboard. It is recommended to try this system because it is cost-efficient and highly reliable. 

Moreover, it will help in the reduction of the paperwork along with the enhancement of the maps management and tour guide for the driver while making it easy to explain the details of the trip to the manager. The customer service of Omnitracs IVG is also very important and plays an important role in the stability of the product during its performance.

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