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my20 eld reviewsIt is hard to manage a large fleet of vehicles without proper tools. My20 ELD is something that would help the fleet owners and managers to control the entire place. Like, it can track the vehicles, distance, and has features like IFTA data collection and dispatching. Moreover, the device is approved by FMCSA, so it is the most reliable one.

The driving time will be automatically recorded as the device connects to the engine of the vehicle. It fulfills all the rules and regulations of HOS, as well as it can locate the driver from anywhere through GPS. Don’t forget to avail of the benefit of route mapping and load matching. You will also appreciate its features after reading the My20 ELD reviews.

Key Specification

Manufacturer  Features Display devices Transmits Pricing
Konexial DVIR n DLM

Two-way messaging


engine n fuel info

Android and iOS Email & Web upfront,$130

monthly $25

$1030, 3 years

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The Technology Of My20 ELD

my20 eld reviewsThe technology of ELD includes the telematics software and hardware that collectively stores all the activities on a driver. You have to install it step by step, like first of all, download the My20 ELD app, and then install My20 hardware and the ECM. After that, you are ready to link it to your mobile device via Bluetooth.

After this process, you can track the rewards, hours of service logs, and much more.  We know there is no lack of ELD devices, but only a few are effective. You need something that is not only simple in its operation but must have powerful features that help you in earning more than before. 

This is what you get from My20 ELD

  • DVIR
  • DLM
  • Engine and fuel info
  • GPS and two way messaging
  • Time tracking
  • Navigation and log monitoring

Let’s explore them one by one

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Time Saver-Forget the Paperwork

The main purpose of ELD is to provide solutions, instead of becoming another headache for companies and drivers. The most important thing is that you can save time through automatic logging. So, there is no paperwork, like the device records the entire process of vehicles when they stop.

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The Rewards

There is a feature of fuel rewards through which those who earn the points would get the benefits. This feature works through GoLoad shipments, as well as the GoFuel purchases. Moreover, the 5-star reviews will also get you the points.

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Too Simple

my20 eld no monthly feeThe device is too simple as all the drivers can operate it. You will have to install the My20 ELD app and rest will be automatic. Hence, no big effort required by the driver. It helps drivers to focus on their driving, instead of using their smartphones.

The driver can also make changes in the logbook in case of an error. However, the driver must have some reasons behind editing.

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Load Matching

This is another feature that you will find in almost all My20 ELD reviews. The 

GoLoad helps drivers to cover the gap with more driving hours and by minimizing the missed miles. This way, drivers can make extra money.


The device is a sure way for the users to save some money in several ways. One such a way is through My20 ELD no monthly fee that is effective. 

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Get Effective Navigation

With ELD, you can have perfect navigation through google maps. The other way of rout mapping is through Waze, and PC Miler. You will get an effective routing map than ever.

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Supporting Documents

The user also gets the ELD supporting documents through the app. These documents are available through the Help menu and you can download them whenever you want. Moreover, the customer can contact online support 24/7.

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How to Install My20 ELD

my20 eld reviewsInitially, the drivers get some confusion but soon after installation, they start to know the device. But, the first thing is to install the device. With this product, you will get the adapter according to your port that may vary. You will also get a connector like 9-pin ECM. All these components ensure a correct installation in your vehicle, be it a truck or a cab.

After downloading the My20 app, place the ELD in the diagnostic port and that is easy to understand through instructions. The device is very small, so anyone can easily install it. The size like 1.5 x 1.7 x 1 inch would not even be noticed by others.

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Suitable For

This ELD device is suitable for drivers and dispatchers because it stores data that helps them in their jobs. These days, almost all types of trucks want to use the latest devices that can log better than the old devices.  My20 is ideal for large fleets of vehicles. Not only the carriers or drivers love it but the fleet owners can now manage their fleet without any hassle.

The user can operate it from an android or Apple device, however, the device must be compatible with the My20 ELD app. But, the experts prefer to connect it with more advanced smart gadgets like Samsung Galaxy 6 or even the iPhone 6. It is also easy to check the status on the home screen. However, don’t forget to turn on the Bluetooth and GPS on your mobile device.

  • User-friendly device and app
  • Unlimited features
  • Fast operation
  • Simple installation process
  • Affordable device
  • 24/7 customer support
  • Sometimes the connection gets issues
  • App status changes without an alert
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My20 ELD is a great device and tool for fleet managers, as well as for drivers. It is not only the benefit of an FMCSA compliant device that you get but there are so many other useful features. Like, you get the DVIR, log monitoring, GPS tracking, knowledge of engines, and also the two-way texting.

The drivers can control the HOS by taking a full benefit of the Dynamic Load Matching feature. Besides, it’s easy for the shippers to find the capacity by setting the exact price.

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