JJ Keller ELD Best Review – Benefits, Features, and Cost in 2019

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When it comes to the management of a commercial fleet system effectively, things can get challenging. Apart from making sure that you completely comply with the DOT and FMCSA requirements, the popular JJ Keller ELD also helps make the management tasks a bit easier.

JJ Keller ELDThis ELD solution has been packed with a selection of tools that help with features such as hiring recording, river qualification, Alcohol & Drug Program Management, as well as CMV legalization. Further, this device can also help with aspects such as maintenance tracking and vehicle inspection. The JJ Keller Encompass ELD also caters to the best of its compliance capabilities. You will also love the stable and sturdy DOT compliance features such as IRP/IFTA reporting.

Currently, this fleet system is very popular among fleet users with the driver count going as high as 350,000 with over 11000 fleets which indicates that the JJ Keller ELD is preferred over other ELD brands that hold top ranks in the fleet industry. 

In this in-depth guide, we are going to tell more about the JJ Keller ELD device and its features, pros, cons, and much more crucial.

Key Specifications

Manufacturer Features Display Device Transmits Pricing
J.J. Keller
  • Navigation
  • IFTA
  • DVIR
Type: BYOD (Bring Your Device)

OS: Android and iOS

Email / Web Services Up-Front Cost: $199

Monthly Cost: $40.50

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JJ Keller ELD: Brand Overview

JJ Keller ELDBefore you purchase a product from any manufacturer or vendor, it is advised that you should always know about the people who create the product. Fleets that are in search of ELD systems with strong market repute can purchase the JJ Keller ELD.

The manufacturer JJ Keller & Associates was founded back in the year 1953. With its main office in Neenah of Wisconsin City, the company has built a reputation with regards to publishing & business services. The firm is known for its various services such as workplace safety, construction safety,  OSHA compliance, human resources, as well as hazardous materials. Transportation services & fleet management are considered the prime breadwinners for the company in particular. J.J. Keller is respected for its mastery in the trucking compliance sector.

After obtaining an ample reputation with regards to paper logs in more than six decades, J.J.Keller has now become a top-ranking brand name that serves the crucial regulatory compliance requisites. The company is continuously updating and reinventing itself to create their ELD product designed to comply with FMCSA regulations. In the year 2010, the company introduced its signature E-Log System to serve as a logging application that is affordable and aimed to help the fleet owners. This fleet management system is very popular among the users, and one can easily confirm the same from JJ Keller ELD reviews posted over official download stores. 

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Features of JJ Keller ELD

JJ Keller ELDComplying with the FMCSA and DOT mandate requirements need dedication and effort. Nevertheless, JJ Keller ELD’s automation feature is designed to make the fleet and compliance management tasks way more comfortable.

Just like the top ELD devices present in the fleet industry, this Encompass offers a line of tools that can be useful for fleet managers and drivers. For example, this ELD device offers the driver and hiring recordkeeping, HOS Compliance, along with Drug & Alcohol Program Management Capabilities. Apart from this, multiple other capabilities can be admired about this ELD solution by JJ Keller.

Vehicle Inspection

The DOT compliance recently reviewed the requirements for the completion of the written DVIRs (Daily Vehicle Inspection Reports). However, the fleet operators are still required to conduct their daily vehicle inspections. Now that being the prime case, most of the fleets still need their drivers to organize several reviews for their vehicles on any regular workday.

The eDVIR methodologies are easy to accomplish and helps a lot when it comes to minimizing the downtime, prolonging the vehicle life, as well as reducing any safety risks. Not just that, completing the detailed DVIRs or eDVIR will serve as the compliance proof with the FMCSRs if the vehicle is ever associated with an accident.

Fuel Tax Reporting

The IRP or International Registration Plan along with the IFTA or International Fuel Tax Agreement is the critical compliance aspect in proper fleet management. These entries are important for the tax & registration purpose of the motor carrier. A large number of vehicles and fleet systems today spend a large segment of time while complying with the necessary information. This is also true for filing the quarterly and monthly reports along with accurate vehicle registration and enrolment.

However, this process doesn’t need to be as complicated & time-consuming. To keep things more manageable for fleet management, JJ Keller’s ELD device has been designed to ensure process automation. As a fleet owner, you might be aware that late submissions and IFTA errors might predispose you to audit risks with the fleet system.

With the JJ Keller ELD device, you get secure reporting options such as IRP Reporting and Automated IFTA Reporting.

HOS Compliance

Most fleet owners use the ELD devices to be compliant with the HOS or Hours of Service. Although most of these devices have been designed to adhere to the requirements of the mandate, not every ELD device will suit your needs. Just as the popular ELD devices in the market, the JJ Keller ELD has been designed to be compliant with the new rules of the trucking road from FMCSA.

About these requirements, the device has been designed to log the driver’s duty hours and status electronically and automatically. Moreover, the device can also accurately display all the available hours in the fleet for CMV drivers. This allows the fleet managers to leverage all the available time for fleet driving.

Apart from this, the JJ Keller Encompass ELD allows the fleet managers to track the HOS of the driver for various log types such as electronic logs, paper logs, exempt logs, and time cards as well. Regardless of your log type, this device always ensures that you are completely compliant with the DOT regulations.

Other compliance capabilities offered by JJ Keller ELD include Driver Log Auditing and HOS Auditing.

  • JJ Keller & Associates is considered as one of the industry leaders.
  • It doesn’t involve any type of contract. Because you are paying as per usage.
  • Complete compliance with the requirements of DOT.
  • The JJ Keller Elog serves as the component for Encompass’ back-office methodology.
  • Users can easily automate the in-cab performance, DVIRs, as well as electronic logging with JJ Keller EOBRs.
  • It caters to the seamless integration of the Desktop Software Integration.
  • Limited telematics features
  • Fleet-based web software for dated management
  • The complicated and confusing pricing system
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Reasons to Choose JJ Keller ELD

There are multiple reasons for fleet owners to pick J.J.Keller ELD. Here we have explained the crucial benefits of the system.

  • JJ Keller ELDThis ELD log system adapts very easily with any variant of the fleet system. Not just that, solution implementation with the device is reasonably simple regardless of the make-up or size of the fleet system. This makes the device perfectly suitable for any kind of fleet.
  • It is an affordable, flexible, as well as a simple option to be operated in sync with the eLogs.
  • With the use of the ELD device, the fleet owners can maximize the individual strengths of each truck & address the associated risks promptly and ensure that it doesn’t become your liability. Hence, this new truck-monitoring technology enhances safety and allows the entrepreneurs to keep an eye on the drives.
  • The JJ Keller ELD will help improve the regulatory compliance for your fleet system along with profitability and performance management.
  • Given the fact that this particular system uses ELDs as well as paper logs, users will benefit from gradual implementation.
  • This particular device works well with most vehicles allowing proper control over mixed fleets owned by any fleet manager.
  •  JJ Keller ELD also provides a mixed view of performance and compliance.
  • With JJ Keller, you get simplified compliance that is in sync with the HOS or Hours of Service requirements.
  • Further, the device is completely capable of adhering to the compliances with ELD or Electronic Onboard Recorders.
  • Coming from a company that has been operating for 60+ years, you can surely be assured that the quality will never bring you down.
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Who can use the JJ Keller ELD?

The JJ Keller ELD is best used by the fleet owners, drivers, and managers that strive to attain improvement for their fleet collection in terms of HOS or ELD compliance. Apart from that, the facility of eLog with the Encompass comes as an especially appealing option for fleets that want to extend beyond the logs feature.

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JJ Keller ELD Pricing

With a lot of options available with the JJ Keller, you might find it a bit confusing as to the one that fits your fleet requirements perfectly. Investing in a reliable ELD device can be a bit confusing, so here are the subscription plans offered by the JJ Keller ELD.

In essence, the device comes with an upfront price tag of $199. This will get you the ELD black box that is plugged into this vehicle. However, for drivers using their very own devices, it will be free or less expensive for the users to get hardware for the 2-year long contract.

The price tag for the JJ Keller ELD tablet has been set at $349. However, you have to know that there is a training fee that needs to be paid along with a one-time implementation charge. However, this cost can vary as per the size of the fleet. If you have your very own display smart device, the monthly device charges for the ELD will be set at $25.50 for each vehicle. Apart from that, you have to pay $15 per month for your device data plan.

The ones using official J.J. Keller tablets will need to pay $59 for each vehicle every month. This is inclusive of the additional costs every month which is $33.50 that is needed for Verizon’s data plan.

Additional Costs for Drivers

Some fleets also need to consider add-on drivers’ costs when decoding the necessary requisites for JJ Keller ELD Cost. Now, let us take a look at these add-on costs and the situations in which they are applicable.

If the total count for vehicles within the fleet is considered to be smaller than all the drivers operating it, then the extra number of drivers will need to pay a monthly charge of $3.5. For individual trailers, the tracking for compliance information of the trailers & their DVIR records shall also cost a price of $3.5 per month. Apart from that, the ALK CoPilot GPS embedded for drivers’ navigation comes at a price tag of 10 dollars every month.

When we consider the entire fee structure of the JJ Keller Elog system, the smaller price tag incurred by the users is via the drivers that use their personal windows phones. If this is the case, you will have to pay the upfront fee of $199, which is for JJ Keller ELog Box along with the $25.5 charge per month. In total, the yearly expense for this device boils down to $1117 for three years.

On the other hand, the expensive option is when the drivers opt to use their co-pilot navigation system along with the JJ Keller tablets. If that is the case, you will have to pay upfront fees of $548 along with a $59 monthly charge. When you sum up all these amounts to a term of 3 years, the total comes down to $3032.

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How to order JJ Keller ELD?

The Encompass Elog Edition of the JJ Keller ELD is paired with the DVIR (Driver Vehicle Inspection Reporting) management system. Once you have placed the ELD order over the official website, you will receive a confirmation email that contains all your login details.

Within a few working days, your standard installation package shall arrive, and the eight webcasts shall be delivered. Each of these webcasts shall come with unlimited uses to accommodate the complete team working with the company. You can also explore all the features present in your Encompass system whenever you feel the time is convenient.

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How to install the JJ Keller ELD on your fleet system?

All that is required to initiate the functioning of the J.J. Keller ELD device is the EOBR & a smartphone. In essence, there are two variants of installations that you need to adhere to so that your fleet is in sync with the ELD mandates:

  •  EOBR Installation
  •  Software Installation

When you order your JJ Keller ELD, the EOBRs will be sent to the location of your choice along with appropriate cables. To add to that, you will also be provided with an installation guide. Using this guide, you can install the EOBR within 20-30 minutes of average time. However, you need to make sure that the six-pin or nine-pin connector is plugged-in before mounting the same on a vehicle cab.

Not just that, you also need to be assured that the cell phone/PDA is the windows device that comes with a Wi-Fi connectivity/data plan. Now, if the mobile devices with your drivers aren’t compatible with the JJ Keller ELogs, you should consider giving them an upgrade.

Talking about the software installation for the JJ Keller ELD Device, you will receive a hyperlink which is crucial to the JJ Keller Mobile Software installation. It can easily be installed over the driver’s PDA, phone, or laptop. Once the installation process is complete, each of the drivers will receive a unique username and password, which allows them access to the system. Both these passwords and usernames are configured over the web application of the J.J. Keller Elogs.

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Other Facts to Know About the JJ Keller ELD

Apart from the original features reported above, JJ Keller ELD has been designed to offer a wide range of solutions such as:

  • Error reports of any falsifications
  • Log Edits
  • Compliance Notification
  • Grade reports for driver violation
  • Information about company violation
  • Executive summary of any fleet violation
  • Summary Report for Violations
  • Reports of top breaches (Top 10)

Apart from the regular HOS-based logging tools, this system also features a company patented technology that helps the exempt and non-regulated CMV drivers to keep a record of the overall service hours. Regardless of the operation complexities, this solution always ensures that there is complete visibility for the compliance requisites.

Moreover, this device allows the drivers using 100/150-Air Mile Exceptions to know precisely when their hours are to approach completion threshold. The software also supports around 30 various rule sets which will enable the drivers a chance to audit their drive.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Does J.J.Keller ELD Provide Assistance During Roadside Inspections?

Answer: Yes, the fleet drivers can receive on-call assistance from the J.J.Keller Mobile Application by calling on the toll-free number provided. Any queries will promptly be answered by the customer service representatives if you are in doubt during your roadside inspections.

What all do you get along with the J.J.Keller ELD device?

Answer: When you order the J.J.Keller ELD device, you will get the following add-ons which include:

  • A sticker that says, “e-logs.”
  • Quick start manual intended to be used by the drivers
  • Guide for a roadside inspection
  • Guide for tech-support
  • Warranty card
  • Paper logbook (Back-up)

What are the HOS Rule Sets supported by J.J.Keller ELD?

Answer: The J.J.Keller ELD app supports various state & industry-based rule sets, which include US 60/70, Canadian Cycle 1&2, US & Texas Field, 100& 150 Air-Mile Exempt, US Construction, and many more.

What are the add-on features provided by J.J.Keller ELD?

Answer: The J.J.Keller ELD comes with add-on features such as hyrail, team driving, exempt logging, personal conveyance, multi-user login, border crossing, and so on.

What are the Android and iOS requirements that support J.J.Keller ELD app?

Answer: For Android devices, the requisite is Android 5.0 and higher. For users with iOS devices, the requisite is iOS 10.3 or higher. It is compatible with iPad, iPhone, as well as iPod Touch. 

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Final Words about JJ Keller ELD

Together with its Encompass System, the JJ Keller ELD E-Log is quite capable of introducing standardization for some of the critical functions such as driver qualification, HOS (Hours of Service), Licensing, Driver Performance Tracking, and so on.

The JJ Keller Elog serves as an ELD or Electronic Logging Device that is created in the form of a black box that can be plugged into the vehicle’s diagnostic port. Apart from the basic functionalities, it offers the users’ a scope for performance management along with a reliable variant of regulatory compliance. Moreover, it is known to log the HOS and DVIR data for compliance purposes.

The device has been designed mainly for the fleets that want to improve their ELD and HOS compliance with things that go way beyond the contemporary log system. However, before you choose the JJ Keller ELD, we would advise the users that they should evaluate its pricing & consider things that they need before standardizing the offers. Understand all the given options before settling with the best choice.

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