Gorilla Safety Prime 8 ELD Device: Ultimate Review in 2019

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Prime 8 brings the future of fleet management in the palm of your hands. You can control your fleet movements from the comfort of your phone by using the Prime ELD device offered by Gorilla Safety. It is more than an E-log or AOBRD. It is much easier to track your fleet’s physical movements and the paperwork for compliance. 

Besides, Gorilla Safety’s ELD has GPS tracker logs the driver’s working hours and meets the updated FMCSA rules in a finger snap. You won’t have to micromanage your drivers or sweat on the paper trails to manage the fleet. All these are done, thanks to Prime 8. Keep reading to know more about its features, benefits, and suitability to know how it fits you!


Manufacturer Features Display Device Transmits Pricing
Gorilla Safety Mobile App (Android and iOS) Email / Web Services Up-front cost: $175

Monthly cost: start from $26.99

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Gorilla SafetyPrime 8 has several features to manage an advanced logbook and paperwork compliance for the fleets. It has many capabilities including GPS, Hours Of Service (both eLogs and ELD), IFTA mileage reporting, Hours Worked by drivers, Accident Scene Management tools, Fuel Tracking, thorough Inspection guidelines and process, remote write-up program and more. We will elaborate on its key features to give you a better understanding of how Prime 8 is one of its kind and a handy and useful device to manage vehicles and fleet.

Document Management

Prime 8 gives you a chance to streamline your records and remain composed. In the mix of staying aware of drivers, mechanics, burdens, and clients, it’s simple for the administrative work to get lost, misfiled, and erroneously destroyed. The Document Management segment of Prime 8 is actually what you need, no matter how large or small your fleet!

Prime 8 Has 4 main aspects of Document Management:

  • Driver Qualification File – Maintains all qualification files and supporting documents
  • Truck File – Tracks truck files including things like Registration, Cab Cards and Repair History
  • Company File – Manages Company File including IFTA reports, loss runs, and permit
  • Patent Pending ELD Supporting Documents – Allows you to keep up with daily documents you need to support your ELD 

You can keep tabs on every document of Fleet system related to expiry or updates issues. This keeps the fleet compliant on the following:

  • Delivery receipts, repair records, receipts, etc.
  • Policy and procedures
  • Training manuals
  • Safety manuals
  • Documents that must be signed.

EDVIR & Mechanic Inspections

Gorilla SafetyInfringement discovered during a roadside assessment can flip around your business. You could be fined a huge number of dollars for resistance. Your truck could be removed from the street for months, not acquiring a dime.

These issues can be effectively addressed and fixed when your driver and your repairman have a simple method to convey. Your driver sees an issue and reports it. Your repairman fixes it and makes a note of it. Basic stuff!

The eDVIR and Mechanic Inspections of Prime 8 offers you automation on this workflow process to make things simple for everybody, including keeping up great records for later investigations. Besides, it fulfills the FMCSA eDVIR rules that you are obliged to follow.


Prime 8 regulates your work process by providing alerts on every movement and requirement of your fleet. Rather than recording updates on scrap bits of paper, you can get a notice on your telephone. Rather than being found napping by a roadside examination, an alarm can disclose your truck’s whereabouts. Far better, you’ll have a record of the work being done later when you need it. No more pursuing down drivers who are several miles away or slowing down while you sit tight for a mark.

Fleet Manager and Administrative cautions are a key segment of Prime 8. With this framework, you will get alarms if a driver is never again consistent with his logbooks or DVIRs or and on the off chance that he gets into a mishap, you will realize how serious it is. Through the record of the executive’s arrangement, you will likewise be reminded to refresh anything with a termination date, for example, MVR’s or therapeutic cards. It can as well be utilized for licenses or enrolments.

Accident Investigation

Getting into an accident means two things. Your vehicle has sustained injuries and your stock delivery will lag. You need proper insurance papers to overcome your losses. With the pressure of an accident, the driver may miss out on important details or you may fail to document the incident sufficiently to cover your losses. Hence, Prime 8’s investigation feature offers you a guided path to investigate and document the accident to salvage your losses. 

Here’s what this tool will do for you:

  • Gorilla SafetyThe driver can log into Prime 8 to gather data
  • Take photos of the truck, the other vehicle, any harm sustained by the related parties and the scene of the accident
  • Converse with the other driver and get their data. This ought to be, at least, their name, contact data, and protection information.
  • On the off chance that the other driver creates an impression about what occurred, particularly if they confess to blame, your driver can record precisely what they’re confessing through the application. 
  • Any observer data ought to be recorded as well. In a perfect world, they’ll share an announcement and their contact data.
  • The device also has a mandated guideline for drivers to walk them through the process in case your driver doesn’t know the exact procedure to be followed after an accident
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Benefits of Implementing Prime 8

Why choose Gorilla Safety’s Prime 8 ELD? Here are some benefits and reasons.

Device / Installation / Connectivity

Prime ELD device is a small black kit that connects to a truck’s diagnostic port using a 6-pin or 9-pin adapter. The plug n play device is easy to install, just in minutes. 

E-Log Mobile App for Drivers

It is a basic E-log App that runs on both iOS or Android mobile phones. The App has a nice functionality and UI/UX simple and easy.  

Website for Fleet Managers

Prime 8’s Web Dashboard can store Driver Qualification documents, all maintenance inspection dates, and other clerical items required for safety and compliance. The system provides alerts when documents are expiring when inspections need to be performed, and when other compliance events occur. Policy and training documents can also be sent to the driver’s ELD for review and signature, which provides an electronic record of acceptance.  

Comparison to Market

Gorilla Safety’s Prime 8 incorporates a couple of wellbeing and efficiency that saves time and energy and keep your fleet in order. It covers everything from daily log of drivers, vehicle movements to maintaining, reviewing and alerting on compliance using a single platform that no other device can provide.

Simplified Compliance & Profitability

With Gorilla Security’s completely agreeable Prime 8 arrangement, you can be prepared in only a couple of minutes. You’ll have the option to relax knowing that Prime 8 is simple for your drivers to utilize and gives you the instruments important to remain agreeable and gainful.

At a very minimum cost, you will save time on tracking your fleet and utilize this time to expand your business. Using the app will allow your system to be much more efficient, which will eventually generate positive feedback from clients and ultimately bring you greater returns.

  • Affordable
  • Durability
  • Customer Support
  • Ease-of-Use
  • Risk Management Services
  • Saving Time
  • Incomplete Applications and Web Portal
  • Lack of Basic Tracking and Logging Features
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The pricing plan of Gorilla Safety really highlights the convenience it offers you. You will have to pay an upfront fee of $175 for installing all the hardware and equipment to get going immediately.

As for the daily services, it has introduced a Flexible Plan that doesn’t require you to have a long term commitment. You can simply pay every month without any strings attached. The cost per month starts from $26.99 depending on the functions and premium services you select. Check out their full list of Mobile Services, Web Services and New functionalities here. This will give you a better understanding of the value for money package they are offering for such an affordable monthly price.

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Suitability of Prime 8

Prime 8 is perfect for businesses that have to deal with vehicles and fleet daily. If your business involves the following then Prime 8 is a MUST for you:

  • Fleet Management
  • Fleet administration
  • Fleet Owners
  • Car rental owners
  • Commercial auto business
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How Does It Work?

Gorilla SafetyDrivers snap an image of the archive, transfer it and it’s promptly distinguishable by the workplace or DOT official. What could be simpler than that?

The continuous exchange of these reports to the workplace or terminal enables you to see the conveyance tickets, fuel receipts, bills of replenishing thus substantially more, right away.

You deal with your fleet and Gorilla Safety will deal with the data and information. Benefit has never been so straightforward.

SELF – AUDITING is currently conceivable with the most cutting-edge innovation readily available. Gorilla Safety’s Prime 8 item offers the fleet administrator phenomenal knowledge into the activity of his fleet by indicating how much time a driver has left in his day or obligation cycle. This straightforwardness will enable your business to stay consistent!

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Installation Process

With a 1-minute establishment process, this Fitting N-Play framework will be the fantasy of a repairman. It can be simply attached to the truck’s ECM through Prime 8’s inventive ELD connector. Then, you can install the app on any android or iOS device to use the app at your ease.

In case, you have to move the device from one truck to another, you can just unplug it and attach it to the other truck without any hassle of complicated installing process.

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How to Order and Customer Service

It is very easy to order PRIME8 ELD. Just go to Gorilla Security’s website (https://gorillasafety.com) and click on the shop button. Select the device and place the order. Or simply click on this link (http://staging.gorillasafety.flywheelsites.com/shop/) to directly open the product list for placing an order.

Customer support of Gorilla Security is very quick and responsive. You can contact customer our support by simply calling on these numbers (844-636-1360, 346-808-7063) or by sending an email on this address ( info@gorillasafety.com)

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What is an Electronic Logging Device?

Simply put, ELDs are electronic systems that record a driver’s Hours of Service (HOS). The ELD is meant to replace paper logs that drivers and companies have relied on since 1938. It is a mandated rule that all CDL drivers must follow as implied since 16th December 2017.

How do we sign up for the ELD?

Call or email us to assure your account is properly configured. If you directly register the ELD from the website, you may not have access to all the functionality that is necessary to comply with ELD rules.

Are portable ELDs allowed?

Yes. Portable Electronic Logging Devices, such as Gorilla Safety’s Prime 8 apps are allowed, as long as they are mounted and secured in a fixed position while the vehicle is being driven.

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Prime 8 ELD device is undoubtedly one of the best products of Gorilla Safety.  Having this Gorilla Safety ELD automates your compliant requirements with FMCSA. You won’t have to worry about whether you have the updated regulations on the place. 

It nudges, alerts and updates you on your fleet’s movements and paper requirements, pushing the everyday tactical process to a much better and faster pace. You save time, energy and money on fines or penalties, and your staff remains in order since you can have a check and balance system with Prime 8. 

It is popular for its superior-quality features and risk management services. Its benefits far outweigh any shortcomings, and it is worth every dime especially with its no commitment flexibility plan. You can simply sign up for the services and test the app firsthand to see how it progresses your fleet system with no strings attached or hidden costs.

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