Ezlogz all-in-one ELD Trucking Logbook app

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Though ELD devices have a huge variety, Ezlogz has additional features than others. You will also get a trip planning feature along with general features like GPS tracking, IFTA calculations, and navigation. Moreover, various departments have approved it that we will discuss below. Let’s see what this top ELD provider brings for us.

Key Qualities – Ezlogz ELD 2020

  • Certified by FMCSA, CCMTA
  • Emil and web services telematics
  • IFTA and DVIR support
  • Trip planning
  • Two-way texts
  • Engine testing
  • Temper-free data due to a Blockchain technology

Key Specification

Manufacturer Features Display devices Transmits Pricing 


IFTA, n DVIR support

multiple languages

Android and iOS Email/Web $ 20 upfront

$ 15 monthly

$ 540 (3 years)

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Why Is Ezlogz Different From Others?

top eld providersThere are some features that you will not see on other devices. Ezlogz gives us several social media tools to communicate in a better way. It has a logging software for front and backend application. The software helps us in HOS, or hours of service as well as is FMSCA complaint.

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Bilingual Software

The software supports so many languages that you can explore through its manual. Don’t worry if you can’t speak or read English, you can have the software in your language. This is how the drivers can easily install and use this ELD in their trucks or cabs.

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Change Status Anytime

The driver can make changes like he or she can edit a duty status. Moreover, the drivers can also maintain their previous logging data by scanning and attaching the fuel receipts.

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Easy IFTA Calculation

With Ezlogz, one can have a complete record of IFTA through calculation. Besides, these calculations would be according to your state as every state has different fuel tax laws.

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Easy Installation

Installation of an ELD device in your taxi or ruck is very easy. The product also has an instruction card that includes a step by step guide for the user. Make sure to understand each step and then get ahead.

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Trip planning

top eld providersThe trucker can now have an organized trip planning. Like, the driver can evaluate the exact arrival time. Moreover, he can also find the weather and other environmental conditions through ELD software.  The arrival time depends on the logging hours of the driver, driving speed, fuel stops, and resting hours.

This feature allows you to save both money and time because you already know everything. You can also make prompt decisions based on this data. Like, if you see some poor weather conditions, you can change your departure time. You can also reduce the break hours if you have to reach somewhere early.

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Best Trucking GPS App

With Ezlogz ELD, you will get the best trucking GPS app that would keep you on the right track. The office can also locate you whenever they need so. Even you can use the GPS with offline settings, so don’t worry if the internet is not working. The truck owners and fleet managers can find their vehicles in case something happens.

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Real Mapping

best trucking gps appThis ELD device would not make you lost because you as a driver can reach even the hardest area. The device has POI, point of interest feature that provides an intuitive map. Like, you would find certain important spots such as the fuel stations, rest stops, as well as weigh spots. 

You can even find if these stations are open or working. Moreover, drivers can easily find parking, truck workshops, and warehouses that are close to them. Knowing the diesel prices is another benefit that you get from his device. This is the perfect mapping that would get you right at your destination.

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Easy Document Process

This feature enables drivers to scan and share necessary documents. You just need to take the picture of the data and share it through your mobile phone. Like, it may be the logging data or some other info such as the picture of an accident, fuel receipts, BOLs, and citation.

Lots of drivers also have to share the insurance cards, annual inspection reports, and repair and scale tickets, as well as the registration data. See, how much you can take benefit from Ezlogz ELD.

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Communicate Through Social Media

top eld providersEzlogs is among the top ELD providers because it also provides access to social media platforms so the users can connect with others. The user will have to make a profile to use this feature. You can follow anyone and can get the news feed right at your place. It will be easier for you to share the videos, pics, and other things via social media.

Even the driver can get benefit from in-fleet messaging, as well as the live stream capabilities. Moreover, buying and selling with other truckers is also easier now through social media.

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All Time Customer Support

You will get 24/7 customer support that would always be ready to serve you. You can also send an email to the Company to get some support. However, live support would also help. Another way is to connect to its call center if you want to talk directly with someone to discuss your needs.

  • Automatic offline mode
  • Supports BOLs
  • Violation alerts
  • Officer inspection mode
  • HOS recap calculations
  • Time zone setting
  • Work cycle setting
  • Affordable price
  • Easy installation
  • Too many features take time to understand
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Ezlogz ELD provides the best solution for your trucks or cabs and enables you to run a fleet like a real professional. The fleet owners can enhance their business by properly managing their vehicles with ELD. The device is HOS and FMSCA compliant, so the accuracy is for sure. 

Just get the app on your smart device and connect with ELD that is installed on the truck. Ezlogz is the only company that also provides communication through social media platforms like Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, and Instagram, etc. The price is also affordable like you can also pay the monthly installments. You can explore further for prices.

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