Ehubo: The EROAD ELD with Excellent Value for Money in 2019

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Electronic logging devices, or ELD’s, have been receiving quite the buzz lately. These devices are created using DOT-certified hardware, and they connect easily to a vehicle’s engine. Before the dawn of ELD’s, there were Automatic On-Board Recorders (AOBRD’s) or Electronic On-Board Recorders (EOBR’s) installed in large fleets. 

ELD devices have basic capabilities for mapping routes or recording driving hours, and a bunch of extra features as well. ELD’s also help drivers monitor their status while on-duty, initiate electronic logging, and sometimes even serve as a GPS device. ELD’s can also connect to a back-office system and transmit logs and other crucial data in real-time. 

The Ehubo is the EROAD ELD that has stormed the market as one of the most high-quality, affordable devices with an extensive set of features. It offers a reliable and sturdy construction with a smart-looking design and a friendly user interface paired with very easy-to-use software.

The device provides accurate, up-to-date information, and many extra features are sure to attract all types of customers. However, there are a bunch of devices for electronic logs for sale in the market that offer a more comprehensive range of features and might be more accurate than the Ehubo. 

Even then, no device can beat the simplicity, affordability, user-friendly design, and overall value for money that the Ehubo provides.

Key specifications

Manufacturer Features Display Device Supported Languages Pricing
  • fleet management
  • DVIR
  • electronic compliance
  • safety needs
  • tax requirements
Dedicated English
  • Up-front cost = $0 for monthly plan
  • Simple ELD-only Plan = $35/month
  • Mid-Range TotalTax Plan = $45/month
  • Total Fleet Plan = $60/month
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Brand Overview

EROAD ELDFounded in 2000, EROAD is currently one of the leading electronic logging device manufacturers, and they’ve provided a top-grade ELD design known as the Ehubo. When the technology began to emerge, EROAD was one of those to initially adopt it. 

EROAD’s solution provides a way for drivers to communicate with dispatchers effectively. Even though the current ELD has many elaborate features and functions, the device was initially designed by EROAD as a distance tracker for calculating fuel taxes. 

That’s why the system includes one of the best IFTA reporting features the market has seen so far. EROAD has considerably helped businesses to save more money simply by demanding their exempt fuel tax miles.

EROAD offers many features for businesses from tracking, fleet management, and logbook options. Trucking features include Driver Management, Maintenance Management, Mileage Tracking, Trip Logs, and Vehicle Management.

Fleet management features include Employee Management, Fuel Management, GPS Tracking, Inspection Management, Maintenance Management, Mileage Tracking, and VIN Lookup. The Logbook features are asset tracking, audit trails, logbooks for drivers, and violation tracking.

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EROAD ELD functions and features

EROAD ELDMany useful features make up EROAD’s single-unit ELD. This simple platform offers all types of solutions regarding fleet management, electronic compliance, safety needs, and tax requirements. 

You can expect a wide range of advanced features within this compact device all under a reasonable price tag. These innovative features add to the device’s reliability, accuracy, and ease-of-use. 

EROAD aims to provide the best technology, put forth reliable customer service, and establish themselves as a trusted technology partner. Here’s an in-depth look into the various features and functions of the EROAD ELD.

Design and interface

The Ehubo is a single, compact, 4.5-inch device that has all necessary and additional features. It comes with one cable that users can plug into the diagnostic port inside the vehicle. The device’s screen is small, and the keyboard is slightly challenging to type with unless you have very small fingers. 

However, users rarely must use the keyboard for typing since the interface is very well-designed with large, convenient buttons and highly readable text. The over ease-of-use of the device comes from its practical user interface and small, well-made exterior. 

Drivers and businesses are sure to be satisfied with the Ehubo’s sleek, modern design that barely takes up space inside the vehicle.

Comprehensive back-office system

Depot is EROAD’s back-office system that offers efficient, easy-to-use log editing capabilities and a lot more. The system consists of various tools that let users edit logs or assign unidentified driving time.

Depot also has IFTA reporting tools because EROAD originally began as a distance tracker for fuel taxing. This system delivers some of the most top-notch reporting tools found in the business. 

The system also allows drivers and dispatchers to communicate with each other through chat messaging quickly. Additionally, the use of flexible geofences helps monitor activity at places such as shipping yards. It is crucial to keep tabs on the activity at these locations.

Depot is useful for tracking and scheduling regular maintenance for vehicles too. EROAD has also come forward with a new inspection system that lets drivers complete DVIRs and aids both maintenance staff and drivers in tracking repair processes.

A dashboard tool in the system allows users to monitor various safety events e.g., harsh braking.

The following is a quick sum-up of Depot’s main features:

  • Easy-to-use log editing capabilities
  • Edit logs or assign unidentified driving time
  • IFTA reporting tools
  • Chat messaging
  • Flexible geofences
  • Tracking and scheduling regular maintenance
  • “Inspect” system for repairs
  • Dashboard tool 

All in all, the Depot is a highly functional system that offers many useful tools and functions. Although your ELD’s specific features will depend on the type of package you opt for, you won’t be disappointed with any of the features or tools. 

Highly secure technology

The Ehubo device is not only well-designed, but it also offers highly secure technology as well. EROAD has included top-grade security systems within its device for secure payments. It helps the device obtain and maintain motor carrier records, and it supports carriers for paying and filing weight-tax.

This is one of the best electronic logging devices designed for transmitting, storing, and recording data that has been fully encrypted. This data is sent back and forth continuously through the cellular network. 

Information that the vehicle receives first gets processed through the EROAD application server. Next, users go to a secure website, part of the Depot system, to access this data. This web portal allows users to view, download, save, or export essential data.

On-road safety compliance

The EROAD ELD follows the ELD mandate requirements to ensure safety on roads. EROAD’s reliable technology allows for enhanced protection for vehicles which will enable businesses to reduce liabilities and extra costs for entire fleets.

EROAD’s safety compliance features include:

  • virtual speed cameras
  • Overspeed dashboard
  • EROAD “Inspect”
  • driver insight
  • EROAD leaderboard
  • maximum speed alerts
  • driver safety report

Safety features also help to make the work environment safer for all employees. EROAD has created its services and technology to tackle significant safety concerns and make the safety and compliance regulations simple to implement. 

Fleet management

EROAD ELDFleet management features and tools are a crucial part of any ELD. Fleet managers and owners can use the EROAD ELD to conveniently carry out all fleet management tasks and improve overall business productivity.

The fleet management system is known to provide accurate, easy-to-read data and reports. This helps with mitigating costs and allows for reductions in downtime. EROAD’s fleet management system also lets businesses improve their customer service. 

Following are the features you’ll find in EROAD’s fleet management suite:

  • fuel management capabilities
  • satellite map layer for truck traffic
  • precise fleet tracking
  • daily fleet activity
  • geofence site activity
  • messaging applications
  • API for asset tracker integration
  • idle reports
  • highway fuel usage reports

Recordkeeping and HoS reports

ELD devices are substantially more accurate than traditional paper logs. They’re also more reliable and more comfortable to use, which is why the EROAD ELD has considerably helped drivers and fleet managers. It has become a lot easier and more intuitive to manage vital records. 

For helping drivers keep track of the hours of service, EROAD ELD has put forward a reporting solution that works within the vehicle to comply with all guidelines and monitor violations. This makes sure businesses thoroughly follow the law regarding hours of service compliance. 

EROAD makes it very simple to monitor the hours of service by providing relevant and quick HoS violation reports. The ELD will keep management consistently updated and send urgent notifications if there are any issues.

Being able to view logs in a timely and easy-to-read manner improves driver safety and significantly reduces the risk towards carriers for acquiring penalties. This feature allows drivers and fleet managers to manage and assess any risks proactively. 

Cellular data connections

Each EROAD ELD has its own secure, reliable cellular data connection from a trusted provider. This way, the device won’t be dependent on cellular data connections from third parties. Having a reliable cellular data connection is a crucial feature of an ELD since it needs to retrieve, share, and save information within the portal. 

This feature makes the EROAD ELD one of the most cost-effective, easy-to-manage devices. There aren’t multiple SIM cards or third-party data subscription charges involved. 

Fast, quick roadside enforcement

The FMCSA mandate requirements state that the ELD needs to be approved for helping with roadside inspections. EROAD ELD aims to keep businesses up to date with all important laws. 

The EROAD ELD allows drivers to easily retrieve and share necessary documents with inspecting officers during roadside enforcement. The inspection process will be rather quick, eliminating unnecessary wastage of time for drivers. They’ll be back on the road much faster.

Timesheet reports

The Timesheet Report feature lets you obtain accurate work hour logs within a moment’s notice. The Timesheet Reports will include the hours of service logs and the total traveled miles.

Also, these logs will be CSV ready to export. This extra feature makes payroll administration and other related payment and fleet management tasks a breeze.

Short-haul exemptions

FMCA regulations require ELD’s to accommodate short-haul exemptions. Some exemptions that the EROAD ELD offers are 16-hour exemptions, adverse condition exemptions, 100 air-mile exemption, and a 30-mins rest break exemption. 

These are just a few examples of short-haul exemptions. Overall this is probably the best electronic logging device for catering for short-haul exemptions.


Currently, EROAD can integrate with TMS providers such as FourKites and McCleod, but more integrations are coming our way in the future. 

The integration system is generally very straightforward and simple to use. However, EROAD’s ongoing enhancement process promises to improve daily tasks for both managers and drivers further.

IFTA reporting

Usually, ELD’s within the more affordable price range don’t offer IFTA reporting. This isn’t the case with the Ehubo, however. EROAD provides the correct capabilities and proper tools for IFTA reporting.

The EROAD Electronic IFTA is a useful feature that helps maintain records and keep up with tax filing according to certain obligations. The device works by capturing mileage information and automatically sends it to the EROAD’s IFTA Return. This allows management to get timely updates and take action accordingly. 

Businesses can avoid going through the process of searching paperwork every quarter in case you need to reconcile reports. 

The following are a few main benefits of the IFTA reporting feature:

  • Helps businesses remain compliant
  • Reduces administration time and paperwork
  • Records straight line crossing mileage and route data accurately
  • Manages summaries of fuel receipts
  • Manages IFTA return data and records of fuel trips

The EROAD ELD possesses some incredibly neat features and functions, and there are more under progress as well. We can expect to see additions such as engine diagnostics and GPS navigation in the future, and the product will only continue to grow.

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Why you should choose the EROAD ELD

We’ve seen some of EROAD ELD’s most useful features and functions, but why is this device perfect for your business? To being with, this ELD is dependable, accurate, cost-effective, and easy-to-use. Check out the top benefits of EROAD’s Ehubo device:


The EROAD ELD is very easy to use due to several of its features such as its compact design, simple interface, and quick operation. The device makes basic day-to-day tasks easily manageable and makes it possible to carry out complex tasks as well.

The Ehubo is set apart from other devices thanks to the number of convenient options for drivers that they won’t encounter in the majority of other systems. 

Drivers can e-mail their logs in a PDF file to anyone. They also have access to a screen which shows a recap of the total hours for the day. This add-on allows drivers to stay informed regarding their 60/70-hour clock for the next few days. 

Highly dependable

The Ehubo’s high-quality design and functionality not only make it a breeze to operate, but it also makes it the most dependable products. A combination of reliable hardware and easy-to-use software contributes to forming a highly dependable, accurate device. 

ELD mandate compliant

EROAD has a complete commitment to being ELD mandate compliant. This means that the company follows all regulations set forth by the FMCSA’s and is indeed compliant with everything on their list.

Independent verification

EROAD has sent their ELD for independent verification by PIT Group, which helps to provide extra assurance to costumers. 

The PIT Group has tested the device using extensive, rigorous methods and real-life trucks and drivers. This allows full assurance that the product is fully compliant. Currently, it’s known that only the EROAD ELD has gone through such independent testing and verification processes.

Affordable solution

Lastly, and most importantly, the Ehubo is a very affordable EROAD solution for businesses. Of course, many other companies provide even lower rates than EROAD. However, you won’t be able to find such an extensive list of features with a price this reasonable.

When you’re deciding from the best electronic logging devices for your business, affordability is a huge factor. At the same time, you won’t want to compromise on quality. That’s where the EROAD ELD stands out from the rest – it offers a high-quality, reliable, and accurate solution all within an attractive price range.

  • Durable and reliable
  • Easy-to-use device
  • Compact, sleek design
  • User-friendly interface
  • Excellent fuel tax tracker
  • Comparatively affordable than competitors
  • Great support through e-mail and phone 
  • Verified fully mandate compliant by PIT Group
  • Makes fuel cost management easier
  • Conducts vehicle tracking
  • IFTA reporting functions
  • Depot system for effective management
  • The unit can be a little bigger, with a larger screen
  • Typing becomes difficult for larger hands
  • Should include more tab options
  • Should include business hours support
  • Doesn’t offer GPS tracking
  • Can be more customizable according to the company’s specific needs
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Who is the EROAD ELD for?

The primary purpose of the EROAD ELD is to create a simple, hassle-free experience for drivers. EROAD provides setup and training materials that help drivers get started with the ELD. These materials include training videos, presentations, and webinars that explain everything drivers need to know about setting up and running the device. 

Here’s how drivers can get started with the EROAD ELD:

  1. Go to EROAD’s help site to get more information about completing all the necessary steps.
  2. Set up an account and provide login details to drivers.
  3. Using training videos, train drivers regarding the use of EROAD ELD and roadside inspections.
  4. Give drivers the following essential materials:
    • EROAD ELD User Manual
    • Malfunctions Visor Card
    • Roadside Inspections Visor Card
    • Blank paper logs for drivers to use

The EROAD ELD also extends to support staff. EROAD has a vast library filled with useful information regarding setting up support users. Visit the Overview section, Roles and Permissions section, Unidentified Driver Trips section, and HOS Violations Report section to obtain detailed information for the following steps:

  1. Set up and assign appropriate access levels to support users. 
  2. Train your support users to manage driver logs through the Depot system.
  3. Train your support users to manage unidentified driving trips.
  4. Train your support users for managing HoS compliance of drivers.

The EROAD ELD is therefore meant for use by drivers and support users. If you’re wondering what kind of businesses the Ehubo is best for, you’ll be glad to know that it’s for small, medium, and large-sized companies.  

If your business is looking for an all-around fleet management solution that’s affordable as well, then this is the best electronic logging device for the job.

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Subscription Plans

EROAD ELDThe EROAD ELD cost is one of the most attractive features for customers.

The device is an easily accessible and very budget-friendly ELD in today’s market. The device offers multiple features that depend on the price you’ll be paying for it. The basic starting price is $35 per month, with an increase of up to $60 per month according to the chosen plan and additional features.

The best plan is the medium TotalTax plan since it has the most advanced tools for fleet management. It’ll cost customers $45 a month, along with $35 activation charges. Customers will also get to avail unique add-ons such as an ECM cable for $65.

There is no need for customers to pay any upfront fee if they decide to opt for the lease plans. But if they want to purchase the hardware immediately, they can pay lower monthly charges. The best part is that all plans come with tech support and a warranty.

Let’s take a look at each of EROAD’s affordable electronic logging device’s price ranges. It’ll allow a better understanding of which plan would suit your business the most. The per month cost for the device depends on the device features you’d want to subscribe to.

Following are the subscription plans offered:

Simple ELD-only Plan

This is the most fundamental plan, and at $35, it provides the basic ELD capabilities and fleet management tools.

Mid-Range TotalTax Plan

The mid-range TotalTax plan almost offers all functionalities except the most advanced fleet management features provided by the supplier. For this plan, you’ll have to pay a monthly fee of $45.

TotalFleet Plan

To avail of all of the features and capabilities, you can consider getting the TotalFleet subscription plan. It costs $60 per month.

No matter which plans you choose, the provider will require a $35 activation fee. There’s no upfront payment for hardware, which means overall the EROAD ELD offers an affordable solution with excellent value for money. 

On top of all this, customers get hardware warranties with their plans. They also have access to technical support and free instructor videos through the website. EROAD goes the entire mile to ensure customers get the most from their innovation.

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How to order the EROAD ELD

If you’re interested in ordering the EROAD ELD for your business, start with getting a demo. When you visit the website, you can easily find “Get Demo” on the main page, and all you need to do is enter a few details.

Once you’re satisfied with the demo, you can place your order. The demo is completely free, and it’ll allow you to see how the product can benefit your business.

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How to install the device

Installing the device inside the vehicle is a fairly straightforward process. You simply need to follow a few essential steps, and you’ll have the Ehubo set up within your vehicle in no time.

Before you start the installation process, make sure you read about the necessary safety information and local laws regarding the Ehubo. You need to use the guide and follow the standard safety precautions to install the device safely.

When you’re well-versed with the guide, you can begin installation by choosing a proper location to mount the device. The ideal location would be an area inside the vehicle where the driver can conveniently access the device.

Next, mount the Ehubo device according to the instructions in the installation guide. Once you turn the device on, you can follow the simple on-screen guide to set up the device.

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Customer Support

All types of users have acclaimed EROAD’s customer support. The EROAD system has received great reviews regarding the support team. 

Customers can contact the support team by e-mail, phone call, or through a built-in chat part of the back-office software system. Currently, the support staff is available only from 8 am to 5 pm PST; however, you can expect to see more flexible timings in the future.

The majority of individuals who have contacted customer support for any issue have had an overall positive experience. The service is quick, efficient, and very helpful. The customer support staff is very cooperative. 

Overall, EROAD is well-known for providing excellent customer service.

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EROAD ELD training options

The EROAD ELD allows users to watch training videos and check out how-to guides for setting up the device. Companies can use these training materials to train and set up users efficiently. Training options are available for drivers and support users as well. They allow users to become familiar with the new system. 

Within this training material, you’ll find detailed steps regarding almost anything, from fuel tax reporting to editing logs. Even though the device’s language is English, some user tutorials are available in Spanish as well.

The training material has been created to allow drivers and support users to easily set up the EROAD ELD and learn how to use it effectively. You’ll come across training videos, presentations, and webinars that explain everything users would need to know. EROAD has a considerable library offering helpful information for users.

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What are EROAD’s pricing plans?

EROAD offers the following pricing plans:

(Pricing model: Subscription)

  • Up-front cost: $35
  • Simple ELD-only plan: $35/month
  • Mid-Range TotalTax Plan: $45/month
  • TotalFleet Plan: $60/month

**There’s also a free trial option available.

Is the ELD difficult to use?

EROAD has put forward an easy-to-use device with a friendly interface which makes it quick and simple for drivers to learn. Drivers can be trained in almost 15 minutes.

Does EROAD offer different types of support?

Yes, EROAD offers FAQs, online support, phone support, knowledge base, and video tutorials.

What kind of customers does EROAD usually have?

Typically, EROAD caters to large enterprises and mid-size to small size businesses.

Does EROAD support any other language than English?

No, EROAD only supports English.

What mobile devices does the EROAD support?

EROAD supports Android, iPhone, and iPad devices.

Is there an API by EROAD?

Yes, EROAD offers an API that is available for use.

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The final word

As we’ve seen, a good ELD should comply with the necessary FMCSA requirements, it should be user-friendly, and have an innovative design. The EROAD ELD passes on all accounts, and there are countless fleet managers, drivers, and support users that can attest to the device’s fantastic qualities. 

It’s not a surprise that the device has bumped up to the top of the list of best ELD’s. The Ehubo presents some neat compliance and reporting features, highly accurate tracking, and excellent fuel tax abilities along with a high-functioning back-office system known as Depot. 

When carrying out electronic logging devices comparisons, there’s no doubt that the Ehubo comes before many other ELD’s. For instance, one20 ELD reviews won’t tell you as many positive aspects as an Ehubo review. 

The Ehubo is constructed from solid, durable hardware and its sleek and compact design makes it pleasing to the eye. All these factors combined make EROAD one of the top ELD solutions in the market, and we’re also expecting enhancement in the future for a better, more attractive product.

If you’re searching for an all-around ELD solution that offers durable construction, compact design, supreme tracking abilities, and exceptional fuel tax features, then this is the product for you. Not to mention, there are affordable and flexible pricing plans and flawless customer support. Whether you’re a small business or a large enterprise, you should give the EROAD ELD a try.

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