Top 4 ELD WITH NO MONTHLY FEES – 2019 Buyer’s Guide

Since the application of ELD devices in trucks and other commercial vehicles has been made compulsory, drivers and fleet managers look for affordable solutions through which they can buy cheap electronic devices. Due to the increasing demand, a number of companies have emerged in the market with their ELD devices, which has increased the competition.

Due to a large number of available devices, it is also difficult for users to decide which ELD device is suitable and meets their needs. The companies ensure that their devices are well equipped with all the regulations implied by FMSCA. There are two types of ELD with no monthly fees. One type is the dedicated type, and the other type is the BYO devices.

BYO devices can be connected with the tablets and smartphones so that data can stay with the user on the go. It also supports the functionality of cabs and supports back-office plugins. Buyers are always in search of a cost-effective method that can be bought easily without any monthly fees. Without any monthly subscriptions, the devices help fleet managers and vehicles become compliant.

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Following is a list of cost-effective ELD devices that can easily be bought without paying any monthly fees.

Brand ELD Name Initial Fee Monthly Fee Best Feature
vdo eld VDO ROAD LOG $299 $0 Innovation in fleet management
bit eld BIT ELD $295 $0 Enhanced compatibility
garmin eld GARMIN ELD  $249.99 $0 Easy to use built-in components
switch board eld no monthly fee SWITCHBOARD $200 $0 Best for managing small fleet operations
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roadlog no monthly fee eldTHE VDO Road log is an ELD device that comes with built-in fleet management software. The software can use for archiving data, mileage reporting, and automation. The compliance reporting can easily be done using plug and play options. The GPS location of the data and inputs taken from the vehicle form the digital data in the device that can later be downloaded or printed by the driver and fleet manager.

The VDO road log is not only an ELD without a subscription but is also used widely as a tool for the management of fleets. The device in itself is a tracking device, printer, and communication device that saves the customer from separately buying a tablet, data plan, and program.

  • The VDO road log offers a fast and reliable solution to its users and collects data accurately from the vehicle.
  • The functioning of the device is quite exceptional, and the device can easily be set up and used.
  • The price of this ELD device is affordable and has no monthly subscriptions.
  • It offers good technical support to drivers and fleet managers.
  • The inputs in the device can be slow for some users.
  • It can often be difficult to sync the keys with the program as the driver key can run into a problem sometimes.
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eld without subscriptionWith BIT ELD, this problem has quite been resolved as it starts with an affordable initial fee, but however, it is the ELD without a subscription, which means that the buyers can’t buy it at monthly installments. With the one-time cost, you will get access to the ELD portal and ELD hardware. It even offers a mobile app that can easily be downloaded from the Apple App Store and Android Play Store.

The BIT ELD has been designed with increased reliability and offers great technical support for its users. It has all the basic features that are required to fulfill the regulations of FMCSA. The status is used to track any important events that are taking place in the vehicle. The device comes with increased accuracy and convenience for its users; therefore, the status of the truck is automatically noted as “driving” when the vehicle exceeds a particular speed. 

When the truck is stopped at some point, the device automatically changes the status of the vehicle. This means that the BIT ELD saves the driver from manually changing the status of the vehicle and keeps the status of the vehicle updated itself.

  • No monthly fees are needed to be paid by the drivers or fleet managers for the device.
  • The device has an application that easily runs and updates data on the phone.
  • The pressure of the vehicle’s tire is also recorded by the device.
  • There is a lack of extra features in this ELD device.
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cheap electronic devicesIf you are looking for an ELD with affordable pricing, then the SWITCHBOARD ELD is the right choice for you. The application for SWITCHBOARD has been made with simple features, so the components are easy to comprehend for new and existing users of ELD devices.

 It is a user-friendly ELD device that allows the driver to easily add comments when changing the status, for example, when they are using the vehicle for personal conveyance. The DOT mode makes the process of roadside inspection quite easy as the inspector can easily inspect all the information of the vehicle along with hours of service in this mode. 

The device supports the hours of service rules regulated by the FMCSA. A manager can easily see the driver’s records and make any changes to the driver hours. The device improves safety for the drivers as it tracks the driving safety of the vehicle.

  • This ELD device has been certified by the regulations of FMCSA.
  • For managing small fleet operations, the SWITCHBOARD ELD device is a good option.
  • The device comes with the option of AOBRD.
  • The IFTA reporting of the device is done automatically.
  • The log edits of the SWITCHBOARD device can get clunked up often.
  • Some of the built-in tools of the device need to be made better.
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eld no monthly feeThe GARMIN ELD is a user-friendly ELD device that is ready to use the device as soon as it is unpacked. This means that is can be installed easily into any vehicle and can fit any truck easily. After installing the device, the GARMIN ELD adapter needs to be set up to pair it with the phone application. The ELD device accurately records and keeps track of all the data concerning the vehicle.

The Garmin ELD is an ELD without subscription that fulfills the requirements of FMCSA by accurately recording the hours of service of the driver and the vehicle. Moreover, it provides access to changing the status of the driver, which means that it can be done manually by the driver. The eld cost is friendly and affordable for drivers and fleet managers.

This ELD offers a friendly interface not only for the drivers but also for the fleet managers. The manager can later track the proposed corrections. The system tracks and monitors any unidentified activity of the vehicle

  • The GARMIN ELD device has a user-friendly interface and is easy to setup.
  • The device has a GPS tracker to track the location of the vehicle.
  • The device offers a one-time purchase option; hence, the buyer can easily buy the eld without subscriptions that last months.
  • The GARMIN ELD device is not compatible with all vehicles, as it doesn’t work for the Volvo and Mack trucks.

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Buying Guide for No Monthly Fee ELDs

Before choosing the right ELD device, it is important that the driver considers several factors that can vary for each manufacturer’s ELD device. The factors are as follow:


The first factor that is important to consider is the requirements that the users want to see in their device. It depends as some fleet managers are in search of the cheapest and simplest ELD devices available in the market while the others look for ELD devices that can offer a wide functionality to their users.


The ELD devices are a part of a system that offers a vast range of features. Following are the features that should be majorly considered by the drivers and fleet managers

  • Video training that allows managers to send videos to drivers on their ELD devices for training.
  • The pressure monitor that regularly keeps a check on the pressure of the tires of the vehicle.
  • A messaging system that establishes a connection between the driver and operators.
  • GPS tracking that constantly navigates the location of the commercial vehicle.
  • Driver Vehicle Inspection that performs the inspection of the vehicle electronically.


Affordability and costing are important factors that are considered whenever we buy anything from the market. When it comes to technological devices like ELDs, these factors become even more essential to be considered due to the various options to choose from. The pricing can vary greatly for each company that manufactures ELD devices.

There are different costings involved in the process of installing an ELD device. This can include the cost of installing the hardware. Many companies offer different methods for paying this up-front cost, which is helpful for small fleet managers. The methods include financing, lease, etc.


Due to a large number of ELD devices available, there are a number of devices that don’t have good hardware reliability. Hardware reliability is really important in an ELD device ass once it gets a malfunction, the repairing can take really long. The drivers might be routed on a certain location for repairing the malfunction.

The repairing process takes quite long, and the paper logs of the devices would also have to be reverted. Therefore, it’s important that buyers consider options that are not only cheap but also have reliable hardware.

Technical Support

Any product that involves technology requires suitable technical support that could easily meet the queries of users. However, this factor is not easy to evaluate, and the buyer can’t come easily by it. It is better to do a trial with a few devices before buying them in bulk for the entire fleet. You can also look at reviews of the former customers to get an insight into the technical support the company offers for the ELD devices.


The ELD device usually remains untouched by the drivers and fleet managers until it runs into an issue and needs a repair. The fleet managers buy ELD devices in bulk amounts for all the trucks they own; hence, it is not easy to keep a regular check on all the devices. Therefore, for such fleet managers, it is good to look for options that offer an easy installation.

This can be a major time-saving factor for large fleet managers. The installation can be done quickly with ease; hence, the process won’t take hours to get done. Some ELD devices have complex wiring with the system that can take up to two hours to install while others come with a simple chord that can simply be plugged in.

It is always wise to take reviews from a person who has already used that ELD device that you are considering buying. This helps in knowing the pros and cons of buying the device and hence makes the process of buying ELDs much easier and less hectic. Look for online reviews of customers on that ELD device to see what different people have to say about the company and its devices.

In the reviews, check whether all the factors mentioned above and others that you wish to see in your ELD device are available or not.

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The Verdict: Best ELD With No Monthly Fees

The above eld no monthly fee buying guide will help you in easily making the decision concerning the ELD devices and whether you should buy it or not. The features, costing, reliability, technical support, etc. need to put into consideration in order to find the right device that suits your needs.

In conclusion, the Garmin ELD device is a good option to consider as it has multiple features and has the lowest cost in contrast to other ELD devices. It offers great technical support to users and is a reliable ELD device with no monthly subscription costs.

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