DriveELD 2020 Review: Affordable ELD Mandate Device

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As a trucker or fleet owner, working with the latest changes by the FMCSA can be tricky. While paper logs have been a part of the trucking industry for long, change is undoubtedly part and parcel of life. Recently, the ELDs have been mandated by the FMCSA, and failure to adhere to the same can lead to penalties during on-site inspections.

So, if you are wondering what your choice should be for the day, the DriveELD is one of the top choices that we are reviewing here today.

Key Specification

Manufacturer Features Display Device Transmits Pricing
  • IFTA
  • DVIR
  • Document-scanning
Type: Bring Your Device (BYOD)

OS: iOS and Android

Transmits logs via Telematics to DOT


Up-Front Pricing: 0

Monthly Cost: $15

3-Year Total Price: $540

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Brand Overview

DriveELDOver the past few years, the company Drive ELD has been designing and developing a series of telematics and engineering software solutions. This popular maker of the DriveELD device works in sync with both large as well as small trucking firms. Apart from this, the DriveELD Company provides customized solutions, specially designed for independent operators.

All these compliance solutions are created with regards to simplicity, better maintenance, and easy usage.

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Features of DriveELD

The DriveELD brings a plethora of features for truckers and fleet owners. Here is a list of some of the top features brought along with the Drive ELD platform.

Document & Receipt Scanning

DriveELDELD devices make roadside inspections way easier as opposed to paper logs. The inspectors can easily check as well as send the e-logs of the trucker/vehicle to the local FMCSA from the application. The events for the day can be deleted, added, or even edited within the simple click of the button with the DriveELD.

Dashboard for Fleet Tracking

With the DriveELD, you can get the total details of the HOS records over the tracking dashboard. The GPS tracking feature allows the fleet owners to track the exact location of the vehicle. Apart from simply tracking your fleet, you can also track the drivers’ current status.

Data Storage Facility

The DriveELD helps record the data right on your device. This data can easily be stored securely with the utilization of the cloud storage system. The driving data can be saved even as you lose the connectivity. However, you can access the driving records after the connection has been established again.

Proactive Application Notification

If you are a fleet manager who finds it hard to keep track of things, the DriveELD also brings to you easy notifications on the application itself. This way, you can solve any major issue that might require your prompt attention. Apart from this, you can easily view your driver’s duty status. If you need to update any log for the prevention of the HOS violations, the app will surely proactively warn you.

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Benefits/Reason to Choose DriveELD

DriveELDIf you are wondering whether the DriveELD comes with any benefits or the right reason to pick it for your ELD mandate needs, here is a quick list.

Vehicle Diagnostics

The DriveELD mobile application makes it super easy for the truckers and fleet managers to complete the inspection reports in a jiffy. This particular feature in the DriveELD device allows the drivers to track the functioning of the vehicles.

IFTA Reporting

With the DriveELD device, you can easily record the overall distance traveled by a fleet via the mobile application. You can easily download the odometer and trip reports from DriveELD online platform.

Navigation Facility

With the use of the DriveELD fleet management device, you can help your drivers take the routes that are more suited for large vehicles. Plus, you can also get your navigation configured to suit your needs, such as fuel stops, waypoints, & load type.

Rich Messaging

The prime idea behind the inclusion of this feature in the DriveELD is the improvement of communication amid dispatchers and drivers. Its robust features include PDF creation, video recording, image capture, as well as Speech-Text messaging.

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Pros & Cons


  • Simple to install and use
  • Complete ELD mandate compliance
  • Durable and compact for withstanding long-term use
  • User-Friendly Application With Bluetooth Support
  • Amazing customer service
  • Unbeatable pricing


  • There can be connectivity issues at times
  • Several features are yet under development
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When talking about the pricing of the DriveELD, you can choose from two different options:

DriveELD (Base Tier)

For this, you need to pay $15 per month/truck. However, if you are selecting the annual payment option, the pricing includes hardware as well. You can also make a three-year total payment of $540.

Navigator (Mid Tier)

To get this navigator, you need to make a payment of $20 per month/truck. You need to pay upfront for the hardware.

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How to install the DriveELD?

To install the DriveELD, you can easily plug it into the diagnostic port of the fleet system. After the device has been plugged-in, you need to switch on the device and install the dedicated application to get things started.

Given the fact that this ELD device is so easy to install, it can be used by anyone who isn’t even tech-savvy.

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Who can use the DriveELD?

DriveELDIf you are wondering who can use the DriveELD device, the quick answer to this is the fleet owners, truckers, as well as managers. The features added to this ELD device makes it suitable for on-road inspections, ELD mandates, fleet management, log edits, and so much more.

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How to order the DriveELD?

To get your DriveELD device, you need to follow this link After you visit this website, you need to select the best subscription plan as per your requirements, as stated in the pricing section.

Now, set up your account and enter the billing/shipping address. Once you are done listing all the details, all you need to do is opt for the checkout option.

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Customer Support for DriveELD

If you are facing issues with the installation of the DriveELD or the device is showing errors, the excellent customer support provided by DriveELD will surely help you. You can visit this link to get quick answers to your queries: Additionally, you can call in the support specialists at 1-866-623-7483.

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Other things to know about the DriveELD

Some other things you need to know about the DriveELD include things such as:

  • Lower price tag
  • Improved communication
  • Operation streamlining
  • ELD rule compliance
  • Reduction of administrative tasks/paperwork
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1-What are the devices you can use with the DriveELD application?

Answer: The DriveELD will allow you to use Android devices running on OS 5.0 and higher. Plus, it can also be used with Apple devices that run on iOS 9.0 or higher. You cannot use a computer or laptop to run the application.

2- Which cellular network is compatible with the DriveELD device?

Answer: The DriveELD solution is compatible with all cellular networks available in the area you are operating at.

3-Will the application drains the battery of my device?

Answer: Yes, the application surely will drain the battery as it is being used. The reason behind it is that it is in constant use along with several other features such as GPS that require more power. So, it is recommended that you use a charger in the truck.

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The DriveELD is surely among the most affordable, reliable, as well as the simplest solutions available for ELD compliance. When compared to multiple top rank holders in the fleet industry, the DriveELD is strikingly loaded in terms of features and surely economical for the ones on a budget. It is suited for fleet owners of all sizes and varying requirements.

From IFTA & DVIR to the fleet tracking possibilities, the DriveELD will help you stay fairly compliant with streamlined operations. Other features you can enjoy with this ELD device is data storage, GPS navigation, as well as messaging. These amazing features make the DriveELD a must try the device for the ELD mandate.

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