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Today, the global trade volume is increasing day by day. As a result, the transport industry generates a large part of the revenue of a country; it has become the backbone of any country’s economy. However, due to this, the logistic networks are getting complex & managing all the transportation processes has become difficult, especially for the entrepreneurs who own a truck company or any other business where they need to maintain a fleet of vehicles. Here is where CarrierWeb comes into play.

If you’re planning to start a vehicle rental business or your existing business depends upon transportation, you need to keep track of your workforce, resources, monitor whether the driver is taking the right route or not, if the product delivery is on time, etc. Managing all these tasks manually at the same time is a hectic task.

CarrieWeb is a global business leader that is known for providing a fully compliant driver-preferred ELOG solution to allow driver interaction and automated engine monitoring in real-time. Today, we are going to talk about one of their products CarrierMate – a trucking telematics product. It can prove out to be a game-changer for truck owners who want to run their business smoothly by streamlining their work processes. 

If you are curious to know about CarrierMate and how it can help you enhance your business, streamline your business processes, and keep track of your fleet, then continue reading.

Specifications of CarrierMate

Operating System Interface Ports Display Memory Power & Physical Characteristics
Windows CE.Net Core version 5.0 (Powered by Microsoft)

Built-in Super Capacitor to protect flash memory corruption


SD Card Memory slot

Internal SIM card socket

Audio Codec: WM1800

7-inch VGA color TFT LCD integrated touch panel

Resolution: 800*480p

Size: 165*104*3.3

LED backlight

LCD operating temp: -20 – 70°C

Flash Memory: Samsung NAND


Input Voltage: 12-24V (Max. 28V)

Size: 187*155*44mm

Weight: 2.86lb

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What do you need to know about CarrierWeb?

CarrierWebFounded in 2003, headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia, CarrierWeb is a multinational company that is known for leveraging real-time in-cab mobile communication technology to provide truck owners with electronic logging devices (ELDs), and truck tracking and monitoring services. They offer highly customizable patented technologies available to users worldwide, allowing the truck to shift into higher gear with the new technology. Most of their devices offer features like electronic logs, Driver’s Vehicle Inspection Report(DVIR), messaging, GPS tracking, IFTA mileage reports, etc.

They have their in-house team which develops these brand-new patented gadgets which offer the users with fantastic ability to track and monitor vehicles without any hassle. Their devices are made to last as the build quality is phenomenal, which can easily withstand the rough daily usage without taking any damage.

CarrierWeb also has its own Web Portal through which you will be able to monitor and communicate with the vehicles in your fleet efficiently. Regardless of the size of your business, CarrierWeb will always be able to provide you with the technical support you need. 

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What are the features of CarrierMate?

CarrierWebCarrierMate is one of the bestselling and most popular products of CarrierWeb. It comes with lots of different features that are beneficial for those who are seeking ways to manage a fleet of vehicles and streamline their work processes. Here are the top features that you should be well aware of and look out for in CarrierMate:

  • Unlimited data communication: CarrierMate allows users to initiate unlimited data communication without any hassles. The device has been designed to provide seamless connectivity and that too, without any limits. So, establishing a line with your driver will not be an issue.
  • Electronic logs: It is essential to keep track of the drivers that are regularly driving during their working hours and those who are not. The electronic logs feature of CarrierMate helps owners to check the position and location of the driver.
  • User-friendly workflow: The gadget comes with a driver-friendly workflow system, which allows you to keep track of your fleet and the drivers regularly. All the data gets stored in it, and you will be able to access them whenever you want to.
  • Quick and easy installation: CarrierMate is very easy to install. You need not undergo specialized training to learn how to install and use it. With its user-friendly interface and easy to installation guide, anyone can fix it on their vehicle. 
  • Truck attribute navigation (optional): This is an optional feature that you can choose to take, which detects the performance and attributes of the truck. You can check the shortest and best route for your vehicle, allowing you to save your time and money.
  • Driver performance and fuel consumption: The device can track and monitor how well the driver is managing and driving the truck. The device also provides an accurate fuel consumption chart to prevent the laundering of fuel.
  • SpeedGauge monitoring and text messaging: The system can be integrated with Speed Gauge to capture the actual speed limits of the vehicle and warn the driver about speeding violations. Apart from this, it comes with and Two-way messaging facility which allows drivers to send and receive messages. All they need to do is install a compatible app on their smartphones.
  • Optional basic maintenance package: It helps to provide personalized tips that will allow you to maintain and monitor the truck to get the best service and efficiency.

While these are the top features of the CarrierMate device that has been specially designed by CarrierWeb for monitoring and tracking trucks, there are many more, such as Truck attribute navigation (Optional), In-cab scanning via data network (optional), Alert notifications, Hard braking monitoring, Auto dispatch with driver workflow, document sharing, etc.

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Benefits of choosing CarrierMate

CarrierWebIf you are wondering why you should choose the CarrierMate device to monitor your trucks, then take a look at these few points we have for you:

  • Saves fuel: The device helps to track the engine working hours and idling, which will allow the driver to improve their driving habits. As a result, it will reduce losses and save fuel while maximizing the company’s profit.
  • Drives efficiency: Users will be able to get a quick and hassle-free overview of the entire fleet. It will help the owners to manage their trucks more efficiently and also allow the drivers to prevent unnecessary drives.
  • Reduces maintenance cost: When the fleet owner tracks the entire working fleet, he will be able to plan the PM. It allows them to avoid any failures on the journey, which makes it a cost-effective yet straightforward module.
  • Reduces HOS: HOS or Hours of Service is an essential factor to consider. With CarrierMate’s integrated ELD/EOBR solution, drivers will be able to reduce errors, increase their drive time, and also allow them to get an idea about the time that is required to complete the journey.
  • Keeps the driver aware: Different locations have their local speed limits and other small laws. Violating them can be a costly affair. The device helps to keep your drivers aware of the local speed limits and warn them about speeding violations.
  • It supports some useful advanced features such as GPS tracking, text messaging, fuel consumption analysis, etc.
  • Easy to install
  • Fairly affordable
  • Seamless connectivity
  • Provides cost-effective solutions
  • Looks and feels a little dated
  • Log edits are complicated to access
  • Some significant mandate compliance
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What is the price of CarrierMate?

Coming to the price of CarrierWeb’sCarrierMate tracking device, it is available at an initial purchase price of $700. The monthly cost of the device is $30, so in three years the total cost is somewhere around $1780.

Considering the features and benefits the device provides to its users, it is a good deal. It provides your drivers with better efficiency, reduces loss, saves fuel and time, etc. Therefore, from a long-term perspective, CarrierMate is one of the best electronic logging devices that every truck owner should purchase.

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Who can use CarrierMate?

CarrierMate is one of the best electronic logging systems that CarrierWeb has developed. It comes with some fantastic features that can reduce troubles related to trucking; it can be a great help to those who are running a truck business or transportation business around the country or within the state. It will help them to keep track of the status and location of the vehicle all the time.

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How will you order CarrierMate? 

If you are interested in buying the CarrierMate logging device, then you can easily place your order on the CarrieWeb’s official site. Once the order has been placed, you can expect the delivery to arrive soon!

You can order your CarrierMate device by placing a direct order with the support team at For more information about ordering your product, you can get in touch with the team’s customer service channel by calling at +1 (866) 884-8241. You can also order your device by filling up the Contact Form at the website’s Contact Us page. You will generally receive your device within a few working days along with the installation guide.

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How to install CarrierMate?

CarrierWebIt is not a very hectic task to install the CarrierMate device to your truck. Every truck comes with its own set of the diagnostic port. However, the position of this port will depend on the construction and model of the truck.

Once you have found the diagnostic port, you will need to attach the device to this particular port. The fitting to the connector might be different. It might be a 9-pin or 6-pin connector. So, connect it accordingly by rotating it. Once the device is perfectly fit, it will make a click sound.

However, make sure all the connections are done and then safely put the diagnostic port back; your CarrierMate device is ready to use.

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Here are some quick frequently asked questions which should take a look at:

Does CarrierMate provide enhanced efficiency for fuel consumption?

Ans. The CarrierMate unit has been designed to monitor the engine’s working continuously along with the Idling hours. This helps with better fuel efficiency.

Is the CarrierMate device FMCSA compliant?

Ans. Yes, the device has been created for the fleet owners to serve as an FMCSA-registered device that helps the drivers get their job done in an efficient mannerism.

How can you capture the exact speed limits at a local level with CarrierMate?

Ans. You can do so by linking the device with the Speed Gauge & get warnings of the speed-related offenses. This can be done with a small add-on fee every month.

What is the monthly, upfront, and 3-year cost of the product?

Ans. The CarrierMate device is available for an upfront cost of $700, and the monthly charge is $30. The total cost of three years is $1780.

Does it support every variant of trucks in your fleet collection? 

Ans. Yes. The CarrierMate device will support every truck you have in your fleet but make sure to connect it to the diagnostic port of the vehicle to allow the device to run.

What kind of device is the CarrierMate?

Ans. The CarrierMate is an ELD or Electronic Logging Device. It helps to keep track and monitor a fleet of vehicles and provides a lot of other benefits to these users like saving fuel, monitor driver working hours, calculate journey, etc.

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Final Words

For all the people who want to ensure a smooth and successful transport or shipping business, it is necessary to keep an eye on their workforce and resources. Not only does it promote safety, but also maximize business profit by enhancing work productivity and saving you a lot of money and time.

CarrierWeb has a solid reputation all over the world for its world-class transportation management and information optimization services. They have done a fantastic job by building an effective two fleet management product – CarrierMate.

While there are countless numbers of software that allow you manage a fleet of vehicles and streamline your work processes, CarrierMate is the best one; even though it surely has some cons, the benefits are far more critical. It comes with enhanced and updated features, making it the best way to enhance your shipping and transport business productivity and profit.

So, what are you waiting for? Go to the CarrierWeb official website & place your order now to improve your business efficiency & productivity.

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