Blue Tree ELD 2020 Review: ELD Mandate for Large Fleets

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In our series of ELD reviews, another top choice is the Blue Tree ELD. Although this international player has been in the market for quite some time, its progress rate has increased after being acquired by ORBCOMM. BTS or Blue Tree Systems has generally focused on the large fleets.

The application comes with an amazing design that brings an easy to use UI. However, the app hasn’t yet introduced the fax or email feature that has been mandated by the FMCSA. Plus, the daily hours recap for upcoming weeks can be precisely hard to locate as well. But, fret not! The company has been focusing on the adherence to the ELD mandate features, which will bring a plethora of features in upcoming years. 

So, without any delay, let us know more about the Blue Tree ELD. 

Key Specification

Manufacturer Features Display Device Transmits Pricing
Blue Tree Systems/ORBCOMM
  • Document Scanning
  • Navigation
  • IFTA
  • DVIR
  • Engine Info (Faults, MPGs, etc.)
OS: Android

Type: Dedicated

Transmits the logs via Telematics to DOT Up-Front Pricing: $995

Monthly Pricing: $40

3-Year Comprehensive Pricing: $2345

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Brand Overview

blue tree eld reviewsBlue Tree Systems is a company that has been a part of the global Telematics trade for 20 years now. The company mostly focuses on the larger fleets with particular emphasis over the reefer monitoring. Even with the extended tenure, the current generations of the Blue Tree ELD tends to feel especially new. The Blue Tree Systems has currently been acquired by ORBCOMM. 

Some amazing features you get with the Blue Tree ELD are IFTA, engine codes, navigation, DVIRs, messaging, logs, and more. 

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Features of Blue Tree ELD

Open Scalable Platform

As a part of the Android-based ELD platform of the ORBCOMM, this ELD device is scalable, open, as well as independent from any proprietary hardware. You can integrate the 3rd party applications via the Android APIs. 

Reliable, Fast 4G LTE

blue tree eld costTake benefits of the top-notch reliability and performance of the 4G-LTE connectivity solutions. With the Blue Tree ELD systems, you can connect scanners, printers, as well as cameras, via Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, or the USB ports. 

Powerful Platform for Hardware

The Blue Tree ELD supports applications such as driver messaging, HOS, auto-departure/arrival, job management, maintenance management, location tracking, as well as critical alerts. 

Connected Fleet Data

Integrated with a dedicated software application for collection & aggregation of driver data that provides detailed analysis and reporting. 

Reliable Solution

The Blue Tree ELD has been created to be used in harsh operating conditions where temperatures can range anywhere from -40 degrees Fahrenheit to +185 degrees Fahrenheit. 

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Benefits/Reason to Choose Blue Tree ELD

If you are wondering what the benefits of using the Blue Tree ELD are, here are some of them listed out for you.

Retain Drivers

blue tree shopWith the Blue Tree ELD’s quick learning phase, you get to retain more drivers. Plus, it also enhances the overall satisfaction level for the truckers. 

Reduction of Compliance Costs (Back Office)

The Blue Tree ELD, you can significantly reduce the overall time spent over the administration of unsigned logs and missing miles. 

Reduction of Vehicle Downtime

You get access to features such as real-time reporting of a defect, electronic DVIR, and reliability for maximization of vehicle uptime. 

Evade Data Silos

You can also integrate the HOS data within the dispatch systems for an increase in productivity by adjusting with the available hours for the driver. 

Scale the In-Cab Podium

With the Blue Tree Systems, you get to combine all the apps over an open form of Android platform for the creation of one simple driver screen within the fleet. 

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Pros & Cons

  • Add-on features for the reefer fleets
  • Tamper-resistant and covert device
  • TomTom/Garmin Navigation
  • The software needs more updates in terms of features
  • It takes time to install
  • Expensive
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Pricing of the Blue Tree ELD

The Blue Tree ELD cost is a bit on the higher side. Now, this is fair given the fact that it has been designed for large fleet owners. The upfront pricing for the Blue Tree ELD is $995, while the monthly pricing is $40. The 3-year complete comprehensive pricing for the Blue Tree ELD is $2345. 

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How to install the Blue Tree ELD?

The Blue Tree ELD device has been designed to sync with the TomTom or Garmin display device. So, you cannot install the same with any other device. This display device can be connected with the use of the Wi-Fi to the BT500 system hardware. This device is plugged into your vehicle for capturing engine data and recording the motion. 

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Who can use the Blue Tree ELD? 

The Blue Tree ELD is perfect for use for large fleet owners and managers. Given the fact that this ELD device can only be used with a dedicated device, things can get pricey for small fleet owners or someone on a budget. So, as per Blue Tree ELD reviews by truckers and fleet owners, it is perfect for use only for the ones that manage large fleets. 

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How to order the Blue Tree ELD? 

The Blue Tree ELD cannot be purchased directly by the customer but via third-party resellers. You can visit the official website or the Blue Tree shop to look through the product details:

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Customer Support for Blue Tree ELD

After being acquired by ORBCOMM, the Blue Tree ELD flaunts an amazing customer support team. To get quick answers to your questions, you can visit this link: You can choose for live support to get quick answers to your questions and issues. 

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Other things to know about the Blue Tree ELD

Some crucial things you need to know about the Blue Tree ELD solution includes:

  • Perfect installation behind your fleet’s dashboard for resistance from tampering
  • Truck-specific, built-in navigation
  • HOS Mandate
  • Existing system integration with software providers such as McLeod, TMW
  • Drivers can easily make the log corrections
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What to do during the power compliance issue with Blue Tree ELD?


If your ELD manages to accumulate 30 minutes’ drive time lost within 24 hours, this can lead to power compliance issues. So, in such a scenario, you need to immediately revert to the paper logs and call the motor carrier. 

What happens if there is an engine synchronization issue?


In case your ELD has 30+ minutes of lost ECM synchronization within 24 hours, it could be a faulty ECM Linking or issue with ELD installation. In this case, call your service provider immediately. 

How to deal with the timing compliance issue with Blue Tree ELD?


This issue suggests that the internal clock of the ELD hasn’t synchronized yet with your server. It might have resulted in a time deviation of surpassing the 10 minutes limit. It could be a result of the ELD not being switched on for long. 

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To get better with the present-day changes, the Blue Tree ELD has plans to create a perfect scoring program allowing the drivers to provide feedback for fuel-efficiency. Plus, the company is also planning to enhance safety as well as similar ELD mandate requirements. This cumulative score acquired can help the fleet owners to reinforce the positive driver behavior via rewards and incentives. 

So, if you are getting this ELD device for your fleet, you will surely get access to a system that keeps itself updated with the changing trends while helping with the mandated requirements.

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