BIT ELD Review 2020: Best for FMCSA Compliance

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If you are searching for the best FMCSA compliant device in the market, the BIT ELD is just what you need. Today, more than ever, fleet owners/managers are required to be compliant with the latest ELD mandates. As someone who owns a fleet service, it is critical to get access to the best ELD devices in the market, and BIT ELD is just the right choice.

Given its affordable upfront pricing, it is the perfect option for drivers, fleet managers, as well as transportation companies in need of a revolutionary service provider. This product aims towards the improvement of performance and promotion of better tracking facilities for fleets and drivers alike. 

This ELD device by Blue Ink Technologies offers the simplest procedures for mandate compliance along with a great perk: ELD No Monthly Fee and No Contract. Plus, it houses all the critical features needed for the ELD mandate by FMCSA. 

In this Blue ink review, we will list out all the features that are critical to your ELD mandate needs. 

Key Specification

Manufacturer Features Display Device Transmits Pricing
Blue Ink Technologies DVIR BYOD (Bring Your Device)

OS: iOS and Android

Transmits the logs to the DOT via Web Services/Email (Telematics)
  • Upfront Pricing: $295
  • Monthly Pricing: 0
  • 3-Year Total Pricing: $295
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Brand Overview of BIT ELD

blue ink eldA product by the company Blue Ink Technologies, the BIT ELD is a device that works as the best and highly affordable compliance device in the market. The manufacturer requires the fleet owners to pay just the upfront cost, which is $295. 

At this affordable one-time pricing, you get top-notch features and access the ELD portal by Blue Ink ELD. The app that needs to be used along with its hardware is completely free for use and downloads over the dedicated App Store by Google or Apple. Apart from the basic hardware price, one doesn’t need to pay for any other gadget or equipment ever. 

The device has been designed for the collection of data such as:

  • Engine Hours
  • VIN or Vehicle Identification Number
  • Odometer Mileage
  • Engine Status On/Off
  • In-Motion Status
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Features of BIT ELD

eld without subscriptionWith the installation of the BIT ELD, you get access to a device that offers the best of basic mandates and features such as:

Odometer Mileage

With the BIT ELD without a subscription, you get access to odometer readings that are automatically recorded and uploaded to the application over the smartphone or tablet for storage purposes. The mileage loggings in the odometer are critical in terms of tracking speed as well as acceleration needs for any given fleet. 

Engine Status Check

The BIT ELD by Blue Ink helps track the status of the engine and help determine whether it is on or off in the vehicle. The finally collected data is filled automatically into relevant fields of the driver logs. All this data works as a vital component for tracking the movement of the vehicle for future reference. 

VIN or Vehicle Identification Number

This particular number is used for associating the records present in a specific fleet automatically. In case your BIT ELD device gets moved to a whole new fleet, it will automatically start reading all the information present in the latest fleet. 

Engine Hours

Just like the VIN and Engine Status, the logging hours for the engine are collected by your BIT ELD device and gets automatically added up to the logs for HOS of the fleet in action. 

In-Motion Status

This particular function incorporated within the device is aimed at the automatic recording of the critical events for the fleet it is installed in. With the use of the BIT ELD, the device can automatically add records to your ELD logs as the engine gets turned on/off. 

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Benefits/Reasons to Choose BIT ELD

Easy Installation/Robust Hardware

Regardless of the affordability, this ELD device serves as robust and reliable hardware for fleet managers. The device has been designed for being used on any type of commercial vehicle. Regards to this, the product flaunts a 6/9 pin connecting frame depending on the vehicle you own. 

Apart from this, the hardware brought in by this ELD service provider houses a sturdy make to ensure enhanced durability. With BIT ELD, you don’t need to make payments to a professional installation service provider. You can do it all by yourself. 

App Capabilities and Features

With no need for monthly fees, this application is just what you need if you are on a budget. Packed in with a collection of features, this application will make things easy for you when it comes to adhering to FMCSA mandates. Plus, you do not need to worry about issues such as getting fined during the on-road inspections

The application has primarily been designed to aid the drivers in the collection and storage of all the necessary fleet data for FMCSA and DOT compliance. 

Portal Capabilities and Features

The BIT ELD device is best to be used by small fleet owners and operators. Apart from the basics, it flaunts a collection of the back-office capabilities and tools that are meant specifically for fleet management. 

With the app, you can perform tasks such as:

  • Perform inspections daily for the vehicle
  • Track the leftover driving hours
  • Access the data collected through the driving logs
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Pros and Cons of BIT ELD

  • Simple user interface for the application
  • No monthly costs
  • Sensors for air scale and tire pressure
  • Doesn’t bring in extra features like the industry’s top rankers
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Pricing for BIT ELD

bit eld reviewsWith the BIT ELD device, you get access to the simplest form of pricing options. When purchasing the BIT ELD, your upfront cost comes down to the $295 flat rate. With this ELD, you get access to the device and all of its components designed for the fleet. 

You can start using all these components after downloading your free BIT ELD app. The process is fairly simple & in a short period, the vehicle can be completely compliant with regards to ELD. You do not have to deal with the recurring expenses that come after. 

As per the BIT ELD reviews acquired from most of the drivers, the ELD upfront cost makes the device fairly affordable. This product is highly efficient and fits easily into a diagnostic port that uses either a 6/9 pin. A simple plug and pin process will get the job done when it comes to installation. 

If your fleet uses a connection based on OBD-II, you need to purchase another adaptor by paying an extra $40. With the help of the splitter cable, you can keep the device plugged in and avoid any bumps in the way. 

If there are issues with the ELD device, you can call in a dedicated mechanic and plug in the diagnostic monitor into the port for checking any faulty code.

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How to install the BIT ELD?

blue ink reviewUnlike any other BYOD ELD being used today, the BIT ELD device is way easy to operate or install. This is the reason for its popularity among fleet owners and drivers. While being simple to install, the BIT ELD has been designed to easily track the HOS and keep the operation compliant and safe. 

The process of installation is fairly easy. The first thing you need to do is purchase a dedicated BIT ELD dongle that can be plugged in directly to the diagnostic port of the truck. Apart from that, a Bluetooth pairing is required for your smartphone and the dedicated ELD device. 

After you are done with the pairing necessities, you need to make the necessary registrations and sign-ups required for using the iOS or Android app in the trucking industry. To completely explore all the services provided by BIT ELD, you will need a Bluetooth dongle for recording the automatic movements of the truck. Plus, the drivers can easily access their very own logs while making the edits, as suggested by the fleet managers. 

The BIT ELD adaptor functions as a critical faction of this device, and helps identify the right ELD adapter designed for your fleet. However, you need first to locate the diagnostic port of the vehicle which is generally found in any of these 3 places:

  • Left side end of the kick panel
  • Under the fleet’s dashboard or steering wheel
  • The backside of the seat used by the driver
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Who can use the BIT ELD?

The BIT ELD device has been designed to be used by fleet owners, managers, as well as transportation service providers. With this ELD device, users can view the route histories designated for various vehicles present within the fleet. You can also view the logs registered by the fleet drivers. 

The best thing about the use of this ELD device is the fact that it gives you notifications on the potential violations done by different drivers working under your fleet. 

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How to order the BIT ELD?

To purchase the BIT ELD device and its accessories, you need to visit the official Blue Ink website and scroll over to the “Purchase” section of the website. Now, select the device and accessories you need to purchase and add all these to the cart.

After you are done, pay the upfront pricing and simply wait for your package to arrive.

Order your device here:

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Customer Support for BIT ELD

If you have trouble related to the installation or management of the BIT ELD, you can go to the official page of the Blue Ink Technologies. Now go to the support page and check through the BIT ELD training series that is packed with all the How-To videos for the users. 

Plus, you can also request more information at the contact us page by filling in the form. To know more about the device, you can call customer support at (304) 840-0142 anytime from Monday to Friday between 9:00 am-6:00 pm. 

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Other Things to Know About BIT ELD

There are several other benefits and features you get with the BIT ELD, which include:

  • Ensures compliance with the FMCSA mandate requirements
  • Easy daily inspections for your fleet
  • Allows easy editing, viewing, as well as certification of the HOS logs
  • Share the logs via mail
  • Display the total driving hours left at a given time
  • Easy to change the duty status
  • Allows for the management of total miles driven with the IFTA reporting
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1-Will the BIT ELD work with team drivers?

Answer: Yes, your BIT ELD device application has been designed to allow 2 drivers simultaneously to keep the logs. 

2-Can I use the oilfield 5-line option?

Answer: The BIT ELD device allows you a scope to use the oilfield exemption, but only when the driver is on-site. 

3-Do I just need to buy the device for a plug-and-play service?

Answer: Yes, all you need to buy is the device for plug-and-play service with BIT ELD. However, you will need an additional tablet or smartphone packed with GPS and Bluetooth 4.0 and the dedicated free app. Additionally, in case the vehicle doesn’t have round-type diagnostic ports, you would need to fix it in an adapter. 

4-Can I lease or own the ELD?

Answer: Whenever you purchase this device, you own this ELD. You do not have any ongoing monthly prices for the use of this BIT ELD. With upfront pricing, you can record the HOS logs and access the customer support by BIT for an exceptional experience. 

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Managing the fleet should not be as hard as it has been to date. With paper logs being replaced by ELD devices, you get access to an affordable option that makes fleeting easy work. As a fleet owner, you need to locate the best and most affordable ELD solutions for transportation necessities. The features that are packed into the ELD device & the pricing should be your priority. 

Most of the ELD operators do not have the scope to pay up the expensive price tag that comes with the leading ELDs. So, make sure you select a product like the BIT ELD to avoid your pockets from being dried out. This product houses all the critical compliances in place at affordable pricing. Make sure your product comes with features such as ease-of-installation, use, as well as management. 

With its upfront pricing and no particular monthly pricing, the BIT ELD gives a tough competition to the Garmin ELD or similar top-ranking devices. BIT ELD allows you to manage the fleet with just a click using a smartphone of your choice. 

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