BigRoad ELD Review – Comprehensive Guide in 2019

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With the 2019 HOS Mandate already in place, most of the fleet and truck operators and owners are out in the market to get their hands on the top-notch ELD devices being sold in the market. Of course, the top-ranked among them is the BigRoad ELD. When it comes to selecting the best ELD in the market, being hasty isn’t advised.

This is especially true for something that `is being used to create the daily logs, keep track of data, and serves well during inspections. If you happen to be a fleet owner who is concerned with regards to the whereabouts of his money, then you have landed at the perfect spot.

BigRoad DashLink aids the fleet owners with a chance to access a supreme quality solution for ELD devices used by commercial drivers. The device, BigRoad ELD, is versatile and reliable enough to adhere to all variants of electronic logging requisites. It means no more paperwork ever again.

Key Specifications

Manufacturer Features Display Device Transmits Pricing
  • Document Scanning
  • IFTA
  • Two-way messaging
Type: BYOD (Bring Your Device)

OS: Android and iOS

Email / Web Services Up-front cost: $0

Monthly cost: $15 – $25

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BigRoad ELDThe maker of this famous BigRoad DashLink Device is one of the leading providers for HOS or Hours of Services along with solutions for regulatory compliance situations in the respective country of use.BigRoad DashLink ELD Device: Brand Overview

BigRoad is a service provider based in the Silicon Valley of Canada. The original vision of the provider started as a brand that was aimed at helping the truckers adhere to the existing HOS regulations for fleet riders in the CMV or Commercial Motor Vehicle industry. Although the regulations for ELD and HOS mandates are being adapted slowly, it is surely showing signs of popularity among fleet owners and truckers. 

In sync with this primary objective, the company released its first-ever compliance devices which include the BigRoad ELD alongside its BigRoad Mobile App. Post its release, this application for mobile use has managed to acquire more than 480,000 downloads over platforms such as Apple iOS Store and Google Play Store.

This evidence is enough to confirm that this product has attained the tag of “One of the Best ELD Solutions,” which is popular among a significant population comprised of fleet managers and drivers. The BigRoad DashLink is a scalable, affordable, as well as easy-to-use device for logging fleet data.

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A top-notch electronic device for fleet data logging should always offer substantial capabilities and features that go beyond logging facilities. One such example of the best and top-notch e-logging solution is the BigRoad Dashlink ELD. It is easy-to-use for a fleet driver when driving while ensuring minimal distractions.

Apart from its simplicity, several fleet managers and drivers love the features & capabilities catered by BigRoad Dashlink for e-logging. The go-to features of this device and app include:

Innovation at Its Best: 

BigRoad ELDThis electronically-amped logging device created by BigRoad can mainly be defined as a BYOD. In simple terms, it allows the users to install this mobile app into the iOS or Android device owned by them. 

For the drivers, this particular application has practically offered a line of unique capabilities to adhere to the compliance for the ELD mandate along with enhanced productivity and safety. Dubbed as one of the top-rated applications for use as an electronic logbook, the BigRoad Dashlink ELD is very easy-to-use for the drivers. The app can easily be used as a unique stand-alone application for ELD practices. Some core functionalities of this app and device include recap hours that are easy-to-view, e-logs, as well as remaining display in the HOS time.

GPS Tracker: 

This ELD product for BigRoad E-logs features the facility of in-built sensors for GPS connectivity. It allows the fleet managers to confirm the vehicle’s actual location. Not just that, this device also features the capability to record the GPS information that can be used for accessing the route history traveled by each vehicle that is a part of your fleet. 

Regardless of whether you run large or small fleet, this particular feature helps maximize productivity with decreased operational costs. In short, this specific feature in the BigRoad Electronic Logs has been proven to address common challenges in fleet management, which include:

  • Distance Reporting and IFTA Tracking
  • Monitoring the Driver Behavior
  • Improving the Fleet Safety
  • Data-Based Elements for Decision-Making
  • Amped-Up Customer Satisfaction


This particular app allows its users to establish two-way communication with a messaging facility between the fleet and fleet drivers. It further allows the users to communicate with drivers of other companies via text messages. You can also initiate a new chat using a message screen in the device app. Moreover, you can check the forthcoming recap hours using this ELD device. 

Not just that, users can also print, send a fax, as well as email the logs, via the ELD device. The app also carries a self-inspection that allows its driver a chance to certify when the inspection was done. Apart from that, it also allows you an opportunity to comment on the presence of any defects.

Easy Inspection:

The fleet owners and drivers using the BigRoad Dashlink App don’t have any issues during the inspection due to the variety of tools available at the user’s disposal. With this device, the drivers can produce the logs straight from their equipment and forward it via communication tools such as email or fax. It can also be printed by the users. 

After this, all the driver has to do is sign in this form to confirm the completion of the inspection.

ELD Card: 

You need to have a printed or digital copy of the ELD card. This card helps guide you through the use of DashLink and the thing that needs to be done if ever there is an issue. Apart from that, this card shows you the best way to conduct a roadside inspection with the use of a DashLink device. One can easily download the copy via the website of the ELD provider or request the acquisition of the laminated card.

If you aren’t sure about the ways to install the DashLink DL-200 while linking it with the mobile application. You can also view the instructions to do so over the official website of BigRoad. You can also save it for future access rather than having its printed version by your side. It ensures that the card is never lost and stays by your side in physical as well as digital form.

Web Application:

The dashboard and the web application might look particularly outdated. However, the web application caters to a fantastic experience for the users. Just like its mobile application, the BigRoad online dashboard can be particularly easy when it comes to proper use by owners. The web app comes with particularly important features designed specifically for the fleet managers and dispatchers.

This dashboard caters the users with location and real-time tracking via GPS for all the vehicles equipped inside the BigRoad DashLink ELD. Not just that, this web application allows the dispatchers a chance to receive and send messages from every fleet driver that uses this app by BigRoad.

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Ease of Use

The BigRoad DashLink application is well-segregated and easy-to-use. The app caters to essential functions, making it very easy to note the HOS remaining time in the display. Not just that, you can also view the recap hours. The device also comes with e-logs that can also be edited and modified by its users. 

The device also features a big button towards the top half of its screen that enables the drivers a scope to set the current status. It is the best feature of this app as per the survey conducted on the users. However, you need to note that this app has non-core elements that aren’t as strong or important. The app’s map display also provides traffic surveys, night view, as well as satellite imagery.

With time, all these features have surely helped add safety and ease-of-data management for fleet owners. That is why truckers have now shifted to higher gears with help from this new ELD technology mandate

Stand-Alone Application

BigRoad ELDBigRoad DashLink ELD is famous as a stand-alone application that helps the user save the travel logs on the phone. Very recently, the company BigRoad has included ELD hardware that enables its app a scope to connect with the information present in the engine of the truck. 

You shall also realize the fact that the application comes with no such upfront charges, that is unless the users decide they want to install the mounting hardware. To operate this app, all you need is either Apple or Android mobile devices with a running data plan.

Advanced Technology

You will also note that the application for BigRoad E-log comes with an exceptionally high consumer rating. One of the best things about this ELD device is the fact that its app functions correctly with the iOS and Android devices. 

Another thing to note is the fact that it can be downloaded for free from the Google Play Store or Apple’s App Store. The app also has a rating higher than 4, thus surpassing its competitors. You can check the BigRoad ELD reviews over the app stores to confirm its popularity among fleet drivers and managers. 

With the use of this ELD device, all the crucial data can quickly be sent from your fleet engine to the application. This device is highly vital when one is switching to the E-logs.

Industry Pioneer

BigRoad is among the best and very first app-maker for electronic logbooks which was launched back in the year 2012. It is the favorite among several truckers and fleet owners. Although the application is free of cost, you will be required to pay the monthly fee if you need access to analytics & similar fleet data.

It can be connected with the diagnostic port located in the truck that sends in data back to its app automatically. Regardless of the charges posted every month, the BigRoad E-log Application and the DashLink ELD provide terrific solutions for the managers and truck drivers at an affordable price tag.

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While BigRoad DashLink is a creative app for the fleet owners for adhering to the HOC mandate, it comes with its own set of Pros and Cons. In order to help you understand things in a better way, here is the complete list of all the positives and negatives of this application.

  • Low-Cost Application
  • User-Friendly ELD for Drivers
  • Easy Installation
  • Two-Way Support for Messaging
  • Document Scanning Facility
  • IFTA
  • Facility to Make Log Corrections for the Drivers
  • Lacks several non-HOS attributes that can be found in the expensive variants
  • Easily Disabled
  • Individual functions can be challenging to navigate in the Driver App
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BigRoad ELDIf you want to get complete access to BigRoad’s ELD, you need to pay up a monthly charged price worth $15 for each driver or user. However, this price tag isn’t for the application itself, given the fact that its app is absolutely free.

However, the BigRoad ELD free version of the application won’t provide you access to a complete range of functionalities embedded into the ELD device. If you want full-scale access to its features, you need to subscribe every month with a charge of $10 for each truck.

It means the cumulative cost for the wholesome application/Driver feedback device is $25 every month for each fleet you own. You can also purchase mounting equipment that is charged just once when you buy the product.

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How to install the BigRoad ELD on your fleet system?

One of the significant benefits of the BigRoad ELD is its secure installation protocol. It is interchangeable between drivers and vehicles. The device comes with a plug-n-play support that enables effortless and quick installations. You can connect it with the ECM of the vehicle, after which you need to pair the same with your mobile application by BigRoad. You can pair the same via Bluetooth services to help jumpstart the electronic logging process.

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The BigRoad DashLink has been designed for both the fleet managers and operators/owners. The BigRoad Freight has been customized to cater to a Load Board which accounts for complete Hours of Service by the driver.

It also offers proper shipment opportunities with faster payment options. BigRoad DashLink provides this feature for the customer free-of-cost. It is meant for the users who would want to avoid the dead head & make the trips rather profitable. All one needs to do is opt for the sign-up process and Voila! It’s done!

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How to order BigRoad ELD?

One can opt for the BigRoad ELD by visiting the official BigRoad website. After you complete the contact form, the customer care executives will give you a call to confirm the order. Moreover, you can also request a free demo from the official makers to understand whether the app is suited to your needs or not. You can connect with the official representatives via email, phone, or online form to communicate with the company.

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One of the most pleasing features present in the BigRoad DashLink’s dashboard is its report that shows the miles traversed in each state that finally aims for the IFTA reporting. On the other side, it also lacks crucial features that are available with the high-end devices designed for ELD support. These features include lack of downtime reports, fault codes for engine diagnostic, MPG/Miles Per Gallon, as well as the DVIR alerts.

Although the features stated above do not create a significant impact on the prime logging function for the ELD, they can be handy when it comes to the management of large fleets as well as effective control of fleet fuel. If you need a device that does its work properly with perfection, then we recommend this device by BigRoad.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the support hours by BigRoad? 

BigRoad is available for its users 24X7. The company believes that customers are always a top priority. You can get in touch with the representatives at 1-888-305-8777 or write an email at

What Devices Allow the Use of BigRoad Mobile Application? 

You can easily use this application over most of the iOS and Android tablets and smartphones. In essence, the device needs to be connected with the use of the cellular network. However, the mobile application cannot be used over the laptop.

Will the application drain my mobile battery? 

This particular app uses power only when you need to open the same. When it is operating in the device background, it checks the location of your fleet after every 5mins to fill in the driver log. However, it has been designed to ensure that any decrease in the battery charge will lower the frequency of the location check. When the charge in the battery is below 1/3rd, the app will stop any updates to conserve power.

What kind of vehicles does the DashLink support? 

All the motorcoaches and heavy-duty trucks are supported perfectly by the DashLink. Not just that, other vehicles such as cube vans or pick-up trucks that have been manufactured after the year 2008 can also use this device.

How does the DashLink work? 

The DashLink can be plugged in directly into the truck’s diagnostic port. All the data acquired from the truck’s engine in the form of BigRoad Electronic Logs are thereafter collected by this device & then transmitted to the mobile application installed over the equipment owned by the driver.

What is an ELD mandate? 

In December 2015, the FMCSA or Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administrator published the ELD (Electronic Logging Device) mandate. This particular mandate requires the drivers operating within the U.S. to run the ELD and record their RODS (Record of Duty Status). This is in adherence to the HOS (Hours of Service) requirements.

What are the HOS rules? 

The HOS or Hours of Service rule has been designed to regulate when the driver of a fleet can or cannot operate the CMV (Commercial Motor Vehicle). For further information on this rule, you can look through the FMCSA Summary for drivers in the U.S. or Transport Canada’s regulations for drivers in the Canadian territory.

Who has catered exemption from ELD Mandate? 

The ELD mandate comes with few exemptions. You will not be required to use the ELD if:

  • You have been using paper logs nothing above eight days within the 30-day duration
  • You are a tow away driver transporting empty vehicle that is meant for lease, repair, or sale
  • You drive the vehicle which was manufactured before the year 2000.

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Final Words about BigRoad ELD

Now that you have all that is to know about this new fleet-centric app and device by BigRoad, your process for decision-making will surely become easier! The BigRoad ELD is a simple, affordable, as well as a functional solution for the proper functioning of the fleets. It might not be overloaded with fancy features, but it inevitably gets the job done in the best way possible while keeping in mind affordability.

This device can be termed as an affordably-priced, entry-level ELD design for the managers and owners of small fleets that need to stay in sync with the latest ELD mandates. It can be a trustworthy device for anyone who wants to segregate his/her trucking career.

Another reason for BigRoad ELD to be the preferred choice is the fact that it requires a mere 15 minutes or less to be installed. It is quite user-friendly with a properly functioning Bluetooth facility. So, if you are a fleet owner dedicated to smaller operations, the BigRoad DashLink is the perfect choice for you.

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