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3md eld reviewsThe commercial or passenger truck should have 3MD ELD for logging, especially if it is a part of the fleet. This device fulfills the terms of FMCSA and The IFTA also approved it. You will get simple functions, affordable prices, and excellent communication. You don’t need to pay the extra money for any feature.

The manager can track drivers’ activities and the fleet owner can keep an eye on his assets. Likewise, drivers can have a simple logging procedure. Forget the paperwork as everything goes automatically. Besides, drivers can also edit their status when it is essential. The device uses the best driver log auditing software.

You would like to know 3MD features in details and we will not disappoint you, so here you are.

Key Specification

Manufacturer  Features Display devices Transmits Pricing 

Accessible data

IFTA reporting

Multiple languages

local support

Android and iOS Email/web  $175 upfront

$30 monthly

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Approved Device

3md solutionsDon’t worry about using the wrong device because 3MD ELD is FMCSA compliant with a real certificate, unlike fake companies. It has gone through proper testing, hence you will get logging data that is according to the federal laws. With 3MD solutions, you will always get reliable results. Not only features, but the compliance also ensures hassle-free payment, and calculating.

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Safe Device

If you need the safest log in a device, go for 3MD ELD, as it will keep you alert of an accident. The driver will not be at the mercy of strangers as the device will connect him immediately to company helpline or other emergency numbers. The manager can also schedule the drivers according to the notifications. Hence, it allows you to make a prompt decision if some incident happens.

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Reliable Tracking

You will get 100% tracking results and both managers and fleet owners get satisfaction. In case of an accident, the management would instantly get their driver’s location. You can reach the driver and can send him help in case of an issue. Likewise, it is also easy to track the driver’s driving behavior.

The manager can warn the driver for misbehaving and it would result in better efficiency. The staff will become more productive and the earnings of the fleet will increase.    

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Easy To Access

The 3MD ELD reviews prove that the device enables easy access to its data. The first part of the device is to collect the desired data. The other part is that the data should be accessible and 3MD ELD offers both features. It works through cloud computing that allows the fastest access from anywhere.

Like, you can find your status, BOL, and also the fuel record. You don’t need to explore the documents while driving as the device provides the on-road investigation. The fleet can smoothly work through proper data management because of the best driver log auditing software.

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Reliable IFTA Reporting

The fleet staff is answerable not only to FMCSA but also to IFTA that is the International Fuel Tax Agreement. Each year, the user has to submit 4 reports for fuel taxation. The entire reporting system works according to the state as the states vary in terms of fuel taxation.

The device is versatile and provides timely reports. The right fuel consumption can determine the taxation and the record will show if it fulfills the IFTA. The fuel records will help the fleet managers or owners to keep an eye on the expenditure that goes into fuel. This feature is among the best 3 MD solutions.

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Excellent Management

3md eldIt is very difficult to manually record every part of the fleet. This is where the 3MD ELD pops in with all its management and data collection features. You will be able to have a foolproof backend monitoring. The automated notifications will ease up the entire task for managers and owners.

The alerts will keep you aware of a damaged vehicle, so you can correct it fast and the business won’t be affected. Moreover, the device helps drivers to have uninterrupted communication with the head office. There is also an option for the drivers to send alerts to the maintenance department if the office does not get timely alerts.

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High-End Support System

The drivers also get local support in case of a mishap. The company ensures a prompt response from its customer service staff. Even the fleet owners would get fast solutions if something happens to the device or its software. The ELD website issues a ticket to the user in case of a query that you can track until you get the reply.

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Versatile Logging Software

best driver log auditing softwareThe device comes up with an interface that is compatible with so many languages. Hence, the drivers can operate it according to their language no matter which area they are driving. So, you can change the default language at any time after installing the device and the app.

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Product Price

The price of the product depends on which plan you are buying. From basic to premium, all plans are available. But, the premium plan is expensive, however, this would be an affordable device if you buy the basic plan.

  • Fuel efficiency reports
  • A simple tool for newcomers
  • Certified device
  • Prompt alerts
  • Supports different languages
  • Simple interface
  • Affordable price
  • Driver to office and driver to driver contact
  • The basic plan is absent for fleet owners
  • Expensive premium plan
  • The app needs a high-tech mobile phone
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After going through 3MD ELD features, we found that one should not miss this product. The company provides what it says, unlike those who make false claims. You can maintain the toughest data, increasing the productivity of your company. From drivers to the managers and fleet owners, all can take benefit from the ELD.

Whether you have a small fleet or a large one, this device would be equally good. The device helps in organizing huge data in a short time. Moreover, the alerts can prevent an accident or can help to reach out to a wounded driver or a damaged vehicle.

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